This recipe is from Joanne Fluke's "Blueberry Muffin Murder." (It's on page 50 in my copy.)

Blue Blueberry Muffins

3/4 cup melted butter (1 1/2 sticks)
1 cup sugar
2 beaten eggs (just whip them up with a fork)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (no need to thaw if they are frozen)
1/2 cup blueberry pie filling
2 cups plus 1 tablespoon flour (no need to sift)
1/2 cup milk

Crumb topping:
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
1/4 cup softened butter (1/2 stick)

Grease the bottoms only of a 12-cup muffin pan (or line the cups with cupcake papers). Melt the butter. Mix in the sugar. Then add the beaten eggs, baking powder, and salt, and mix thoroughly.

Put one tablespoon of the flour in a plastic bag with your cup of fresh or frozen blueberries.  Shake it gently to coat the blueberries, and leave them in the bag for now.

Add half the remaining two cups of flour to your bowl and mix it in with half the milk. Then add the rest of the flour and milk and mix thoroughly.

Here comes the fun part: Add 1/2 cup of blueberry pie filling to your bowl and mix it in. (Your dough will turn a shade of blue, but don't let that stop you - once the muffins are baked, they'll look just fine.) When your dough is thoroughly mixed, fold in the flour-coated blueberries.

Fill the muffin tines 3/4 full and set them aside. If you have dough left over, grease the bottom of a small tea bread loaf pan and fill it with the remaining dough.

The crumb topping: Mix the sugar and flour in a small bowl. Add the softened butter and cut it in until it's crumbly. (You can also do this in a food processor with hard butter using the steel blade.)

Sprinkle the crumb topping over your muffins and bake them in a 375 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes. (The tea bread should bake about 10 minutes longer then the muffins.)

While your muffins are baking, divide the rest of your blueberry filling into 1/2 cup portions and pop in the freezer.

When your muffins are baked, set the muffin pan on a wire rack to cool for t least 30 minutes. (The muffins need to cool in the pan for easy removal.) Then just tip them out of the cups and enjoy.*

These are wonderful when they are slightly warm, but the blueberry flavor will intensify if your store them in a covered container over night.

*We still can't get them out of the pans.

Sandy's note: The crumb topping sort of melted into a crust while they baked.