Universal Studios (2005)
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
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1 hr 59 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   PG-13 (Parental Guidance)
Alan Tudyk Wash
Gina Torres Zoe
Nathan Fillion Mal
Adam Baldwin Jayne
Chiwetel Ejiofor The Operative
Morena Baccarin Inara
Ron Glass Shepherd Book
Summer Glau River
Sean Maher Simon
Jewel Staite Kaylee
David Krumholtz Mr. Universe
Michael Hitchcock Dr. Mathias
Sarah Paulson Dr. Caron
Yan Feldman Mingo
Rafael Feldman Fanty
Joss Whedon
Producer Barry Mendel
David V. Lester
Writer Joss Whedon
Cinematography Jack N. Green
Musician David Newman

The product of Joss Whedon’s imagination, the film “Serenity” is based upon the popular Sci-Fi Channel series “Firefly”, which, to the dismay of its loyal fans, was canceled after one season. The plot follows Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), captain of the mercenary space ship Serenity, which is struggling to find work while staying below the notice of The Alliance, an authoritarian government which now controls the majority of the known galaxy. River Tam (Summer Glau), a mentally unstable teenage prodigy and her older brother Simon (Sean Maher) are wanted by The Alliance and seek refuge aboard Serenity. The Alliance has now recruited a deadly and ruthless operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to find and kill River. On the run from The Alliance and in constant danger of attacks from Reavers (psychotic cannibals roaming the galaxy), Captain Reynolds and his crew must expose the awful secret hidden within River’s mind to bring down The Alliance, no matter what the cost.
Edition Details
Series Firefly
Distributor Universal Studios
Release Date 12/20/2005
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Theatrical Widescreen (2.35:1)
Subtitles English; French; Spanish
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Dolby Digital 5.1 [French]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 1

Over 20 minutes of Deleted Scenes & Outtakes Joss Whedon Introduction Relighting The Firefly: The story of how a television show gained enough of a cult following to become a major feature film Feature Commentary with writer/director Joss Whedon And Much More!
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