Stone Soup, Episodes 31-40

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Episode 40

The Lady Geeks are still in Cinnamon Kitchen making dinner. A quiche.

Episode 39

The Lady Geeks are in Cinnamon Kitchen making Almond Butter Cookies.

Episode 38

Season 4 of Primeval is showing on ITV and BBC America. The Lady Geeks talk about the new season (without too many spoilers).

Episode 37

The Ladies have been to the movies and have a few things to say about "Tron: Legacy". By the way, they liked it.

Episode 36

The Lady Geeks are back in Cinnamon Kitchen making Fruit Cake Cookies from an old family recipe (sorta).

Fruit Cake Cookies recipe

Episode 35

The Lady Geeks discuss Christmas spirit and the "War on Christmas.".

Episode 34

The Lady Geeks got a copy of "Predators" and watched it over the weekend. Here is their review with a little adult language used to discuss the over use of adult language.

Episode 33

The Lady Geeks watched "Megamind" in 3D. Check out what they have to say about the movie and 3D in general

Episode 32

"Twilight", "Eclipse", etc. Is the topic for Lady Geek Rhiannon and Guest Geek Kristine Bohnhoff. Together they span the bulk of the target audience. Everyone involved in the books and movies seems to have missed this part of the target. But, find out what they have to say for yourself.

Episode 31

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" opened this weekend and the Lady Geeks were there Friday evening. Here are their comments. Spoiler Alert.