Image (1987)
Action, Crime, Science Fiction
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1 hr 42 mins USA / English
Blu-ray Disc  Region 1   R (Restricted)
Peter Weller Officer Alex J. Murphy/RoboCop
Nancy Allen Officer Anne Lewis
Ronny Cox Dick Jones
Kurtwood Smith Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer Bob Morton
Robert Doqui Sergeant Warren Reed
Ray Wise Leon Nash
Felton Perry Johnson
Paul McCrane Emil Antonowsky
Jesse D. Goins Joe Cox
Del Zamora Kaplan
Calvin Jung Steve Minh
Rick Lieberman Walker
Lee de Broux Sal
Mark Carlton Ron Miller
Paul Verhoeven
Producer Phil Tippett
Arne Schmidt
Writer Michael Miner
Edward Neumeier
Cinematography Sol Negrin
Jost Vacano
Musician Basil Poledouris

What happens with technology advances and a downed cop is brought back to life? RoboCop answers that very question. Officer Murphy (Peter Weller) is a good cop taken down in his prime by a gang of criminals. To the world, and his family, Officer Murphy died. Omni Consumer Products takes his body and morphs it with robotic counterparts. Initially their "Robo Cop" is a hit. However as time passes tidbits of information spark memories leading to an awakening of Officer Murphy's mind inside his robotic shell. This eventually leads to his coming to terms with the events of his death, what he is now and going on a personal mission of vengeance to those who brought him to this fate. In this pursuit he stumbles upon a deeper conspiracy within OCP.
Edition Details
Release Date 4/6/2010
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio Tracks DTS-HD High Resolution Audio [English]
No. of Discs/Tapes 1