Poirot: Mrs McGinty's Dead
Acorn Media (9/1/2008)
TV Series  /  Crime, Mystery, Thriller
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1 hr 33 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
David Suchet Hercule Poirot
Zoe Wanamaker Ariadne Oliver
Joe Absolom James Bentley
Simon Molloy District Judge
Hope Richard Spence
David Yelland George
Sarah Smart Maude
Raquel Cassidy Maureen Summerhayes
Richard Dillane Major Summerhayes
Simon Shepherd Dr. Rendell
Emma Amos Bessie Burch
Billy Geraghty Joe Burch
Ruth Gemmell Miss Sweetiman
Mary Stockley Eve Carpenter
Paul Rhys Robin Upward
Sian Phillips Mrs. Upward
Catherine Russell Pamela Horsfall
Amanda Root Mrs. Rendell
Richard Lintern Guy Carpenter
Pearce, Ashley
Producer Michele Buck
Hopkins, Trevor
Writer Nick Dear
1.  Mrs McGinty's Dead
James Bentley is tried for the murder of Abigail McGinty, the charwoman of Broadhinny who also took in Bentley as her lodger. The evidence is overwhelming, and soon after he is sentenced to hang. Superintendent Spence is not convinced of the man's guilt, and so he visits Poirot, asking him to look into the case. Poirot then heads off to the village, where he becomes the paying guest of Maureen and Major Johnnie Summerhayes. Ariadne Oliver, Poirot's novelist friend, has also come to Broadhinny to collaborate on a stage adaptation of one of her novels with dramatist Robin Upward. With the clue of a bottle of ink purchased by the dead woman shortly before her death, Poirot searches Mrs. McGinty's belongings and finds an edition of The Sunday Comet newspaper, where an article concerning two women connected with famous murders has been cut out. With the story are two photographs of the women. Poirot discovers that Mrs. McGinty had seen one of the photographs before, and knew to whom it belonged to. But which woman was this case connected with? Are any of the people living in Broadhinny related to these women, as one of their children? Or perhaps one of them is one of the actual women? The puzzle pieces begin to fit in, especially after Poirot is shoved into the path of an oncoming train by an unknown entity. But will the murderer strike again?
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Original Title Agatha Christie's Poirot: Collector's Set 4
Series Poirot
Release Date 7/7/2009
Packaging Keep Case
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