The Complete Adventures Of Flash Gordon
Universal (1936)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
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3 hr 7 mins USA / English
DVD  Region Free   UR (Unrated)
Buster Crabbe
Jean Rogers
Charles Middleton
Priscilla Lawson
Frank Shannon
Richard Tucker
Richard Alexander
Jack Lipson

Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers
A rogue planet is 'rushing madly toward the earth.' Impending doom creates worldwide pandemonium. But maverick scientist Dr. Zarkov hopes to stay disaster by travelling to the new planet in his experimental rocket. Two chance-met strangers, athletic Flash Gordon and damsel in distress Dale Arden, go with him. Arrived, the trio find Mongo to be a planet of wonders, warring factions, and deadly perils, its orbit controlled by Emperor Ming who has his own sinister plans for earth. Can our heroes, armed only with science and sex appeal, stop him?

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with dust. Sure enough, Ming the Merciless is up to his old tricks. So it's back to Mongo for Flash, Dale, and Zarkov, this time with ready-made allies waiting: Prince Barin of Arboria and Queen Fria of the frozen northern land of Frigia; where, it so happens, is found polarite, antidote to the plague. But Ming will use all his forces to keep our heroes from thwarting his plans of conquest...

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov return from their former space adventures only to find that their enemy, Ming the Merciless of planet Mongo, has a new weapon: a deadly ray that crosses space to wreak havoc on earth. Earth's only hope is for our heroes to take off again and stop the ray at its source on Mars, where they (and a stowaway) must battle Ming's ally, Queen Azura, who turns her enemies into lumpish clay people. Can they survive 15 chapters of deadly perils? Find out next week...
Disc 01 Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers
    Seen it: Yes   4 hr 5 mins    4/6/1936  1.  The Planet of Peril
    Seen it: Yes  2.  The Tunnel of Terror
    Seen it: Yes  3.  Captured by Shark Men
    Seen it: Yes  4.  Battling the Sea Beast
    Seen it: Yes  5.  The Destroying Ray
    Seen it: Yes  6.  Flaming Turture
    Seen it: Yes  7.  Shattering Doom
    Seen it: Yes  8.  Tournament of Death
    Seen it: Yes  9.  Fighting the Fire Dragon
    Seen it: Yes  10.  The Unseen Peril
    Seen it: Yes  11.  In the Claws of the Tigron
    Seen it: Yes  12.  Trapped in the Turret
    Seen it: Yes  13.  Rocketing to Earth
Disc 02 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 1
    Seen it: Yes   4 hr 59 mins    3/21/1938  14.  New Worlds to Conquer
    Seen it: Yes  15.  The Living Dead
    Seen it: Yes  16.  Queen of Magic
    Seen it: Yes  17.  Ancient Enemies
    Seen it: Yes  18.  The Boomerang
    Seen it: Yes  19.  Tree-men of Mars
    Seen it: Yes  20.  The Prisoner of Mongo
    Seen it: Yes  21.  The Black Sapphire of Kalu
Disc 03 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars 2
    Seen it: Yes  22.  Symbol of Death
    Seen it: Yes  23.  Incense of Forgetfulness
    Seen it: Yes  24.  Human Bait
    Seen it: Yes  25.  Ming the Merciless
    Seen it: Yes  26.  The Miracle of Magic
    Seen it: Yes  27.  A Beast at Bay
    Seen it: Yes  28.  An Eye for an Eye
Disc 04 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
    Seen it: Yes   3 hr 40 mins    4/9/1940  29.  The Purple Death
    Seen it: Yes  30.  Freezing Torture
    Seen it: Yes  31.  Walking Bombs
    Seen it: Yes  32.  The Destroying Ray
    Seen it: Yes  33.  The Palace of Horror
    Seen it: Yes  34.  Flaming Death
    Seen it: Yes  35.  The Land of the Dead
    Seen it: Yes  36.  The Fiery Abyss
    Seen it: Yes  37.  The Pool of Peril
    Seen it: Yes  38.  The Death Mist
    Seen it: Yes  39.  Stark Treachery
    Seen it: Yes  40.  Doom of the Dictator
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