Etherial Dreams

A web comic, written by Rhiannon and illustrated by Sonja Holland

Deviant Art

Rhiannon's (aka NansJns) page at Deviant Art

You Tube

Rhiannon's (aka NansJns) page on You Tube

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

Good friends and excellent musicains. You really do want their CDs. Look at the watch and repeat after me, "I really want to buy their CDs." Once you've done that, you can buy all of Maya's books.

Midichlorian Rhapsody

Jeff Bohnhoff has done a beautiful video edit of their Star Wars parody of Bohemian Rhapsody. I very glad he did, otherwise I might have tired (harder) to do it. And then I'd have to watch the movies more times than is safe.

Tom Smith

Don't give this man any ideas. Before you can finish telling, he'll have put it to music.

Urban Tapestry

Jody, Allison and Debbie are three lovely ladies from Toronto. Poignant or silly, always entertaining musicians.

Random Factors

John and Mary Creasey are producers and dealers of filk music.


A SF club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We like these people, good company and diverse interests.

Joe Bethancourt

Great musician, fun performer and a good guy. But he does have one fault, he plays the banjo.

Girl Genius

Phil and Kaya Foglio's take on what would have happend if there really were mad scientists. A gas lamp fantasy (steam punk with class) with "Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!"

Cute Overload

Sometimes you just have to have something that makes you go squeeeee!

Cake Wrecks

Sometimes you just have to have something that makes you go, Oh My....! It ain't pretty, it may not be edible, except on Sunday.

Kevin and Kell

You think modern life is hard? Just try it when you're a rabbit and you're married to a wolf.

Sluggy Freelance

This one is just hard to explain.

Rich's Comic Blog

A collection of wonderful fan Doctor Who comics.

Torchwood Babiez!

Cute and so very wrong. What more need be said?


Who knew math could be funny?


The World Science Fiction Convention, held annually some time between mid-August and Labor Day weekend.

San Diego ComicCon

Held in August, but sold out well before then. If you want to OD on colored ink, this is the place to do it. You also get a massive side order of pop culture.


Western North American regional SF convention. Held annually over the July 4th weekend.


Atlanta Filk convention held in early January.


Sea-Tac Filk convention held in late January.


San Fransico Bay area Filk convention held in March.

FilkONtario (aka FKO)

Toronto Filk Convention in April.


Los Angeles area Filk convention. Usually held in September.


September Dallas/Fort Worth area SF convention with a strong Filk track.

Ohio Valley Filk Festival (aka OVFF)

October Filk convention in the Cleveland area.


Annual SF convention in Los Angeles over Thanksgivings Day weekend


An organization dedicated to supporting the Filk community.

Wikimedia Commons

A site with images available under one of the "Commons" licenses, or in the public domain. This is where we found our cover image.


Before sending on that chain e-mail, check it's authenticity here!

That Guy With the Glasses

Movie reviews with attitude.