Jonny Quest: Season 1
Warner Bros. (1986)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Animation
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11 hr 1 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Tim Matheson Jonny Quest
Mike Road Roger T. Bannon
Don Messick Dr. Benton C. Quest
Danny Bravo Hadji
John Stephenson Dr. Benton C. Quest
Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
Producer Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
Writer Walter Black
Doug Wildey

Jonny Quest is about the adventures of Jonny Quest and his father Dr. Benton Quest. Along for the adventure is the multi-faceted "Race" Bannon, the mystical Hadji, and Jonny's dog, the irrepressible Bandit. They solve mysteries and try to thwart the evil of Dr. Zin. However, when Jonny Quest ended in 1965, it was far from finished. Jonny Quest went into syndication in 1986 for a short 13 episode sting as The New Adventures of Jonny Quest (1986). The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest emerged on the Cartoon Network with 2 full seasons of new and exciting adventures in 1996. Jonny Quest had successfully run 3 series dating back to the 60's and is still well known classic today.
Disc 01
 0 hr 30 mins    9/18/1964  1.  Mystery of the Lizard Men
Five ships disappear in the Sargasso Sea. Finally, there's a survivor, who describes a ""thin, red light"". The authorities bring in noted scientist Dr. Benton Quest. Together with son Jonny, bodyguard Race Bannon, and (of course) Bandit the dog, Dr. Quest investigates. Someone is conducting laser experiments from a converted galleon, and plans to shoot down the new Man In The Moon rocket! It's up to Jonny, his father, and their friends to stop this scheme.
 0 hr 30 mins    9/25/1964  2.  Arctic Splashdown
An satellite missile is sabotaged to land in the Arctic and is to be recovered by some people with a submarine. They would use the technology in the missile for their uses. When the Quest teams figures it out the only thing they can do is destroy the missile and head back home.
Director:  William Hanna  / Joseph Barbara  Writer:  William D. Hamilton 
Guest starring:  Will Kuluva
 0 hr 30 mins    10/2/1964  3.  The Curse of Anubis
Dr. Ahmed Kareem steals the statue of Anubis from the Temple of Anubis. He plans to implicate an outsider for the theft, and unify Arab nations against the outside world. The outsider he chooses is Benton Quest! But his plan almost succeeds: he traps Dr. Quest and Race in an old tomb with the statue. There they will be found with the statue. In the end, he discovers the horrifying truth: the Curse of Anubis - death to those who violate his temple - is all too real. Anubis sends someone to retrieve his statue and punish Dr. Kareem.
Guest starring:  Vic Perrin
 0 hr 30 mins    10/9/1964  4.  Pursuit of the Po-Ho
Dr. Emil Hartmann, an anthropologist, is studying the Po Ho Indians when they capture him. His wife Dreena calls Dr. Quest for help. The Quest team arrives at the Hartmann's home, determined to recover the doctor. When Dr. Quest examines the spot where Dr. Hartmann disappeared, he, too, is taken! Now Race and the boys must find both men. But why were they taken? The answer is a sinister one -- the men are to be sacrified to the Po Ho fire god in a gruesome ceremony that involves the victims, a pit, and a whole lot of hot coals. Race makes a few engineering changes to the canoes, then dyes himself purple and pretends to be the water god -- if he can distract the Indians long enough, he can free the two scientists. But it doesn't work -- the Indians aren't scared enough of their water god to risk angering their fire god. So Race sneaks back at night, and manages to free Emil Hartmann. But as he's freeing Dr. Quest, a sentry wakes up, and the entire tribe is quickly roused. A chas
Writer:  William D. Hamilton 
 0 hr 30 mins    10/16/1964  5.  Riddle of the Gold
The Maharajah of Jahilipur, and his associate, Abdul Kassim, have completed Phase One of their plan to produce fake gold! They've faked the death of Professor Gunderson, inventor of the process, and imprisoned him in a worked out mine. There, he will produce false gold for them. Agent Corbin of Intelligence One realizes there's skulduggery afoot. He knows the mine from which ""gold"" is flowing was tapped out fifty years ago. What he doesn't know is where the gold is really coming from. That's where the Quest team enters the picture. Under cover of a tiger hunt, the Quest team travels to Jahililpur to uncover the scheme and put a stop to it. Surviving several attempts on their lives, they reach the mine, and thwart Kassim. But the real mastermind promises Doctor Quest that they'll meet again...
 0 hr 30 mins    10/23/1964  6.  Treasure of the Temple
The Quest team, and guide Montoya, are searching for the lost city of Málátan in South America. From the start, the expedition is plagued by accidents and ill omens. It turns out these are the work of Perkins, who is trying to scare off the Quest team, as he has scared off others. This will give him a clear field to search for the treasure legend says is hidden somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, the Quest team finds and frees an Indian who Montoya staked out as a warning to other workers -- work, or be punished! The last straw is when the boys' tent catches fire (with a little help). Dr. Quest decides it's too dangerous to stay; the team packs up and prepares to leave -- when Jonny happens to learn against the right panel, which opens! Jonny has found the treasure! Too bad Perkins has found the team! Locked in a dank cell, the team ponders escape ... which comes in the form of the native they'd saved earlier, who knows a secret way out of the cell! From there, the team must evade
Guest starring:  Henry Corden
 0 hr 30 mins    10/30/1964  7.  Calcutta Adventure
Dr. Quest, Race, and Jonny are in Calcutta investigating the use of nerve gas on a number of mountain sheep herders. They are introduced to Hadji when he foils an assassination attempt on Dr. Quest. The four head off in search of the assassins and the men behind the use of nerve gas. With the help of a Indian merchant named Pasha Peddler, they discover a secret weapons factory inside a mountain. Dr. Quest, however, is captured and taken within the mountain. He is eventually rescued by Race. After they leave, Dr. Quest uses his sonic amplifier to create an avalanche which buries the assassins and destroys the weapons factory.
Guest starring:  Jesse White
Disc 02
 0 hr 30 mins    11/6/1964  8.  The Robot Spy
Dr. Quest and Race Bannon investigate a strange, alien ship that crash lands near one of Dr. Quest's labs. Danger ensues when it turns out that the ""alien"" is a spy sent from one of Dr. Quest's archenemies.
Guest starring:  Vic Perrin
 0 hr 30 mins    11/13/1964  9.  Double Danger
The team is in Thailand, where Dr. Quest is conducting research into a new formula that ""numbs"" the mind. This formula could make it possible for men to take long space voyages in small space capsules without going stir crazy. But it has a more sinister use -- at higher concentrations, it numbs the will, making the victim unable to resist obeying. Of course, a sinister mastermind has plans for this use of the drug. To that end, he has trained and prepared a man named Korchek -- a man who is an exact duplicate for Race Bannon! Fortunately, the mysterious Jezebel Jade visits, and proves there are some ways a woman can't be fooled ... but when she and the boys attempt to rescue Race, they're trapped inside an ancient Buddha. Meanwhile, Dr. Quest doesn't yet suspect Korchek until he catches the ""double agent"" searching for the formula. Korchek puts the pressure on, but fortunately Race, Jezebel, and the boys manage to escape their ancient prison (perhaps the ""statue"" of limitations ran
Guest starring:  Vic Perrin, Cathy Lewis, Mike Road
 0 hr 30 mins    11/20/1964  10.  Shadow of the Condor
Engine troubles cause Race to land in the Andes mountains. Baron Frohlicke greets the Quest team at his very short landing strip. The Baron has sinister plans for Race since he is able to pilot the jet down so expertly. Dr. Quest and Race find out more about the Baron. The climax of the story is Race and the Baron have a dogfight. Who will win? Who will lose? Only Fate and a giant Condor will decide.
 0 hr 30 mins    11/27/1964  11.  Skull and Double Crossbones
Modern day pirates are after the treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon. When Jonny finds a doubloon near a wreck, the pirates make their move. They take the Quest team hostage and force Jonny to return for the treasure. Rescue comes from an improbable source, as Bandit dons scuba gear and alerts the local coast guard! A chase begins, ending with the pirates sunk and the treasure back in Davy Jones' locker.
 0 hr 30 mins    12/4/1964  12.  The Dreadful Doll
Dr. Quest is called in to stop a voodoo priest from causing the residents of the island from becoming catatonic zombies. More is going on then meets the eye when Jonny and Hadji see strange things when they are scuba diving.
 0 hr 30 mins    12/11/1964  13.  A Small Matter of Pygmies
A tribe of hostile pygmies takes Race and Hadji prisoner. Will they be able to find a way to escape?
 0 hr 30 mins    12/18/1964  14.  Dragons of Ashida
Dr. Quest visits Dr. Ashida on his private island (named, what else, Ashida). Dr. Ashida boasts of how he has created giant, ferocious lizards from a much smaller species. Soon enough, Dr. Quest realizes Dr. Ashida has become dangerously insane. Unable to stand the thought of defeat, Dr. Ashida insists on pitting Race against his sinister henchman, and eventually his ""dragons"" -- the horrible, giant lizards. The team escapes, barely, wondering what to do about Dr. Ashida. It turns out they need not worry: Dr. Ashida has punished his henchman once too often...
Disc 03
 0 hr 30 mins    12/25/1964  15.  Turu the Terrible
The Quest team is looking for trinoxite, a new metal vital to the space program. They're in the field (probably Peru), checking out a very pure specimen obtained from an Indian, when a canoe drifts by. Inside is the Indian! He tells how a giagantic turu -- a bird -- snatched his brother and flew off. Investigating the team learns the ""bird"" is actually a giant pteranodon -- a bird like dinosaur thought extinct! And it obeys a strange old man who lives on a plateau! The old man is forcing natives kidnapped by ""Turu"", to mine trinoxite, which he thinks is valuable silver. He commands Turu to kill Dr. Quest and Race, but Race wins that fight, thanks to a trusty bazooka (Where does he get all those wonderful toys?). Stunned, Turu falls from the sky into the tarpits. Desperate to save his only ""friend"", the old man follows him in.
 0 hr 30 mins    12/31/1964  16.  The Fraudulent Volcano
Dr. Quest receives a call from the governor of Bahiti. The governor is concerned about Mount Tahawa, a volcano which is displaying some unusual and disturbing properties. As the governor is explaining this, a man named Simon-11 listens... A deadly tarantula and a hanger fire are meant to discourage investigation, but Dr. Quest and Race overfly the volcano anyway -- only to be knocked out of the sky! They eject, but are captured by Simon-1, chief enforcer for ... Dr. Zin! Dr. Zin has developed ""the greatest destructive force the world has ever known"", and plans to make it available to the highest bidder. Captured, Dr. Quest and Race can do nothing. But Jonny and Hadji are still free... A police sergeant drives them to the mountain, but Simon-3 spots the car. The sergeant is waylaid, but the boys elude capture, and enter the base. Inside, they use trickery and bad driving to free Dr. Quest and Race. Together again, the team escapes the base. They're not out of danger yet. Flyin
 0 hr 30 mins    1/7/1965  17.  The Werewolf of the Timberland
The Quest team visits Canadian logging country at the government's request. While camping, they're met by lumberjacks who warn them to leave, because ""the forest holds many dangers -- including loup garou"". The next day, Jonny and Hadji are walking with Bandit when they encounter a skunk. Bandit runs, the skunk and the boys follow -- and wind up lost. Then they meet White Feather, an Indian (voice of Mike Road). White Feather tells them how to find their camp. He also tells them a ""bad wolf"" and bad men are at the river, and to make sure they follow his directions. Instead, they investigate the bad men... The bad men are a crew of loggers who are using hollowed out logs to smuggle gold downriver. And they want to keep this a secret. Jonny and Hadji are captured, and White Feather helps them escape. Then White Feather, and a ... friend ... help them unmask the werewolf, and put a stop to the smugglers.
 0 hr 30 mins    1/14/1965  18.  Pirates from Below
Dr. Quest has constructed, and is testing, the ""Underwater Prober"", a cross between a submarine and a tank. The Navy is interested ... and so are some mercenaries. Dr. Quest and Hadji leave for the mainland, to meet a scientific delegation from Calcutta. While Race and Jonny work to fix part of the machine, they are overpowered and the machine is hijacked. They manage to escape, briefly. Then Hadji and Dr. Quest are captured when they come to the rescue. Hadji saves the day and a guard gets ""stoned"", but the team isn't out of danger. Fortunately, the Underwater Prober proves up to the challenge. The pirates try one last gambit, and Race turns the tables on them -- they meet a fitting end indeed. Confident the machine is ready, Dr. Quest turns it over to the Navy.
 0 hr 30 mins    1/21/1965  19.  Attack of the Tree People
The team appears to be on vacation, sailing on Dr. Quest's boat (the 'Sea Quest'). But the vacation is cut short when a galley fire erupts, forcing everyone to abandon ship. In the chaos, Dr. Quest and Race lose track of the boys. But help is at hand as a passing ship rescues them. The boys have drifted ashore -- but where? They cobble together a scarecrow from refuse and a life jacket, then set off to find food. They're quickly surrounded by large apes -- and taken to a high branch in a tall tree. Several escape attempts are thwarted, and each time the boys are returned to the tree. Meanwhile, ""Silky"" and ""Chopper"" are listening to their shortwave radio. Former gunrunners, now ivory poachers, these two bad eggs hatch a plan to kidnap the boys. The apes first foil this, but are scared off by gunfire. At sea, Race and Dr. Quest discover the boys' scarecrow. The friendly captain puts them ashore with supplies and a promise to send help. Shortly after they arrive, they hear the
 0 hr 30 mins    1/28/1965  20.  The Invisible Monster
Dr. Isaiah Norman is experimenting with molecular energy when his lab explodes. Injured, he gets off a call for help to the Quest team. Arriving, the team finds the lab wrecked and Dr. Norman missing. While Dr. Quest reads Dr. Norman's journal, Race and the boys take jetpacks to scout a strange trail of burn marks through the forest. The follow the trail of marks and destroyed trees through a native village and discover the end -- whatever made the trail is moving toward another village. When it emerges from the trees, they see -- nothing at all. Whatever is causing the wreckage is ... invisible! Race and the boys return, and discover that Dr. Norman has accidentally created a ""creature"" of pure energy -- a creature that must absorb other forms of energy to survive. Even the electrical energy of the human body will do... The team devises a plan. First, they make the creature visible. Next, they lure it to some improvised equipment, using Dr. Quest as a lure. Once they have it t
 0 hr 30 mins    2/4/1965  21.  The Devil's Tower
The Quest team is in Africa, where they plan to launch a balloon to carry a scientific package into the air. But the balloon gets away and is swept to the top of the Devil's Escarpment, a two mile tall rock formation that cannot be climbed. It will take months to build a new instrument package, so the team resolves to fly to the top of the escarpment. Race delivers Dr. Quest, then returns with the boys, to find that Dr. Quest is missing. His whereabouts are soon revealed, when Race and the boys are captured by the same cavemen -- all of whom work for sinister German Heinrich von Duffle. Worse, Dr. Quest is convinced ""von Duffle"" is actually escaped war criminal ""Klaus"", who ran a concentration camp. He'll certainly never let the team escape to reveal who and where he is. Klaus prepares to leave in the Quest plane, as the Quest team looks for another way out -- and finds it, in the form of passages through the stone that lead to narrow paths outside the escarpment. Klaus tries to
Disc 04
 0 hr 30 mins    2/11/1965  22.  The Quetong Missile Mystery
Unexplained disappeared boats have made Dr. Quest interested in the mystery of these disappeared people. It turns out that a secret installation headed by a rogue general contains a huge missile in which he will use to knock down a launch. When Jonny and Hadji are captured, Race and Dr. Quest sneak in to rescue them and destroy the installation. The General kills himself when he shoots one of his soldiers that controlled the underwater mines and when shot the soldier landed on the switch that was near the general's boat.
Guest starring:  Henry Corden, Mike Road,  Keye Luke
 0 hr 30 mins    2/18/1965  23.  The House of Seven Gargoyles
Professor Ericson, an expert in gravity, has invited Dr. Quest to visit him at his home, Raclef Castle in Norway. There, he will demonstrate a spectacular achievement: the Ericon Bar, an anti-gravity device! Sinister forces are at work to steal the device and the notes that describe it: Ivar is the mastermind, and Dietrich Sorensen is his henchman. Dietrich is disguised as one of the gargoyles that adorn the castle parapets. Using his acrobatic skills, he can come and go as he pleases from that perch. After the demonstration, when everyone is asleep, Dietrich enters the house. Race surprises him, and he can't get the plans from the wall safe. But he can get the bar, which he takes to Ivar. Instead of paying him, Ivar orders him back to his perch. Dietrich is not happy about this, and promises Ivar ""he'll be sorry"". But it's Dietrich who is soon sorry. Ivar escapes to the fjords with the bar (stealing Dr. Quest's boat). Dr. Quest pursues in a helicopter, and sees the submarine
Guest starring:  Vic Perrin, Henry Corden, Mike Road
 0 hr 30 mins    2/25/1965  24.  Terror Island
A doctor develops a formula that creates supersize monsters. With the help of the Quest team, the doctor and all his plans are destroyed.
Guest starring:  Cathy Lewis
 0 hr 30 mins    3/4/1965  25.  Monster in a Monastery
Bigfoot look-a-like monsters attack a village from a monastery connected only by a rope bridge in the mountains. People are scared of this monastery because they believe it to be haunted by monsters which later turn out to be humans dressed in costumes. As the Quest teams figures this out they engage in a clumsy battle with the fake monsters. A surprise happens in the end when a real Sasquatch monster kills all those who wore the costumes and heads back into his cave in the mountains.
Guest starring:  Sam Edwards
 0 hr 30 mins    3/11/1965  26.  The Sea Haunt
While returning from vacation Jonny and his father come across an abandoned seafaring ship. Unbeknownst to them an ancient sea dwelling evil lurks within the bowls of the ship. Unexpected treasures and horrors await the Quest Team.
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Disc 04 Jonny Quest: Adventures in Animation
Featurette on Animators
Jonny Quest Files: Fun, Facts and Trivia
Jonny Quest Video Handbook - All About the Heroes, Villains, Locations and More.
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