Stone Soup, Episodes 21-30

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Episode 30

In response to demands by our Zombie Fans (i.e., fans who are zombies), the Lady Geeks present a tasty brain. Then they discuss the fourth season of "The Sarah Jane Adventures." The two things don't have anything to do with each other, but the zombies trying to break in was a distraction during filming.

Jello Dessert recipe

Episode 29

Put a mystery together with recipes, and Sandy is there. So, she is trying the Cranberry Scone recipe from Joanne Fluke's book "Plum Pudding Murder."

Cranberry Scone recipe

Episode 28

In the Anime Corner, the topic is the series "Death Note". And for dessert, some suggestions on anime for Halloween.

Episode 27

The topic for today is movies appropriate for Halloween.

Episode 26

There is Cinnamon in Cinnamon Kitchen, the Lady Geeks intend to use it. On the menu today is "Cinnamon Wonderfulness." Pie crust, brown sugar and lots of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Wonderfulness recipe

Episode 25

The Lady Geeks talk about the shows that they used to like that have gone South. They given their reasons for turning the channel.

Episode 24

Once more in Cinnamon Kitchen, the Lady Geeks are making Spice Muffins and Spice Cupcakes. Learn the difference.

Spice Muffin recipe

Episode 23

Back in Cinnamon Kitchen, the Lady Geeks are making deep fries catfish.

Episode 22

The Ladies have been watching various versions of Sherlock Holmes. They discuss what they like, which includes the new BBC production "Sherlock".

Episode 21

The Ladies found the announcement that the San Diego ComicCon isn't moving up the coast. They have happy thoughts on this.