Cutie Honey
Go Nagai (1973)
Action, Anime, Science Fiction
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10 hr 25 mins Japan / Japanese
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Eiko Masuyama Kisaragi Honey
Eiko Masuyama Cutey Honey
Kousei Tomita Hayami Danbei
Rihoko Yoshida Aki Natsuko
Katsuji Mori Hayami Seiji
Noriko Watanabe Sister Jill
Keiko Yamamoto Pochi Kouchou
Kazuko Sawada Hayami Junpei
Haruko Kitahama Panther Zora
Noriko Tsukase Alphonne
Nobuyo Tsuda Tsuneni Miharu (Histler)

The 16-year-old Kisaragi Honey is not your typical Japanese teenager. She has a penchant for getting into trouble and being both naughty and nice. One day her carefree life is suddenly rocked when she receives an odd message from her father. Rushing to his laboratory, Honey finds her father murdered. The perpetrators are agents of the evil organization called Panther Claw. They are after Prof. Kisaragi's invention — the Air Matter Transmutation System. Honey fights off Panther Claw and finds the consciousness of her father alive within a robot facsimile. Prof. Kisaragi shockingly reveals to Honey that she is herself a cyborg which he had created, having built her to be the perfect android, capable of human emotion as well as independent thought. To this end he had raised her as he would a human daughter. The professor had also placed the Air Matter Transmutation System into her body. Using its powers, Honey is able to change into different personae, the most powerful of which is the spicy redhead "Cutey" Honey. Honey vows to avenge her father's death and wages a personal war against Panther Claw. She is aided (hampered) in her battles by the Hayami Clan consisting of brothers Seiji and Junpei, and their perpetually "horny" father, Danbei.
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes    10/13/1973  1.  The Black Claw Grips the Heart
    Seen it: Yes    10/20/1973  2.  The Night of Fiery Tree Peony: The Sword's Whirl
    Seen it: Yes    10/27/1973  3.  The Red Axe Lays A Trap
    Seen it: Yes    11/3/1973  4.  I Saw the Demon in the Beautiful Forest
    Seen it: Yes    11/10/1973  5.  The Crimson Sky is Satan's Curse
    Seen it: Yes    11/17/1973  6.  Dreams Torn, The Black Scissors
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes    11/24/1973  7.  The Black Panther Sings, The Dance of Death
    Seen it: Yes    12/1/1973  8.  Demon Calls From The Deep Blue Sea
    Seen it: Yes    12/8/1973  9.  To Silence the Demon's Whistle
    Seen it: Yes    12/15/1973  10.  Phantom Castle Choked in Fog
    Seen it: Yes    12/22/1973  11.  Hands off the Gold
    Seen it: Yes    12/29/1973  12.  The Eternal Red Pearl
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes    1/5/1974  13.  Tears are the Depths of the Valley
    Seen it: Yes    1/12/1974  14.  Ah, The School's Final Day
    Seen it: Yes    1/19/1974  15.  Returning to the Debris with Tears of Rage
    Seen it: Yes    1/26/1974  16.  From the Casino with Love
    Seen it: Yes    2/2/1974  17.  The Storm Vanishes to the North
    Seen it: Yes    2/9/1974  18.  Hot Blood Flaring Up
Disc 04
    Seen it: Yes    2/16/1974  19.  A Flower Blooms in the Distant Wilderness
    Seen it: Yes    2/23/1974  20.  Loss of the Imaginary Capital
    Seen it: Yes    3/2/1974  21.  A Black Shadow Stands in the Green Field
    Seen it: Yes    3/9/1974  22.  Yearning for Paradise School
    Seen it: Yes    3/16/1974  23.  The Bewitching Scorpio Woman
    Seen it: Yes    3/23/1974  24.  Song of The Proud Challenger
    Seen it: Yes    3/30/1974  25.  A Poison Flower Shatters in Underworld
Edition Details
Series Cutey Honey
Distributor Eastern Star
Release Date 11/26/2013
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks SUB [English]
No. of Discs/Tapes 4
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