Forever Knight Trilogy, Part 1
Columbia TriStar (1992)
TV Series  /  Crime, Fantasy, Horror, TV Classics
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17 hr 36 mins Canada / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Geraint Wyn Davies Det. Nicholas Knight / Nicholas de Brabant
Catherine Disher Natalie Lambert
Nigel Bennett LaCroix
Ben Bass Javier Vachon
Deborah Duchene Janette
Blu Mankuma Capt. Joe Reese
Natsuko Ohama Capt. Amanda Cohen
John Kapelos Det. Don Schanke
Lisa Ryder Det. Tracy Vetter
Gary Farmer Capt. Joe Stonetree
Randal Adamek Viper
Matthew Adams Lil Vito
Michael Adams Lil dude
Steven Adams Lil Jay
Victoria Adams Missy
Bruce Pittman
Brad Turner
Producer Jon Slan
Naomi Janzen
Writer Alison Lea Bingeman
Barney Cohen
Disc 01
1.  Dark Knight: Part 1
Nicholas seeks a mystical Mayan jade cup which he believes holds the key to becoming human again. The nefarious vampire Lucien LaCroix will stop at nothing to see that Nicholas never obtains this precious relic.
2.  Dark Knight: Part 2
A beautiful museum curator becomes involved in Licholas's search for the elusive Mayan goblet. Her Life and the fate of the cup are threatened by teh scheming LaCroix
3.  For I Have Sinned
While a religious fanatic hunts down and murders the young women of a local church, a young priest must honor the sanctity of the confessional and not reveal what he knows. To catch the killer, Nicolas is forced to enter the church, and confront his religious phobias.
4.  Last Act
After the apparent suicide of a revered doctor, Nicholas investigates his hunch that she was murdered. The case becomes personally complicated for Nicholas when he learns of the intentional suicide of an old vampire lover.
5.  Dance by the Light of the Moon
As Nicholas draws closer to uncovering a homicidal femme fatale, it becomes increasingly more difficult to resist her bewitching powers. Flashbacks reveal that another temptress seduced Nicholas away from the Christian Crusades and into the world of the undead.
Disc 02
6.  Dying To Know You
While assisting the police on a murder case, a psychic is driven to the brink of madness by relentless visions of Nicholas' horrible past. In order to save this psychic, Knight is faced with telling her the truth about his nocturnal nature.
7.  False Witness
After a failed undercover police sting, Nicholas must decide between falsely testifying against a cop-killing pornographer or setting him free.
8.  Cherry Blossoms
Nicholas is assigned to protect a critically wounded witness from the Chinese mafia. Meanwhile, the witness' grandfather secretly plots to destroy Nicholas, whom he believes murdered his mother.
9.  I Will Repay
Succumbing to the desperate pleadings of a frantic Natalie, Nicholas turns her dying brother into a vampire. Tragically, this young vampire soon goes mad with hunger and power.
10.  Dead Air
A sexy radio psychologist listens in horror as a serial killer murders young women live on the air. When the caller turns his homicidal urges on the psychologist, Nicholas must move fast to prevent the death of the talk show host.
Disc 03
11.  Dead Issue
When the police captain call off the investigation of a homicide, Nicholas resolves to disobey his captain in order to prove innocent a woman who unjustly blames herself for the murder.
12.  Hunters
Schanke reluctantly goes into hiding after he becomes the target of a vengeful sniper. The vampire Janette bitterly agrees to harbor Schanke in her nightclub after Nicholas reminds her that they have been hunted for centuries.
13.  Father Figure
Nicholas shelters a troubled little girl who is an eyewitness to an assassination. This young girl reminds Nicholas of another child whom he failed to protect from LaCroix.
14.  Dying for Fame
A self-destructive rock star, who is framed for the murder of a fan, re-opens painful emotional scars in Nicholas.
Disc 04
15.  Spin Doctor
Two mayoral candidates are embroiled n a scandal when a blackmailing journalist is found dead. Nicholas appreciates all too well the destructive power of political with-hunts as he recalls his own banishment at the hands of the anti-communist McCarthy hysteria.
16.  Only The Lonely
Natalie confronts her deep feelings for Nicholas when she begins to date a handsome young man. This man soon unleashes his own dark feelings upon her.
17.  Unreality TV
An ambitious journalist becomes marked for death by the Enforcers, a clandestine vampire agency which ruthlessly guards the secret of the existence of vampires. In order to prevent the killing, Nicholas must convince the journalist to destroy the evidence she has revealing his true self.
18.  Feeding the Beast
The dynamic and influential spokeswoman of a local Addicts Anonymous chapter is accused of the murders of two of its members. Nicholas hastily buys into the infectious rhetoric of suspect, only to be betrayed., sending him on a collision course with his most most dangerous persona demons.
Disc 05
19.  1966
During the attempted jail breakout of a desperate convict, Nicholas reflects back on a family who gravely sought to escape from behind the Iron Curtain in 1966.
20.  If Looks Could Kill
Women being treated with a miraculous anti-aging drug are having symptoms of murderous rage. The clues lead Nicholas to a vampire baroness who became immortal centuries before to halt the fading of her own beauty.
21.  Fatal Mistake
After a convenience store robbery resulting in the death of a young suspect, Nicholas races to rescue his captain from the deceased suspect's vengeful friend. Simultaneously, a beautiful vampire returns to exact her own revenge on Nicholas.
22.  Love You To Death
A young model is abducted and will be murdered unless Nicholas can close in on the obsessed killer. This season finale exposed the ghastly event which turned Nicholas against LaCroix forever.
Edition Details
Series Forever Knight
Distributor Sony Pictures
Release Date 10/21/2003
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Stereo [English]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 5

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