Partners In Crime Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries
Acorn Media (1980)
TV Series  /  Comedy, Crime, Mystery
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10 hr 25 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 0
Francesca Annis
James Warwick
Tony Wharmby
John A. Davis
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes  1.  The Secret Adversary
After two old friends accidentally meet and resolve to become investigators for hire, they quickly become embroiled in a missing treaty and a Bolshevik conspiracy.
    Seen it: Yes  2.  The Affair of the Pink Peral
Newly married but bored Tommy and Tuppence take over a defunct detective agency and are quickly hired to investigate the case of a stolen pink pearl.
    Seen it: Yes  3.  The House of Lurking Death
Lois Hargreaves calls on Blunt's detective agency after someone sends her a box of chocolates laced with a mild, though not lethal, amount of arsenic. The Beresford's agree to travel to her home the next day but that morning, read in the newspaper that many members of Miss Hargreaves household were killed the previous afternoon from eating poisoned sandwiches served at tea. There are several suspects, including Lois' best friend from school, a cousin who would inherit a great if she died and several members of the household staff who are acting as if they have something to hide.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes  4.  The Sunningdale Mystery
After a businessman is found dead on a golf course, stabbed through the heart with a hat-pin, the Beresfords try to prove that the accused woman, Doris Evans, is innocent.
    Seen it: Yes  5.  The Clergyman's Daughter
After a young woman's inherited manor house appears to be haunted, but Tommy and Tuppence try to prove the poltergeist to be corporeal.
    Seen it: Yes  6.  Finessing the King
ter seeing a suspicious coded message in the newspaper, Tuppence and Tommy attend a masked ball and find a costumed woman dying from a knife wound.
    Seen it: Yes  7.  The Ambassador's Boots
The new U. S. Ambassador to Britain confides to the Beresfords that on the voyage there someone substituted another travel bag for his, a bag that only contained his boots.
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes  8.  The Man in the Mist
The Beresfords investigate the murder of Gilda Glenn, a well-known stage actress, but everyone involved has an alibi.
    Seen it: Yes  9.  The Unbreakable Alibi
Monty Jones hires the Beresfords to help him win a bet and break a concocted alibi by beautiful Una Drake, who has agreed to marry him if he can.
    Seen it: Yes  10.  The Case of the Missing Lady
When renowned explorer Gabriel Stavansson returns two weeks early from his latest expedition, his fiancée Hermione is nowhere to be found. He approaches Tommy and Tuppence when he finds that Hermione's friends and relatives are less than forthcoming about her whereabouts. Their investigation leads them to a clinic where they think the girl is being held against her will. The situation isn't quite what they had imagined however.
    Seen it: Yes  11.  The Crackler
Scotland Yard recruits the Beresfords to infiltrate an exclusive gambling club and expose the mysterious and ruthless gang of counterfeiters operating there.
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Series Agatha Christie Hour
Release Date 7/31/2007
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