Stone Soup

Episode 114

The Lady Geeks opted for a little cotton candy, "Wreck-It Ralph". They found it it sweet.

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Episode 113

The Lady Geeks took a trip into the deep dark forest and found "Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters". A good time was had.

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Episode 112

The Lady Geeks' have taken a couple very deep breaths and are ready to review "Star Trek Into Darkness".

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Episode 111

The Lady Geeks' are back from "Iron Man 3". With a spoiler alert at the end, here are their thoughts.

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Episode 110

The "Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries" is the Lady Geeks new addiction. Let them tell you why.

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Episode 109

The Ladies review the movie "Hotel Transylvania".

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Episode 108

The Ladies review the movie "The Hobbit."

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Episode 107

The Ladies rewview the movie "Les Mis."

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Episode 106

The Ladies discuss why the book and the movie never quit match.

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Episode 105

For St. Patrick's Day, The Lady Geeks are in the kitchen baking Irish Soda Bread.

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Episode 104

Our Geeks discuss how well/poorly the idea of a Aliens vs. Predators cross over has been handled. It isn't pretty.

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Episode 103

Well, "The Hunger Games" have made a pretty big splash. The Lady Geeks felt is was more "thud" than "splash". Find out why.

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Episode 102

The Ladies review "Battleship". The good (there was some), the bad (there was a fair bit), and the ugly (even Capt. Kirk wouldn't sleep with one of these aliens).

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Episode 101

Off in the Anime Corner, the Geeks review "The Secret World of Arrietty".

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