Stone Soup, Episodes 11-20

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Episode 20

The Ladies have been watching two different versions of Agatha Christie's "Miss Marple." They are comparing the series staring Joan Hickson with the the series staring Geraldine McEwan. If someone asks you to rewrite Christie, just say no!

Episode 19

We watched "Prince of Persia, Sands of Time", and the Lady Geeks have a few things to say about this movie in particular, and movies made from video games in general.

Episode 18

The new season has opened on TV, and the Lady Geeks present their opinion on what they found.

Episode 17

The Lady Geeks are back in Cinnamon Kitchen and Brown Sugar Cookies are on the menu.

Brown Sugar Cookies recipe

Episode 16

The Lady Geeks discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of comic books turned into movies.

Episode 15

The Geeks are discussing the anime and manga of "Full Metal Alchemist."

Episode 14

The Lady Geeks are back in Cinnamon Kitchen. They found a recipe for Jewish Apple Cake. More science experiments!

Jewish Apple Cake recipe

Episode 13

The Lady Geeks are talking about Doctor Who. Who is their favorite Doctor? What is their impression of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor? Watch and find out.

Episode 12

The Ladies discuss Filk. What is filk, you ask? Well, watch this episode and you will get a lot of the basics.

Episode 11

The Ladies are in the Cinnamon Kitchen and it is time for breakfast. On the menu is French Toast, with lots of cinnamon.

French Toast recipe