Stone Soup, Episodes 91-100

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Episodes 81-90

Episode 100

For the 100th episode, the Ladies bake a cake to celebrate.

Episode 99

"Brave" and "Snow White and the Huntsman" are both about growing up a princess. But, all movies are not created equal. The Lady Geeks put in their two cents worth.

Episode 98

The Dark Knight Rises. And so do the Lady Geeks. Here is their impression.

Episode 97

Many a person has asked the Lady Geeks if the pan Toll House cookie was "Blondies". Having never made Blondies, they have set out on a voyage of exploration in culinary chemistry.

Episode 96

The Lady Geeks went to see "The Avengers". They were not disappointed. Here is their take on it.

Episode 95

In the Anime Corner, the current topic covers the elements that have lead to the growth of Anime over the last few decades.

Episode 94

Back in the Cinnamon Kitchen, the Lady Geeks are making stuffed peppers. Or rather one very large stuffed pepper.

Episode 93

In the Anime Corner, the topic is "Princess Tutu." A little weird, but so are the Geeks. It is all good.

Episode 92

The Lady Geeks checked out "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." They found it a little dark, but worth watching. Find out why.

Episode 91

After a little blu-ray free for all, the Lady Geeks are reviewing "Muppets", "Hop" and "Jumper". The selection makes sense if you squint and look at the list from the corner of your eye.