Max Headroom: The Complete Series
Shout! Factory (1987)
TV Series  /  Science Fiction
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11 hr 9 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Matt Frewer Edison Carter/Max Headroom
Amanda Pays Theora Jones
Jeffrey Tambor Murray
George Coe Ben Cheviot
Concetta Tomei Blank Dominique
Lee Wilkof Edwards
Chris Young Bryce Lynch
Virginia Kiser Mrs. Formby
William Morgan Sheppard Blank Reg
Hank Garrett Ashwell
Jere Burns Breughel
Charles Rocket Grossberg
Andreas Katsulas Mr. Bartlett
J.W. Smith Rik
Peter Crook Blank Bruno
Tommy Lee Wallace
Victor Lobl
Janet Greek
Thomas J. Wright
Maurice Phillips
Producer Frankish, Brian E.
Wagg, Peter
Adelson, Andrew
Roberts, Steve
Steve Roberts
Peter Wagg
Cinematography Robert M. Stevens
Paul Goldsmith
Disc 01
 0 hr 48 mins    3/31/1987  1.  Blipverts
Network 23's star reporter, Edison Carter, uncovers the sinister truth about the network's new advertising technology called "Blipverts." The need to silence Carter leads to teh creation of wunderkind Bryce Lynch's new technological wonder, Max Headroom!
 0 hr 47 mins    4/7/1987  2.  Rakers
A deadly underground sport puts Theora's brother in danger with the mafia and his opponents.
 0 hr 49 mins    4/14/1987  3.  Body Banks
While Max attempts to fill teh many gaps in his and Edison's memory, a man takes Theora hostage in an effort to focus Edison's attention on thugs in search of involuntary organ donors.
 0 hr 48 mins    4/21/1987  4.  Security Systems
The CEO of Security Systems, the world's largest security center, fears there may be danger behind the possible purchase of her company by an unknown buyer.
Disc 02
 0 hr 48 mins    4/28/1987  5.  War
Edison and the team at Network 23 are dumbfounded when a lesser rival network appears to always be at the scenes of recent terrorist attacks for the big ratings-drawing exclusives.
 0 hr 48 mins    5/5/1987  6.  The Blanks
A group of unidentified anarchists, known only as Blanks, terrorize the city's central computer systems.
 0 hr 48 mins    9/18/1987  7.  Academy
While Blank Reg publicly fights for his freedom - and his life - over a crime he didn't commit, Theora recruits Bryce to help track down the real culprits. But does Bryce know more about the advanced tech crime than he's willing to admit?
Disc 03
 0 hr 47 mins    9/25/1987  8.  Deities
An old flame of Edison's, now the spiritual leader of a controversial new age church, desperately wnats Max's technology to help the church fulfill its shallow promises of a computer-enhanced afterlife.
 0 hr 48 mins    10/2/1987  9.  Grossberg's Return
In a grim vendetta against Edison and Network 23, Grossberg takes firm control of their archrival, Network 66.
 0 hr 48 mins    10/9/1987  10.  Dream Thieves
When an old colleague is found literally drained of life, Edison races to expose the deadly process of recording and broadcasting dreams. But is the audience's own demand for the innovative new program too great to conquer?
 0 hr 48 mins    10/16/1987  11.  Whackets
Viewers are unable to tear their eyes away from the seemingly mindless game show Whackets, and Big-Time is finally on top of the ratings. But is Bit-Time just a pawn in a much larger game of addiction?
Disc 04
 0 hr 47 mins    4/28/1988  12.  Neurostim
The Neurostim bracelet, a brand-new promotional giveaway from Zik Zak, implants the perfect life into your imagination and gives you the drive to make it happen - no matter what the cost!
 0 hr 47 mins    5/5/1988  13.  Lessons
Education becomes a crime when Blanks begin pirating elite educational programming for poor children.
 0 hr 48 mins    9/10/1995  14.  Baby Grobags
When Theora's old friend goes to teh lab to finally pick up her in vitro baby - only to find out it's been kidnapped - Edison and Theora make it their personal mission to expose the truth behind the disappearances of other babies.
Disc 05
    Seen it: Yes  15.  Live On Network 23: The Story of Max Headroom
    Seen it: Yes  16.  Looking Back At The Future
    Seen it: Yes  17.  The Big-Time Blanks
    Seen it: Yes  18.  The Science Behind The Fiction
    Seen it: Yes  19.  The Writers Remember
    Seen it: Yes  20.  Producing Dystopia
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Edition DVD
Series Max Headroom
Release Date 8/10/2010
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio Tracks Stereo [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 5

Disc 05 Live on Network 23: The Story of Max Headroom
Looking Back At The Future
The Big-Time Blanks
The Science Behind the Fiction
The Writers Remember
Producing Dystopia
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