Supercar: Complete Series
A&E Video (1961)
TV Series  /  Adventure, Animation, Children, Family, TV Classics
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16 hr 39 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Sylvia Anderson
Graydon Gould
David Graham
George Murcell
Cyril Shaps
Bill Harris
Desmond Saunders
Producer Gerry Anderson
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes    1/28/1961  1.  Rescue
Bill and Jimmy Gibson crash-land their plane in the sea but manage to escape in a dinghy. An Enveloping mist hampers the rescue efforts, but luckily Professor Popkiss hears of their plight on the radio. Can the still experimental Supercar be made ready in time?
    Seen it: Yes    3/4/1961  2.  Amazonian Adventure
Mitch the Monkey is ill and the only known cure is a rare plant that grows only in a remote region of South America.
    Seen it: Yes    2/18/1961  3.  Talisman of Sargon
Dr. Beaker's aid is sought by Dr. Meternick, a geologist who is about to embark on an expedition to the Middle East. Unfortunately, Dr. Meternick is Masterspy in disguise...
    Seen it: Yes    2/11/1961  4.  False Alarm
The Supercar team receive an urgent call to assist on a highly danerous mountain rescue mission. They Don't realize that the S.O.S. has in fact been sent by Masterspy, who intends to steal the fabulous vehicle...
    Seen it: Yes    2/25/1961  5.  What Goes Up
The Supercar team have to speed into action when a balloon carrying highly explosive rocket ruel goes out of control.
    Seen it: Yes    3/25/1961  6.  Keep It Cool
Masterspy and Zarin plan to steal Supercar's new experimental fuel. They are unaware that the fuel will expoode if its temperature exceeds freezing point... and the transporter refrigerator is faulty...
    Seen it: Yes    3/18/1961  7.  Grounded
A theft of printed circuits at the J.F.P. Electronics factory has the Supercar team flying to England to catch the crooks.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes    4/1/1961  8.  Jungle Hazard
The Supercar team travel to Malaya, to prevent Masterspy from stealing a dilapidated rubber plantation belonging to Dr. Beaker's cousin.
    Seen it: Yes    4/8/1961  9.  High Tension
Calamity strikes when Masterspy kidnaps Dr. Beaker and holds him in order to ransom him in exchange for Supercar.
    Seen it: Yes    5/13/1961  10.  A Little Art
Dr. Beaker buys a painting, not realising that it was created by a famous forger and is a clue to the location of counterfeit plates...
    Seen it: Yes    5/22/1961  11.  Ice-Fall
Investigating an ice cavern, Dr. Beaker plays safe by tying a piece of string between himself and the entrance of the cafe to ensure he doesn't get lost. What he doesn't anticipate, however, is that Mitch has untied the string...
    Seen it: Yes    5/15/1961  12.  Island Incident
The Supercar team investigate the strange behaviour of General la Guava, Formerly a peaceful and benevolent man, who has suddenly become a cruel despot.
    Seen it: Yes    7/30/1961  13.  The Tracking of Masterspy
Masterspy, in disguise as a reporter, manages to trick Mike Mercury into giving him top secret information about Supercar
    Seen it: Yes    4/29/1961  14.  Phantom Piper
Dr. Beaker receives a phone call from his distressed cousin, Felicity Farnsworth. She's staying in their Great Uncle Angus's castle and they have both just seen the Phantom Piper walking the battlements...
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes    5/27/1961  15.  Deep Seven
Supercar is to undergo a rigorous underwater test - the team know that the car can submerge and travel underwater but its maximum depth and endurance remain unknown.
    Seen it: Yes    5/6/1961  16.  Pirate Plunder
The Supercar team must contend with hi-tech piracy - Black Morgan has a fully armed boat of tremendous speed and is holding up luxury yachts and robbing their owners.
    Seen it: Yes    5/20/1961  17.  Flight of Fancy
Jimmy dreams that he is rescuinga European princess from the hands of wicked politicians Marzak and Hertz - in reality Masterspy and Zarin.
    Seen it: Yes    6/2/1961  18.  Hostage
Staying at an inn in Ireland, Dr. Beaker witnesses the kidnap of the inkeeper's daughter and calls for help from Mike Mercury and the Supercar team.
    Seen it: Yes    6/10/1961  19.  The Sunken Temple
A gypsy's warning turns into something more sinister when the Supercar team get involved in Professor Terman's underwater excavation in the Mediterranean.
    Seen it: Yes    6/25/1961  20.  Trapped in the Depths
An American officer and an Australian scientist are making a test dive in a newly designed bathyscaphe off the coast of New Zealand. All goes well until the float is damaged and they spiral down into the depths.
Disc 04
    Seen it: Yes    7/23/1961  21.  Crash Landing
The team are forced to land in the jungle when Supercar develops engine trouble. They survive the crash landing, but Dr. Beaker must repair the engine if they are to escape.
    Seen it: Yes    7/2/1961  22.  The Dragon of Ho Meng
Mike Mercury, Jimmy and Mitch are flying off the coast of China when they run into a typhoon. Landing on a remote island to escape the storm, they discover an anient temple...
    Seen it: Yes    6/17/1961  23.  The Lost City
En route to the South Pole, Mike, Beaker and Jimmy fall into the hands of the bad Professor Watkins, who plans to destroy Washington witha guided missile.
    Seen it: Yes    7/9/1961  24.  Magic Carpet
The Supercar team are on an errand of mercy, desination Central Asia., where Prince Hassan is lying danerously ill and in urgetn need of medical supplies.
    Seen it: Yes    8/6/1961  25.  The White Line
A series of daring bank robberies adn mysterious armoured car crashes in England prompts ScotlandYar to enlist the help of th eSupercar team in transporting a consignment of gold.
    Seen it: Yes    7/16/1961  26.  Supercar - 'Take One'
There is great excitement at the Black Rock base when Dr. Beaker receives a new movie camera. Like a child with a new toy, Beaker plunges into making a Supercar movie.
Disc 05
    Seen it: Yes    2/4/1962  27.  The Runaway Train
Dr. Beaker is invited to drive a new atomic train for its test run from London to Brighton, but Masterspy and Zarin have sabotaged its reactor power source.
    Seen it: Yes    2/11/1962  28.  Precious Cargo
When Professor Popkiss orders a crate of wine from France for his cooking, the Supercar team get more than they bargained for. In the crate they discover a little French girl, Zizi, who has stowed away to escape her cruel guardian...
    Seen it: Yes    2/18/1962  29.  Operation Superstork
Mitch sets Beaker, Himmy and Mike adrift in a balloon. No-one knows of their plight, and they're heading into the path of an oncoming storm...
    Seen it: Yes    2/25/1962  30.  Hi-Jack
Jimmy's brother Bill is employed to train pilots at a private airline, but his first pupil is the disquised dictator President Gourmet. His intention - to hijack an airliner.
    Seen it: Yes    3/4/1962  31.  Calling Charlie Queen
Responding to a radio distress call, Mike and Dr. Beaker find the sinister-looking Professor Karloff, who gives them drugged coffee and shrinks them to a thir of their normal size.
    Seen it: Yes    3/11/1962  32.  Space for Mitch
Mitch finds himself in space and orbiting the earth when he creeps into a space rocket that the Supercar team have been working on, and accidentally blasts off.
    Seen it: Yes    4/1/1962  33.  The Sky's the Limit
Annoyed when his offer of a billion dollars for Supercar is refused, Master spy hires two thugs in an effort to steal the futuristic vehicles.
Disc 06
    Seen it: Yes    3/25/1962  34.  70-B-Lo
Professor Popkiss is rushed to hospital with acute appendicitis and requires a blood transusion. His rare blood group only matches with that of Professor Karsinski, who is currently on an expedition in the Arctic.
    Seen it: Yes    3/18/1962  35.  Atomic Witch Hunt
America is warned that a series of atomic bombs have been planted across the country, so arranged that they can be exploded simultaniously by remote contro. Supercar joins in the hunt for the gang responsible...
    Seen it: Yes    3/1/1962  36.  Jail-Break
A fantastic helicopter jailbreak is staged by scheming criminal Red James. With convict Joe Anna successfully sprung, the pair head for the Mexican border... but their flight path takes them over Supercar's Black Rock laboratory...
    Seen it: Yes    4/22/1962  37.  The Day that Time Stood Still
A surprise birthday party takes an unexpected turn when everyone apart from Beaker and Mike is frozen in time by a strange man from another planet.
    Seen it: Yes    4/22/1962  38.  Transatlantic Cable
Supercar must dive to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean whn a Transatlantic cable company discovers that their cables are being tapped by Masterspy.
    Seen it: Yes    4/29/1962  39.  King Kool
Mitch feels threatened when Jimmy becomes a keen fan of a gorilla jazz drummer called King Kool. But the gian ape has designs on freedom, and manages to trade places with Mitch...
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