Stone Soup, Episodes 61-70

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Episodes 51-60

Episode 70

The new TV season has started. Find out what the Lady Geeks think.

Episode 69

The Geeks discuss the various remakes of 80's era animated series.

Episode 68

Having returned from WorldCon in Reno. They discuss the experience.

Episode 67

The Ladies review "Cowboys and Aliens". Once they get over the cast, they actually talk about the movie.

Episode 66

The Ladies review the movies that they've seen recently: X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, and Captain America.

Episode 65

In the Anime Corner, the Geeks discuss the revival Sailor Moon.

Episode 64

Hollywood has made a lot of movies based on old TV series. Some work, some don't, some shouldn't have been tried. Find out which are which according to the Lady Geeks.

Episode 63

Once more into the Cinnamon Kitchen. The Lady Geeks test a recipe for Orange Scones.

Orange Scone recipe

Episode 62

Spoiler alert for the season finales for the shows that the Lady geeks watch. Here is their review.

Episode 61

Beef Cake Alert! The LA Times claims that current hunks in the movies set a bad example for boys. The Ladies don't agree. Especially when compared to what the movies tell girls they should look like.