Farscape: Season 1
A.D. Vision (1999)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, TV Classics
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16 hr 39 mins Australia / English
DVD  Region 1   UR (Unrated)
Ben Browder Jonathan Robert Crichton
Claudia Black Aeryn Sun
Virginia Hey Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Anthony Simcoe General/Captain Ka D'Argo
Gigi Edgley Chiana
Paul Goddard Stark
Lani John Tupu Pilot
Wayne Pygram Scorpius/Harvey
Jonathan Hardy Dominar Rygel XVI
Tammy McIntosh Jool
Peter Andrikidis
Brendan Maher
Producer Sue Milliken
Andrew Prowse
Writer Rockne S. O'Bannon
David Kemper
Cinematography Russell Bacon
Craig Barden
Musician Guy Gross

Five years ago, astronaut John Crichton attempted to use the Earth's atmosphere to propel his ship, Farscape 1, at great speeds across the solar system. He went much further though and was sucked down a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy and into the middle of a battle. He was rescued by a group of escaping prisoners and taken aboard their living ship. As the years went by, Crichton has made enemies, powerful and dangerous enemies. On his journey to find a way back home, he freed other captives who became part of the crew on Moya.
Disc 01
 1 hr 0 mins    3/19/1999  1.  Premiere
Astronaut John Crichton attempts to use the Earth's atmosphere to propel his module at high speeds. He is hit by a radiation wave and is sucked through a wormhole into a distant part of the universe--straight into the middle of a space battle.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Rockne S. O'Bannon 
Guest starring:  Murray Bartlett, Greg Blandy, Colin Borgonon, Christine Stephen-Daly, Damen Stephenson, Lawrence Woodward
 1 hr 0 mins    3/26/1999  2.  I, E.T.
Moya gets infested with bugs who have come on board to breed. They turn up the temperature to speed up the process but this causes Aeryn to get heat delirium as she is cold blooded. The bugs seem to be able to replicate members of the crew. And as if that isn't enough, a peacekeeper ship shows up.
Director:  Brian Henson  Writer:  Ro Hume 
Guest starring:  Damian deMontemas, Jodie Dry, Geoff Barker, Chenoeh Miller, Tai Scrivener
 1 hr 0 mins    4/2/1999  3.  Exodus from Genesis
The crew come across a ship that is molecularly de-stabilizing. D'Argo makes everyone bring it aboard when he discovers that there are Ilanics on board. Crichton goes on to the escape pod he gets a shock and starts experiencing strange visions of the future, firstly of himself and Matala, then of Moya's destruction
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Babs Greyhosky 
Guest starring:  Lisa Hensley, John Clayton
 1 hr 0 mins    4/9/1999  4.  Throne for a Loss
A group of Tavleks come aboard for trade negotiations. Rygel takes a vitally important crystal from Moya to make himself seem wealthy. The Tavleks kidnap Rygel and take him down to the planet, leaving one of their wounded on board. Everyone goes to the surface to get him except Zhaan who stays on board to keep an eye on the Tavlek left behind.
Director:  Pino Amenta  Writer:  Richard Manning 
Guest starring:  John Adam, Jeremiah Tickell, Zoe Dimakis, Api Bavadra, Tim Mieville
Disc 02
 1 hr 0 mins    4/16/1999  5.  Back and Back and Back to the Future
The crew find an old abandoned peacekeeper ship adrift in space, on board they discover that Crais was there recently where he deposited a unit of techs to make repairs. Meanwhile Rygel learns that this was the ship where he was first held captive and starts getting paranoid. Things get even worse though when a group of fire breathing aliens show up.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Nan Hagan 
Guest starring:  Phillip Hinton, Peter Knowles, Peter Astridge, Derek Amer, Alyssa Jane Cook, Christopher Truswell, David Wheeler
 1 hr 0 mins    4/23/1999  6.  Thank God It's Friday, Again
The crew visits a planet full of happy workers. Soon D'Argo and Zhaan start working and refuse to return to the ship. Meanwhile Rygel's body fluids become explosive and Aeryn and Pilot must learn why before Rygel dies.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  David Wilks 
Guest starring:  Angie Milliken, Tina Thomsen, Ken Blackburn, Selina Muller, Mark Slocum, Peter Baroch
 1 hr 0 mins    5/8/1999  7.  PK Tech Girl
A peacekeeper beacon goes off and Moya has to land on an alien planet to prevent it's signal being intercepted and Moya being discovered. Crichton, D'Argo and Aeryn leave Moya and explore the planet in search of a substance that can be used to numb Moya's senses so the beacon can be removed. Crichton gets separated from the group and meets up with some inhabitants of the planet who hide him from the authorities.
Director:  Pino Amenta  Writer:  Sally Lapiduss 
Guest starring:  Mary Mara, Cayde Tasker, Boris Brkic, Mark Shaw, Dominic Bianco, Heath Wilder
 1 hr 0 mins    6/11/1999  8.  That Old Black Magic
Crichton is put into a head-to-head battle with Crais by a magical being named Maldis who feeds off the emotions of others and makes himself stronger by absorbing all of the negative energy and anger from Crichton and Crais.
Director:  Brendan Maher  Writer:  Richard Manning 
Guest starring:  Chris Haywood, Gerry Day, Duane Johnson, Leilani Johnson, Wadih Dona, Christine Stephen-Daly, Jake Blundell, Grant Bowler, Errol Henderson, Vic Rooney
Disc 03
 1 hr 0 mins    6/18/1999  9.  DNA Mad Scientist
A scientist extracts DNA from several of Moya's crew, promising them that with it he would be able to use it to find the location of their home planets. Things get more interesting however when he asks for some of pilot.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Tom Blomquist 
Guest starring:  Julian Garner, Sarah Burns, Adrian Getley
 1 hr 0 mins    6/25/1999  10.  They've Got a Secret
During routine searches for Peacekeeper beacons, D'Argo falls down a chute, destroys a Peacekeeper shield and gets ejected into open space. After being rescued D'Argo starts to think that everyone on Moya are members of his family. Moya, meanwhile, starts to alter the environmental conditions inside the ship so that it is hardly habitable for the crew. .
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Sally Lapiduss 
Guest starring:  Grant Magee, Alison Fox
 1 hr 0 mins    7/9/1999  11.  Till the Blood Runs Clear
Crichton comes across the same conditions that initially created a wormhole. He leaves Moya in his module with Aeryn where he attempts to create a wormhole and return home. Although a wormhole forms it is unstable and the module gets damaged and he is forced to make an emergency landing on the planet to make repairs. On the planet he and Aeryn encounter a holographic message sent by Crais, offering rewards for: D'Argo, Zhaan and Rygel.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Doug Heyes Jr. 
Guest starring:  Jeremy Sims, Magda Szubanski, Jo Kerrigan
 1 hr 0 mins    7/16/1999  12.  Rhapsody in Blue
While on a transport pod piloting lesson with Aeryn, Crichton gets caught in an energy field which is invisible to their sensors. Back on Moya, a strange guest docks and comes aboard to warn the crew about The Flax, an invisible energy net created to catch ships.
Director:  Peter Andrikidis  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Rhys Muldoon, John Bachelor, David Bowers
Disc 04
 1 hr 0 mins    7/23/1999  13.  The Flax
Moya responds to a distress call from another pregnant Leviathan. On arrival at a planet they are contacted by a delvian who informs them that the distress call was a deception. It was her way a getting Moya to come to them. The delvians have a hidden agenda though. They want to forcefully take Zhaan's knowledge and learn how she overcame her insanity.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  / David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Kate Raison, Max Phipps, Darlene Vogel, Michael Beckley, Aaron Cash, Grant Magee, Robert Supple
 1 hr 0 mins    7/30/1999  14.  Jeremiah Crichton
Crichton leaves Moya in his module for a drive. Moya starbursts leaving Crichton marooned and alone in space. He finds a planet and makes it his home where he lives for several months until the others find him. He is unwilling to accept however, that Moya didn't starburst intentionally.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Doug Heyes Jr. 
Guest starring:  Tania Mustapic, Deni Gordon, John O'Brien, Kevin Copeland, Natalie Mendoza
 1 hr 0 mins    8/13/1999  15.  Durka Returns
When a Starburst goes badly wrong, Moya collides with a Nebari ship. On board is Durka, Rygel's former torturer, who has been mind cleansed and now serves the Nebari. Chiana, an attractive young rebel faces the same fate. Rygel takes it upon himself to take revenge on Durka and ends up undoing the cleansing and restoring him to his former, tyrannic incarnation.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Grant McAloon 
Guest starring:  Tiriel Mora, David Wheeler
 1 hr 0 mins    8/1/1999  16.  A Human Reaction
Crichton is sucked down a wormhole and crash lands on a beach...on Earth, Australia. Although the home he has returned to isn't as real as it seems. Everything gets worse when the rest of Moya's crew shows up and are experimented on...killing Rygel.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Frankie Davidson, Richard Sydenham, Phillip Gordon,  Kent McCord
Disc 05
 1 hr 0 mins    9/10/1999  17.  Through the Looking Glass
Moya tries to starburst to prove to the crew that she still can. It goes slightly wrong though and she gets stuck in starburst and split into several different dimensions.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  David Kemper 
Guest starring:  June Salter
 1 hr 0 mins    9/17/1999  18.  A Bug's Life
A peacekeeper ship is approaching Moya, so Crichton and Aeryn pose as peacekeeper officers on a secret mission while everyone else gets locked into cells to make the deception seem realistic. The peacekeepers that come aboard have some secret cargo. But when their secret cargo escapes, no one on board is safe.
Director:  Tony Tilse  / Doug Heyes Jr. 
Guest starring:  Michael Tuahine, Zoe Coyle, Richard White, Paul Leyden
 1 hr 0 mins    1/7/2000  19.  Nerve
Crichton and Chiana try to infiltrate a peacekeeper base to get some vital medicine for Aeryn. Crichton gets caught by Scorpius and imprisoned. He is tortured using a device called the 'Aurora Chair' which is able to look inside his mind and where Scorpius learns that Crichton has the secret to creating wormholes.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Richard Manning 
Guest starring:  Kent McCord, Alyssa Jane Cook, Stephen Leeder, Imogen Annesley, Anthony Kierann
 1 hr 0 mins    1/14/2000  20.  The Hidden Memory
Scorpius attempts to extract the wormhole technology from Crichton's mind, while Aeryn mounts a rescue operation. Crais finds himself at Scorpius' mercy, and Moya gives birth.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Alyssa Jane Cook, Imogen Annesley, Anthony Kierann, Christian Bischoff
Disc 06
 1 hr 0 mins    1/21/2000  21.  Bone to Be Wild
Moya is hiding from a peacekeeper command carrier in an asteroid field. The crew receive a distress call and Crichton, Zhaan and D'Argo go down to one of the asteroids to rescue a women who has an unusual appetite.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Rockne S. O'Bannon  / David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Marton Csokas, Francesca Buller
 1 hr 0 mins    1/28/2000  22.  Family Ties
Rygel steals a transport pod and goes to the peacekeeper command carrier to betray the others. However he ends up returning to Moya with Crais who wants asylum. Crichton decides to destroy Scorpius' Gamac Base to give Moya time to escape.
Writer:  Rockne S. O'Bannon  / David Kemper 
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Series Farscape
Release Date 11/17/2009
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Dolby Digital Stereo [English]
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