Stone Soup, Episodes 41-50

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Episode 50

The Lady Geeks discuss movies, now and then. With an emphasis on then and from the point of view of post-feminist real women.

Episode 49

Lady Geek Sandy is a fan of mysteries and cooking. So, of course, she has all of Joanne Fluke's books. In this episode, the Ladies are trying out a recipe from "Blueberry Muffin Murder."

Episode 48

The Lady Geeks discuss the association of chocolate and various holidays. One thing leads to another and they end up on the topic of taco trees. What is a taco tree, you ask? Watch and find out.

Episode 47

The Lady Geeks found a recipe for Pecan Extract (you just can't find the real stuff for love or money). See how the science experiment turned out.

Episode 46

The Lady Geeks are in the Cinnamon Kitchen making Apple Butter Bread.  Starting from a Banana Nut bread recipe Sandy figured that mashed fruit is mashed fruit. So, why not Apple Butter in place of bananas. The Ladies decided to try it.

Episode 45

The Lady Geeks review "RED".

Episode 44

The Lady Geeks review "Terminator Salvation".

Episode 43

The Geeks are still discussing Anime. The topic is filler arcs, or what do you do when you have run out of story. And should you really do that?

Episode 42

The Geeks are in the Anime corner discussing one of their older favorites, Tenchi.

Episode 41

The Lady Geeks are discussing a number of phrases that are all too common, but can't survive a rational discussion.