Project Moonbase
Image (1953)
Science Fiction
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1 hr 3 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Ross Ford Maj. Bill Moore
Robert Karnes Sam
Donna Martell Col. Briteis
Hayden Rorke Gen. Greene
Herb Jacob
Larry Johns Dr. Wernher
Peter Adams Captain Carmody
James Craven Commodore Carlson
Herb Jacobs Mr. Roundtree
Barbara Morrison Polly Prattles
Richard Talmadge
Producer Jack Seaman
Writer Robert A. Heinlein
Jack Seaman
Cinematography William C. Thompson
Musician Herschel Burke Gilbert

In the not-too-distant future of 1970, the United States is considering building bases on the Moon, and send a female colonel and two men to investigate. One of the men turns out to be a foreign spy, and the entire operation--and the future of the free world--is in danger.
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Release Date 6/6/2000
Packaging Snap Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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User Lookup 1 1950s SF