Farscape: Season 2
Hallmark Entertainment (2000)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, TV Classics
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18 hr 30 mins Australia / English
DVD  Region 1   UR (Unrated)
Ben Browder Commander John Robert Crichton, Jr.
Claudia Black Officer Aeryn Sun
Virginia Hey Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Melissa Jaffer Utu-Noranti Pralatong
Anthony Simcoe General Ka D'Argo
Gigi Edgley Chiana
Paul Goddard Stark
Wayne Pygram Scorpius
Tammy McIntosh Joolushko Tunay Fento Hovalis
Raelee Hill Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu
Jonathan Hardy Hynerian Dominar Rygel XVI
Lani John Tupu PeaceKeeper Captain Bialar Crais
David Franklin Braca
Matt Newton Jothee
Catherine Millar
Peter Andrikidis
Producer Sue Milliken
Andrew Prowse
Writer Rockne S. O'Bannon
David Kemper
Cinematography Russell Bacon
Craig Barden
Musician Guy Gross

Five years ago, astronaut John Crichton attempted to use the Earth's atmosphere to propel his ship, Farscape 1, at great speeds across the solar system. He went much further though and was sucked down a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy and into the middle of a battle. He was rescued by a group of escaping prisoners and taken aboard their living ship. As the years went by, Crichton has made enemies, powerful and dangerous enemies. On his journey to find a way back home, he freed other captives who became part of the crew on Moya.
Disc 01
 1 hr 0 mins    3/17/2000  1.  Mind the Baby
Crichton, Aeryn and D'argo are stranded in an asteroid field while Scorpius searches for them. Their safety depends on Crais, who is nearby in Talyn. Aeryn teaches Crais how to control the young Leviathan - the only thing she can offer in return for the lives of her friends. When Moya returns to the asteroid field to look for her offspring, Crichton decides to remove Crais from control of Talyn. Scorpius finally sees his chance to strike.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Richard Manning 
Guest starring:  Jennifer Fischer
 1 hr 0 mins    3/24/2000  2.  Vitas Mortis
D'Argo takes part in a sacred ritual that helps an old Luxan, an Orican, to survive. During the ritual the Orican draws energy from who she thinks is D'Argo but is actually Moya. Consequently Moya starts to age rapidly.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Grant McAloon 
Guest starring:  Melissa Jaffer, Anna Lise-Phillips
 1 hr 0 mins    3/31/2000  3.  Taking the Stone
Chiana leaves Moya and goes to 'grave planet' populated by reckless thrill seekers who play dangerous and life threatening games.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Natasha Beaumont, Peter Scarf, Michela Noonan, Anthony Hayes
 1 hr 0 mins    4/7/2000  4.  Crackers Don't Matter
The crew returns from a Commerce Planet with a load of Crackers and a meek alien called Traltixx, who promises he can alter Moya's electromagnetics to make her untraceable. Crichton is skeptical; it seems too good to be true. As they pass through a constellation of pulsars, an intense paranoia affects the crew, turning them violently again each other. Crichton must fight against his own paranoid delusions to work out what Traltixx is actually doing and how to stop him.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Danny Adcock
Disc 02
 1 hr 0 mins    4/14/2000  5.  The Way We Weren't
A datacam tape is uncovered showing Aeryn as part of a Peacekeeper firing squad that executed a previous Pilot aboard Moya. The rest of the crew wants answers but Aeryn is recalcitrant about revisiting her past - especially her relationship with Velorek, the man charged with forcibly bonding a new Pilot to Moya. Pilot two refuses to communicate with the crew, not wanting to reveal his own complicity in the murky circumstances surrounding his installment as Moya's guide.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Naren Shankar 
Guest starring:  Melissa Jaffer, Alex Dimitriades
 1 hr 0 mins    4/21/2000  6.  Picture if You Will
Maldus returns to torment the crew, convincing them that their friends have perished. One by one, the evil sorcerer drags them into his realm.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Peter Neale 
Guest starring:  Chris Haywood
 1 hr 0 mins    6/16/2000  7.  Home on the Remains
With Moya out of food, Chiana leads everyone to a dead boudong where she once worked.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Gabrielle Stanton  / Harry Werksman Jr. 
Guest starring:  John Brumpton, Hunter Peske, Gavin Robins, Rob Carlton, Justine Saunders
 1 hr 0 mins    6/23/2000  8.  Dream a Little Dream
While waiting inside a transport pod to be picked up by Moya, Zhaan tells Crichton about being accused and tried for murder during his absence.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Steven Rae 
Guest starring:  Steve Jacobs, Sandy Gore, Peter Kowitz, Jeremy Callaghan, Marin Mimica, Simone Kessell, Dean Nottle, Jessica Wilcox
Disc 03
 1 hr 0 mins    7/7/2000  9.  Out of Their Minds
An alien ship fires a weapon at Moya. Although the energy shield is active, some of the blast makes it through and causes everyone's consciousness to jump into another body.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Michael Cassutt 
Guest starring:  Nicholas McKay, Dominique Sweeney, Thomas Holesgrove, Angie Milliken
 1 hr 0 mins    7/14/2000  10.  My Three Crichtons
A strange globe appears on Moya, sucking in Crichton and duplicating him creating two additional people. One who is a de-evolved 'cave man' and another who has increased mental ability.
Director:  Catherine Millar  / Gabrielle Stanton 
Guest starring:  Matthew Le Nevez
Disc 04
 1 hr 0 mins    7/21/2000  11.  Look at the Princess (1): A Kiss Is But a Kiss
Moya arrives at a planet where the population test their genetic compatibility by kissing. Crichton kisses a princess, who is next in line for the throne, and discovers that his DNA is a perfect match for her. He must now marry her and they will rule together.
Director:  Tony Tilse  /  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Felix Williamson, Tina Bursill, Felicity Price, Aaron Cash, Matt Day, Gavin Robins, Nicholas McKay, Bianca Chiminello, Francesca Buller, John Clardige
 1 hr 0 mins    7/28/2000  12.  Look at the Princess (2): I Do, I Think
Princess Katralla's mother brings in Scorpius promising Crichton that if he doesn't marry her daughter, she will hand him over. Meanwhile, Prince Clavor starts a plot to assassinate Crichton so that he may ascend to the throne instead of his sister.
Director:  Tony Tilse  /  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Aaron Cash, Felicity Price, Bianca Chiminello, Francesca Buller, Matt Day, Nicholas McKay, Felix Williamson, Thomas Holesgrove, Tina Bursill, Jonathan Hardy
 1 hr 0 mins    8/4/2000  13.  Look at the Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton
Now married, Crichton and Katalla are frozen into living statues so that they may watch over the presiding governments of the next eighty cycles. Immediately, Clavor and the Scarran emissary attempt another assassination and succeed in removing Crichton's head. The crew must save John and Chiana while escaping Scorpius.
Director:  Tony Tilse  /  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Bianca Chiminello, Matt Day, Tina Bursill, Felix Williamson, Rose Klemp, Felicity Price, Thomas Holesgrove, Nicholas McKay, Aaron Cash, Jonathan Hardy
 1 hr 0 mins    8/11/2000  14.  Beware of Dog
The crew bring aboard an alien tracker to remove some creatures that came aboard hidden in some cargo.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Naren Shankar 
Guest starring:  Virginia Weule
Disc 05
 1 hr 0 mins    8/18/2000  15.  Won't Get Fooled Again
The Scorpius clone puts John into a dream world to prevent the Scarrans from getting any wormhole knowledge.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Richard Manning 
Guest starring:  Murray Bartlett, Carmen Duncan, Thomas Holesgrove
 1 hr 0 mins    8/25/2000  16.  The Locket
A temporal distortion traps Aeryn and John on a planet's surface, where they live out the rest of their lives -- while Moya remains trapped in orbit, experiencing only hours. Stark returns to the ship with news of D'Argo's son.
Director:  Ian Watson  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Alyson Standen
 1 hr 0 mins    8/8/2000  17.  The Ugly Truth
Crais and Talyn return. The crew are put on trial for an attack that Talyn made on an alien ship.
Director:  Tony Tilse  Writer:  Gabrielle Stanton  / Harry Werksman Jr. 
Guest starring:  Peter Carroll, Linda Cropper
 1 hr 0 mins    9/15/2000  18.  A Clockwork Nebari
A Nebari group come aboard Moya and attempt to mind cleanse everyone using a drug. Pilot and Rygel are the only two who can resist the effects. Crichton also remains unaffected due to Scorpius' neural clone.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  Lily Taylor 
Guest starring:  Malcolm Kennard, Simon Bossell, Skye Wansey
Disc 06
 1 hr 0 mins    1/5/2001  19.  Liars, Guns and Money (1): A Not So Simple Plan
Stark returns to Moya with a plan to rob a shadow depository and buy a contingent of slaves, one of which is D'Argo's son Jothee. D'Argo attempts the robbery on his own however and now the crew must recover him as well as the money they require.
Director:  Andrew Prowse  Writer:  Grant McAloon 
Guest starring:  Nicholas Hope, Claudia Karvan, Adrian Brown, Jennifer Fischer
 1 hr 0 mins    1/12/2001  20.  Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...
Scorpius buys the slaves containing D'Argo's son before D'Argo can. Some of the crew leave Moya in search of mercenaries to rescue Jothee. Meanwhile back on Moya, the stolen money has turned into metal eating spiders that begin to consume Moya.
Director:  Catherine Millar  Writer:  Naren Shankar 
Guest starring:  Jeremy Sims, David Wheeler, David Bowers, Linal Haft, Jo Kerrigan, Thomas Holesgrove, Phillip Hinton, John Adam, Nicholas Hope, Claudia Karvan
 1 hr 0 mins    1/19/2001  21.  Liars, Guns and Money (3): Plan B
Crichton turns himself over to Scorpius in order to free Jothee. With all the mercenaries now aboard Moya, the crew form a plan to rescue Crichton and destroy the depository.
Director:  Catherine Millar  Writer:  Justin Monjo 
Guest starring:  Claudia Karvan, Phillip Hinton, Nicholas Hope, John Adam, David Bowers, Thomas Holesgrove, Linal Haft, Jeremy Sims
 1 hr 0 mins    1/26/2001  22.  Die Me, Dichotomy
The crew find a doctor that can heal Moya's burns and remove Crichton's neural chip. Things are complicated however when Crichton is informed he needs additional brain tissue from a donor in stasis who will die when the tissue is removed. Also Scorpius is beginning to take over Crichton's brain.
Director:  Rowan Woods  Writer:  David Kemper 
Guest starring:  Thomas Holesgrove,  Hugh Keays-Byrne
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Edition Season 2
Series Farscape
Release Date 11/17/2009
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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