The Avengers: Season 1 Remaining Episodes
Optimum Home Entertainment (1962)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, TV Classics
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2 hr 6 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 2
Ian Hendry Dr. David Keel
Patrick Macnee John Steed
Ingrid Hafner Carol WIlson
Honor Blackman Cathy Gale
John Rollason Dr Martin King *
Julie Stevens Venus Smith **
 0 hr 22 mins    1/7/1961  1.  Hot Snow
When Dr. David Keel's fiancée is murdered by drug smugglers, the distraught physician swears to avenge her death by bringing the criminals to justice. He's aided in his quest by a illusive character who calls himself John Steed.

Partial Episode
 0 hr 51 mins    2/11/1961  2.  Girl on the Trapeze
Dr. Keel rescues a girl who tries to commit suicide by jumping into the Thames River. He discovers that the young lady is a trapeze artist with a visiting circus and foreign agents seek to capture her in order to force her father, a defecting scientist, to return to his country behind the Iron Curtain.
 0 hr 53 mins    6/10/1961  3.  The Frighteners
Sir Thomas Waller disapproves of his daughter's choice in boyfriends and hires a criminal to scare off an unwanted suitor. Keel and Steed rescue the swain from the criminal's henchman and discover a clue to an extortion plot.
    Seen it: Yes  4.  Mission to Montreal
    Seen it: Yes  5.  Dead on Course
    Seen it: Yes  6.  The Sell Out
    Seen it: Yes  7.  Death Dispatch
    Seen it: Yes  8.  Propellant 23
    Seen it: Yes  9.  Mr Teddy Bear
    Seen it: Yes  10.  The Decapod
    Seen it: Yes  11.  Bullseye
    Seen it: Yes  12.  The Removal Men
    Seen it: Yes  13.  The Mauritius Penny
    Seen it: Yes  14.  Death of a Great Dane
    Seen it: Yes  15.  Death on the Rocks
    Seen it: Yes  16.  Traitor in Zebra
    Seen it: Yes  17.  The Big Thinker
    Seen it: Yes  18.  InterCrime
    Seen it: Yes  19.  Warlock
    Seen it: Yes  20.  Immortal Clay
    Seen it: Yes  21.  Box of Tricks
    Seen it: Yes  22.  The Golden Eggs
    Seen it: Yes  23.  School for Traitors
    Seen it: Yes  24.  The White Dwarf
    Seen it: Yes  25.  The Man in the Mirror
    Seen it: Yes  26.  Conspiracy of Silence
    Seen it: Yes  27.  A Chorus of Frogs
    Seen it: Yes  28.  Six Hands Accross a Table
    Seen it: Yes  29.  Killer Whale
Edition Details
Edition Collectors Edition
Series Avengers
Release Date 10/5/2009
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks Mono
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 8

Disc 01 Leonard White's Origional Caption Cards
Three's a Crowd: An Intorductin to Police Surgeon
Police Surgeon- Easy Money
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