From The Earth To The Moon
HBO (1998)
TV Series  /  Action, Drama, History, Thriller
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10 hr 39 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Krista Adair Jo Schirra
Mason Adams Clinton Anderson
Tom Amandes Harrison Schmitt
Brandon Ambrose Edwin Borman
Jo Anderson Pat White
Sam Anderson Thomas Paine
David Andrews Frank Borman
Peter Anthony Engineer
Tammy Arnold Sarah
Byron Haskin
David Frankel
Producer Brian Grazer
Ron Howard
Writer Tom Hanks
Jules Verne
Cinematography Gale Tattersall

From the Earth to the Moon is a 12 part TV miniseries originally airing on HBO. The bold aim of the series is to present a comprehensive account of NASA's Apollo space program: to land a man on the moon and then return him safely to earth. The twelve episodes take us from the origins of the Apollo program, the early disaster of Apollo 1, the rigorous design and testing of the later Apollo rockets, the historic Apollo 11 mission (and man's first visit to the moon), the drama of Apollo 13 and, finally, the closure of the program after Apollo 17. All the angles are covered - from the astronaut's wives, to engineers and scientists - to create a vivid picture of a monumental achievement and a pivotal time in US history.
Disc 01
 1 hr 0 mins    4/5/1998  1.  Can We Do This?
On April 12, 1961, Russia launched the first man into space, leaving a stunned American Space Program in limbo. A call to arms by President John F. Kennedy revitalizes the sleeping gain and the nation is united by one aim: to be the first to land a man on the moon before the decade's end.

The Mercury Program is launched on May 5th, 1961, when Freedom 7 takes Alan B. Shepard, Jr. for a 15 minute, 22 second flight into outer space. But there's a lot to be learned in a short time before man can actually go the distance. Astronauts like Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Ed White, Neil Armstrong and more will have to risk their lives before the first Apollo can reach for the skies.
Director:  Tom Hanks  Writer:  Steven Katz 
Guest starring:  Al Franken, Tom Nowicki
 1 hr 0 mins    4/5/1998  2.  Apollo 1
January 27, 1967,. In preparation for the flight of Apollo 1, astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee undergo a routine “plugs-out” test in their space capsule. But their routine test turns to disaster when a small electrical fire explodes in to a raging inferno, taking the lives of the three men before their ship can even leave the ground. A nation mourns, but a watchful Senate Committee – anxious over the extreme haste and massive expenditure involved in fulfilling the lat President Kennedy's dream = may pull their own plug from the entire Apollo project.
Director:  David Frankel  Writer:  Graham Yost 
Guest starring:  John SlatteryDakin MatthewsRonny Cox, Mason Adams
 1 hr 0 mins    4/12/1998  3.  We Have Cleared The tower
19 months and 6 unmanned flights after the Apollo 1 tragedy, Wally Schirra, Don Eisele and Walter Cunningham are set to become the first trio of American astronauts in space on Apollo 7 - their preparations followed every step of the way by a young documentary crew. With the countdown under way, every element is in place, every safety precaution checked and double-checked, and every member of the crew prepared - body and soul - for the mission they are about to undertake. No one can afford to make a mistake that might endanger the life of the mission...or the lives of the men.
Director:  Lili Fini Zanuck  Writer:  Remi Aubuchon 
Guest starring:  Brandon Smith, Mati Moralejo, Remi Aubuchon
Disc 02
 1 hr 0 mins    4/12/1998  4.  1968
It was a year marked by anti-Vietnam War protests, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, and riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention. It was also the year that the Soviets appeared ready to send a man to the moon. It became the year that America would get there first.

Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders prepared for the launch of Apollo 8, the first ever manned voyage to the moon. Their aim: to reach the moon and remain in lunar orbit. Their vision: man's first sighting of the earth from the moon. Their greatest risk: a single engine that must break their orbit if it is to bring them safely home.
Director:  David Frankel  Writer:  Al Reinert 
Guest starring:  Norbert Weisser
 1 hr 0 mins    4/19/1998  5.  Spider
Before America could land on the moon, it had to devise the lunar module nicknamed “LEM” or “Spider.” From an idea on a sketch pad to design and construction, through nine years of rigorous testing, successes and failures, 1969 is about to witness the first ever docking of 2 manned vessels in space on Apollo 9, and the first flight of a lunar module in the moon's orbit on Apollo 10. With all systems go, that same year would see the lift-off of Apollo 11.
Director:  Graham Yost  Writer:  Andy Wolk 
Guest starring:  Alan Ruck, Reed Birney
 1 hr 0 mins    4/19/1998  6.  Mare Tranquilitatis
It would be the culmination of John F. Kennedy's dream. On July 20th, 1969, after years of development and training, Apollo 11 – with its team of Neil Armstrong, Edward “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. and Michael Collins – is about to land a man on the moon. The world is watching, and all America hold its breath as Neil Armstrong takes “one small step for man... one giant leap for mankind.”
Director:  Frank Marshall  Writer:  Al Reinert  / Tom Hanks 
Disc 03
 1 hr 0 mins    4/26/1998  7.  That's All There Is
Although few man have traveled from the earth to the moon, even fewer would attain the historic status of Neil Armstrong. Yet each underwent a unique experience, and each brought his own public personality, private thoughts and finely honed talents to the task.

Such men included the astronauts of Apollo 12, Al Bean, Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon. Their experiences, from malfunctioning cameras to suitless maneuvering prove as sensational and surprising as the men themselves.
Director:  Jon Turteltaub  Writer:  Tom Hanks  / Erik Bork 
 1 hr 0 mins    4/26/1998  8.  We Interrupt This Program
It was the 23rd manned flight into space, and no mission posed a greater risk to the life of its crew. On April 13th, 1970, when Apollo 13 developed problems that threatened the lives of the astronauts on board, every move was monitored by journalists who fed the story to a hungry audience fast becoming hooked on sensationalism. A great divide was growing wider between the traditions of the intellectual press and fast-feed emotional content of the new tabloid journalism.
Director:  David Frankel  Writer:  Amy Baker  / Peter Osterland 
Guest starring:  Heather DeOreo, Lee Perkins
 1 hr 0 mins    5/3/1998  9.  For Miles & Miles
Grounded since 1963 with an inner ear disorder, experimental surgery has cleared Alan Shepard for command of Apollo 14. But first he must overcome the skepticism of his colleagues and prove he has what it takes to undergo the rigorous flight though space. Miraculously, with patience and fortitude, at 47 years old and 10 years after he become the first man to fly in space, Alan Shepard prepares to walk on the moon.
Director:  Gary Fleder  Writer:  Erik Bork 
Guest starring:  Dylan Baker, Joanna Garcia
Disc 04
 1 hr 0 mins    5/3/1998  10.  Galileo Was Right
Apollo 15 is to be dispatched on a mission to gather geological specimens from the surface of the moon that will help determine how the universe was formed. But for the astronauts to do this, they must first learn what to look for. A teacher must be found who can make visionaries out of pilot and make geologists out of visionaries. Meanwhile, congress has called for cutbacks in the space program, canceling the Apollo project after Apollo 17.
Director:  David Carson  Writer:  Remi Aubuchon  / Jeffrey Fiskin 
Guest starring:  John Aylward, Isa Totah, Barry Bell
 1 hr 0 mins    5/10/1998  11.  The Original Wives Club
While space was being conquered by men in the air, there were women on the ground who had their role to play – the wives of the American astronauts. On their faces, the people of America read the emotional upheavals – the tension, anxiety, joy and despair – that made the lives of the brave housewives extraordinary. With the possibility that their every word and action might reflect on their husbands' careers, the pressure was great, and smiling for the cameras wouldn't always make everything all right.
Director:  Sally Field  Writer:  Tom Hanks  / Erik Bork 
Guest starring:  JoBeth Williams, Deidre O'Donnell, DeLane Matthews, Rita Wilson,  Sally FieldElizabeth PerkinsWendy Crewson, Debra Jo Rupp, Cynthia Stevenson, Jo Anderson
 1 hr 0 mins    5/10/1998  12.  Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Apollo 17 was to be the last of the Apollo missions, and Gene Cernan and Harrison “Jack” Schmitt the last Apollo astronauts to walk on the moon, Schmitt would be the first scientist – another small step for mankind. But in the history of Man's dream of journeying to the moon, it was imagination before science that took us there. Some 70 years earlier, in 1902, a man called George Melies took millions to the moon with his moving picture “Le Voyage Dans La Lune.” It was a vision that would shape our destiny.
Director:  Jonathan Mostow  Writer:  Tom Hanks 
Guest starring:  Stephen RootTchéky KaryoTom HanksBlythe Danner, Lane Smith, George Kapetan, Elizabeth Morehead
Disc 05
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins  13.  Featurette
The production of From the Earth to the Moon.
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins  14.  Special Effects
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