Primeval: Series 1
2 Entertain Video (2007)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, TV Classics
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4 hr 37 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 2, Region 4   PG (Parental Guidance)
James Murray Stephen Hart
Juliet Aubrey Helen Cutter
Douglas Henshall Nick Cutter
Ben Miller Sir James Lester
Andrew Lee Potts Connor Temple
Hannah Spearritt Abby Maitland
Lucy Brown Claudia Brown
Karl Theobald Oliver Leek
Naomi Bentley
Mark Wakeling Captain Ryan
Abigail Aston Diane Johnson
Ruth Kearney Jess Parker

Primeval, a high-budget series, follows Professor Nick Cutter and his team as they investigate anomalies in time found in the Forest of Dean. An unfortunate side-effect of the anomalies is that dinosaurs are moving through them and into the present time, making the team's investigations that much more stressful. Cutter's wife also disappears while investigating the anomalies and he makes it his mission to find and save her.
Disc 01
 0 hr 46 mins    2/10/2007  1.  Episode 1
Professor Nick Cutter is investigating the sighting of a dinosaur, apparently. A species which has been extinct for 200 million years. With his team, they travel to the region where it was sighted to explain how it appeared. However, as they investigate the dinosaur, a weird creature seemed to be killing anything on its path.
Director:  Cilla Ware  Writer:  Adrian Hodges 
Guest starring:  Jack Montgomery, Gail Kemp, Jane Cameron, John Voce, Mike Goodenough
 0 hr 46 mins    2/17/2007  2.  Episode 2
In the London Underground, a cleaner is fatally bitten by a gigantic spider, and Nick Cutter's team investigate. In their search, they come across a maze of unused tunnels, leading to an even scarier event.
Director:  Cilla Ware  Writer:  Adrian Hodges 
Guest starring:  Mark Wakeling, Jake Curran, James Bradshaw, Emily Dobbs, Stephanie Street
 0 hr 46 mins    2/24/2007  3.  Episode 3
Swimming pools, inner-city reservoirs, and flooded cellars in suburban homes are being overtaken with prehistoric reptiles, which have all come through the space-time anomalies. The gang go to investigate, but Nick is more concerned with finding his wife.
Director:  Cilla Ware  Writer:  Adrian Hodges 
Guest starring:  Aled Pugh, James Bradshaw, Jake Curran, Mark Wakeling, Pascale Burgess, Andrew French, Abigail Aston
Disc 02
 0 hr 46 mins    3/3/2007  4.  Episode 4
Nick discovers that a group of dodos are carrying a deadly ancient parasite that could have devastating consequences for the human population. Meanwhile, Helen is back in the 21st century, and being interviewed by the Home Office, although she isn't being as cooperative as they hoped.
Director:  Jamie Payne  Writer:  Bev Doyle  / Richard Kurti 
Guest starring:  James Bradshaw, Jake Curran, Amaar Sardharwalla, Billy Carter, Mark Wakeling, Manjeet Mann
 0 hr 46 mins    3/10/2007  5.  Episode 5
A prehistoric winged reptile arrives through an aerial time rift on a golf course. Nick goes to investigate, but he ends up trapped in a house with Claudia. Elsewhere, Connor loses Rex, much to Abby's anger.
Director:  Jamie Payne  Writer:  Chris Lang 
Guest starring:  Mat Curtis, Ike Hamilton, Adam G. Goodwin
 0 hr 46 mins    3/17/2007  6.  Episode 6
Helen returns and claims that a predator from the future is behind a number of disappearances, so Helen and her estranged husband join together on a desperate race through time to prevent further attacks.
Director:  Jamie Payne  Writer:  Adrian Hodges 
Guest starring:  John Voce
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Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 2

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