Zorro, The Gay Blade
Starz / Anchor Bay (1981)
Action, Comedy, Western
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1 hr 33 mins USA / English
DVD  Region Free
Eduardo Alcaraz Don Jose from San Bernardino
Dick Balduzzi Old Man
Norman Blankenship Whipping master
Jorge Bolio Pablito
James Booth Velasquez
Carlos Bravo y Fernández Don Luis Obisbo from Bakersfield
Helen Burns Consuelo
Carlos Bravo
Julian Colman Martinez
Armando Duarte Soldier
Roberto Dumont Ferraro
Ana Elisa Pérez Bolaños Granddaughter
Gustavo Ganem Barman
George Hamilton Don Diego Vega / Bunny Wigglesworth / Ramon Vega / Margarita Wigglesworth
Lauren Hutton Charlotte Taylor Wilson
Peter Medak
Ang Lee
Producer C.O. Erickson
Melvin Simon
Writer Johnston McCulley
Hal Dresner

George Hamilton stars in a dueling dual role as twin sons of the legendary Zorro. Soon after the dashing Don Diego Vega inherits his father's famous sword and costume, a broken ankle prevents the masked avenger from fulfilling his heroic duties. When his flamboyantly fashion-conscious brother assumes the secret identity to continue an ongoing fight for justice, the results are nothing short of hilarious!
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Series Zorro
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