Static Shock: Season 1
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Phil LaMarr Virgil Hawkins|Static
Jason Marsden Richie Foley
Crystal Scales Daisy Watkins
Danica McKellar Freida Goren
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins
Michèle Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Maria Canals-Barrera Shelly Sandoval

Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutagenic gas and takes on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation. He confronts real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood. Learning to control his powers, figuring out how to patrol the skies at night and still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class, Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" he gets in helping people and making a positive difference in his community - Dakota City. First Telecast: September 23, 2000 Last Telecast: May 22, 2004 Episodes: 52 Color episodes (52 half-hour episodes, 1 two-part episodes) Production: Warner Bros. Animation Distributors: Kids' WB For updates on Static, go to the creator's homepage at: Character Guide Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock - Can
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    9/23/2000  1.  Shock to the System
Virgil Hawkins is a smart, funny teen that gets beat up by gang leader Francis, who calls himself ""F-Stop."" The other gang leader, Wade, protects him a couple of times, but says he can't be there all the time for him. He wants Virgil to join his gang. Virgil duVirgil doesn't want to be part of a gang since gang gunfire killed his mother. He tells Virgil to show up at the docks and afraid to say no, he does. They give him a gun as F-Stop's gang shows up, and gang fights begin. mps the gun in the river and hides as the police arrive. As soon as the police get there, they shoot, but it hits some gas canisters, causing the canisters to leak out all over the docks and into the city. Virgil runs home and the next day, discovers he can control electricity and anything metallic. He goes over to Richie's house, his best friend, and they pick out a costume and a superhero name for Virgil. And Static Shock is born.
Director:  James Tucker  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Christopher Simmons 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrKevin Michael RichardsonDanica McKellar, Melissa Disney, Gary Sturgis, Marcelo Tubert, Art Bonilla,  Danny Cooksey, Omar Gooding
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    9/30/2000  2.  Aftershock
Metahumans are everywhere and most of them are doing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, but when the bully ""F-Stop"" comes back as a metahuman himself, able to control fire, Virgil tries to beat him once and for all. ""F-Stop"" renames himself Hotstreak. Virgil also learns that Alva and the Mayor were responsible for the gas that caused the mutations, but needs to prove it. He sneaks into Alva's office to get proof, but has to fight off one of Alva's henchmen to get it. Later, as he fights Hotstreak again, the disk gets destroyed with all of Alva's information on it. Static powers up and finally beats Hotstreak.
Director:  Alan Burnett  / Stan Berkowitz  Writer:  Stan Berkowitz 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrKevin Michael RichardsonDanny Cooksey, Kerrigan Mahan,  Danica McKellar, Maria Canals,  CCH Pounder, Meshach Taylor, Melissa Disney,  Adam BaldwinJeff Bennett
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    10/7/2000  3.  The Breed
Asked to tutor a track star, Virgil discovers that he is another ""bang baby"", who mutates into a 7-foot bruiser and has been recruited into a criminal gang run by a shadowy mutant named Ebon.
Director:  Denys Cowan  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Christopher Simmons 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Bumper Robinson, Gary Sturgis, Tia Texada,  Brian TochiDanica McKellarKevin Michael Richardson, Telma Hopkins, Michele Morgan
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    10/14/2000  4.  Grounded
While fighting Carmen Dillo, Static encounters a large amoeba with a taste for meat, mainly people. Static shocks it and grabs a piece of it to study. He and Richie go into school after hours to study it, and run into Frieda and her friends who want to write a protest about lack of funding for the school newspaper. After studying the amoeba, they learn it was mutated by the big bang but are unsure how to stop it. The amoeba escapes the lab and runs through the school with Virgil giving chase. But the large amoeba hones in on its missing piece, and runs through the school grounds looking for people to eat. Static finds out that the amoeba is hurt by disinfectant, and grabs two large canisters of disinfectant, dumping it on the creature. It dissolves and Dakota is saved.
Director:  James Tucker  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Len Uhley 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Matt Ballard, Jonathan Floyd,  Steve Franken, Karen Mahuyama, Richard Tatum
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    11/11/2000  5.  They're Playing My Song
Rubberband Man breaks into a record company, trying to find the man who stole his hit song from him. A record executive says it was Ice Pack. Ice Pack is living off of RB Man's wealth now since he has that song. RB Man attacks Ice Pack, but is stopped by Static. RB Man defeats him and continues chasing Ice Pack. Robert makes Virgil get a job, so he applies at Burger Fool. When Freida plays Ice Pack's music, a person gets mad and walks out. While Ice Pack is signing CD's, RB Man shows up and kidnaps him, putting him on top of a spire. RB Man claims to have written the music Ice Pack raps to, but Ice Pack has no idea what he's talking about. At Burger Fool, Virgil sneaks out to go to the situation. When Ice Pack starts to fall, Static catches him. As it turns out, Ice Pack's producer was the one who ripped him off. RB Man, whose real name is Adam Evans, confronts the producer. The producer admits to it and locks him in a vault. Static shows up and figures out RB Man is stuck. Static free
Director:  Dan Riba  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Dwayne McDuffie 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Maria Canals,  Danica McKellar, Kadeem Hardison, Terrance Trent D'Arby,  David Faustino, Chris Clarke
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    11/18/2000  6.  The New Kid
Virgil's dad and Principal agree that he is too smart to stay in Dakota High school. With the help of a scholarship, they send him to an advanced Science and Technology school, where he meets geeky bullies who turn out to be upperclassmen and his teachers. All the other students are a snore except Daisy, who is beautiful and funny, and helps Virgil with his projects. They work on a new prototype program that absorbs electricity. Virgil hands it over to his teachers who use it for a giant robot that rampages the city. The robot belongs to Edwin Alva and the school is funded by him. Alva tells the teachers the prototype had better stop Static, the bane of his existence, but Virgil and Daisy sneak in and overhear everything. The teachers see them and they run away, only to have the giant robot attack them. Virgil changes into Static and he fights off the robot he helped build, eventually defeating it by knowing its weak spot. Back at his old high school, Virgil is happy to discover that D
Director:  Alan Burnett  / Stan Berkowitz  Writer:  Rodney Vaccaro 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrKevin Michael RichardsonMichael Rosenbaum, Crystal Scales, Kerrigan Mahan, Marcus Toji,  Miguel SandovalPatton Oswalt, Bever Leigh Banfeld
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    12/2/2000  7.  Child's Play
Dwayne looks up to his step brother, Aron, who just got out of juvenile hall and moved back in with them. Virgil knows Aron hasn't changed his thieving ways, and wishes Dwayne didn't admire him so much. When a water fountain gives cherry soda, and a video game character comes to life, Aron and Virgil figure out that Dwayne is a metahuman. Aron tries to trick Dwayne to steal stuff for him. After fighting off Dwayne's bad guys as Static, Virgil tricks Aron into saying how he really feels about his little brother, and Dwayne stops using his powers for his brother's pleasure.
Director:  James Tucker  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Stan Berkowitz 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrKevin Michael Richardson, Crystal Scales, Blayne Barbosda, R.J. Knoll,  Garrett Morris, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Cameron Finley, Larane Newman
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    12/9/2000  8.  Sons of the Fathers
Virgil wonders why Richie never invites him over to his house to hang out. Richie tries to avoid the question, but Virgil presses and Richie invites him over on a night he thinks his father will be out. Things are fine until Richie's father, Mr. Foley, shows up and starts saying derogatory comments that Virgil tries to ignore. But when Virgil overhears Mr. Foley make a racist comment, his naivete is gone. Richie argues with his father, then runs away. Mr. Foley goes to Virgil's dad to see if he knows where Richie is, and they reluctantly work together to search for him. Static finds him and says they are still friends and to go home. However, in the shadows, Ebon lurks, overhearing this and kidnaps Richie to lure Static into a trap. Robert and Mr. Foley find Richie first and try to take out Ebon and his henchman, but soon Static finds them and makes a rescue. Richie's father changes his racist attitude and tries to listen to his son now.
Director:  Uncredited  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Christopher Simmons 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrBrian Tochi, Tia Texada, Matt Ballard, Gary Sturgis, Dan Lauria, Jean Smart
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    12/16/2000  9.  Winds of Change
A bang baby named Slipstream, who can control the wind, uses his powers for food and destruction. Richie comes up with new ways for Static to fight crime, but Virgil just wants to hang out with Daisy and doesn't care about Richie inventions. Richie becomes jealous and he and Virgil stop speaking to each other. Richie thinks he can save the day with his inventions better than Static and tries to stop Slipstream. Richie gets clobbered, along with Static, but he uses one of Richie new inventions to save the day. They make up and agree that Static's the hero, Richie's the sidekick and neither needed to be jealous.
Director:  James Tucker  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Len Uhley 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Bumper Robinson, Maria Canals, Crystal Scales, Michele Morgan,  Keone Young, Richard Tatum, Rickey D'Shon Collins
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    1/27/2001  10.  Bent Out of Shape
Sharon dates a rapper who turns out to be the escaped criminal, Rubberband Man. He really does like Sharon but goes on the run. She convinces him to turn himself in, but Virgil doesn't see any good in the guy. Meanwhile, two metahuman bounty hunters want to collect on Rubberband Man and try to capture him.
Director:  Dan Riba  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Dwayne McDuffie 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Kadeem Hardison, Michele Morgan, Crystal Scales, Kimberly Brooks,  Kevin Michael Richardson, Carlos Ferro, Leo Donato
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    2/10/2001  11.  Junior
Static's arch enemy, Edwin Alva, opens a new civic center. Alva's son, Alva Jr., tries to get his father's attention, but is repeatedly ignored and scolded. Junior tries to help his father by telling him he's figured out the properties of the serum that created the metahumans, but his father refuses to listen. Angered by this, Junior uses the serum to become Omnifarious. He controls and chooses his mutations, and uses this ability to destroy his father's shipping businesses and warehouses. When Static tries to stop him, he recognizes him as Alva's son. Alva uses his powers to learn Static's identity, and threatens to tell everyone if Virgil tries to stop him again. Static goes to Alva Sr. and tells him his son is destroying his company. Alva confronts his son, then orders his guards to try and stop him. They try to kill him and Alva Sr. can't stop them. Static saves Omnifarious, who confronts his father again, but he still wouldn't listen to his son. Omnifarious uses all of the meta ga
Director:  Denys Cowan  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Dwayne McDuffie 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarrKevin Michael RichardsonDanica McKellar, Michele Morgan, Kerrigan Mahan,  John Cho, Marcelo Tubert,  Adam BaldwinCCH Pounder, Matt Ballard
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    3/3/2001  12.  Replay
A washed up child actor with a grudge goes on a stealing spree at the mall. He is a metahuman with the ability to duplicate himself. Static stops him and chases one of his copies to an abandoned carnival. He fights the original as the building falls down around them, knocking Static out. Static wakes up and goes home only to see himself on the news going on a crime spree and attacking the police. The police turn on Static and they put out a reward for his capture. Even his best friend, Richie, doesn't believe him. Virgil figures out that Replay must have duplicated Static and convinces Richie to help. Static corners Replay at the TV studio and Richie films everything live as Static fights his duplicate, while Replay confesses to all the crimes. Static's name is cleared and Replay heads for jail.
Director:  Brooks Wachtel  / Denys Cowan 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Michele Morgan, Crystal Scales,  Kevin Michael Richardson, Maria Canals, Obba Babatunde,  Dennis HaysbertNeil Patrick Harris, Gregg Berger, Joe Ho, Joe Lala
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 30 mins    5/12/2001  13.  Tantrum
Virgil is trying to deal with the loss of his mother as his father and sister prepare a memorial service in her honor. A metahuman, who resembles the Incredible Hulk (only purple) goes on a rampage in a restaurant and then at Virgil's school. Richie and Virgil think it may be a fellow classmate, Thomas Kim. When they go talk to him, their suspicion is correct as he transforms and goes after them. Static, remembering what his own mother said about tantrums, lures Thomas away where he won't do much damage and he soon turns back to normal.
Director:  James Tucker  / Jason Marsden  Writer:  Christopher Simmons 
Guest starring:  Phil LaMarr, Michele Morgan,  Kevin Michael Richardson, Crystal Scales,  Michael Paul ChanMiriam FlynnJohn Cho, Ambrosia Kelly, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Huanani Minn, Marcelo Tubert, DeEtta West, Jimmy Fisher, Kaci Jeter, Aladrian Elmore
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