All Creatures Great & Small: The Complete Series 6 Collection
BBC Home Video (1989)
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Carol Drinkwater
Robert Hardy
Christopher Timothy
Patrick Troughton
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/2/1989  1.  Here and There
With their families away in London for a week, Siegfried suggests that he and James move into Skeldale House. Siegfried has visions of re-living those glorious days, now past, where he and James would spend long evenings talking about everything under the sun. On the first evening, they realize they don't have much to talk about. Their presence also interferes with Calum and Deirdre's private time together. James also meets Basil, now working as a cowman for a local farmer but who seems to have taken up a wide variety of jobs in his life; he's also less than reliable as it turns out.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/9/1989  2.  The Course of True Love
It's February 1952 and Calum and Deirdre have a terrible row. She would like to talk more, hopefully about setting a date for their wedding, while Calum hasn't a clue why she is acting the way she is. Siegfried decides to try and play matchmaker and get the two of them back together again. Meanwhile, James meets Mr. Potts, a one-time client who is now elderly and retired and takes to visiting him and wife in their home from time to time to relieve some of their loneliness. Everyone is saddened by the sudden death of King George VI.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/16/1989  3.  The Call of the Wild
Siegfried and Calum visit Mrs. Bond to treat one of her menagerie of cats. To his shock and dismay, Siegfried thinks he sees Boris, one of her more vicious tomcats that he was sure he had put down the year before. Turns out it's 'son of Boris' and Calum is subsequently called to treat him. Siegfried angrily criticizes Calum for having wildlife in the surgery, but then regrets his action when Calum receives the job offer of a lifetime: vet in a wild game reserve in Nova Scotia. James helps Mrs. Hazlitt determine if her pet has been properly trained as a sheepdog. For Calum and Deirdre the big day finally arrives and they are married. Of course, the men are a bit hung over from Calum's stag party the night before.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/23/1989  4.  The Nelson Touch
Siegfried calls on the Blackwoods to treat a sick dog, but soon realizes that another member of the household is in need of care and arranges for the local doctor to pay a visit. Siegfried also has to deal with the very odd Mr. Hopps who seeks his advice on the care of his dog. Hopps never produces the dog however and Siegfried becomes aware that he is taking advantage of the situation at the Blackwood farm. James has trouble communicating with the farmhands at Lord Hulton's estate - until they decide he can do no wrong when picking winners for the football pools!
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/30/1989  5.  Blood and Water
With Calum now in Nova Scotia and Tristan away, Siegfried arranges for Willie Bannister to assist them for a period of time. Once again, Willie has a very pretty new girlfriend, Glenys, but their pub lunch doesn't quite go as planned. James is called out to examine a dead rabbit and meets the Strong brothers who are obviously feuding and reportedly haven't spoken for nearly fifty years. Turns out Roland Strong is putting something quite special on his cabbages and this may be the cause of the problem. Mr. Hartley ropes Siegfried into speaking to a local farmers group. Having accepted, Siegfried tries desperately to get out of it.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    10/7/1989  6.  Where Sheep May Safely Graze
James and Helen are worried about David Braithwaite, a local sheep farmer who is quite depressed since the death of his wife the year before. He loses all interest in farming and decides to sell his farm. The local confectioner, Mr. Hatfield, has a sick cat and while James does his best to treat the cat, Mrs. Pumphrey and Mrs. Tibbett take an interest in Mr. Hatfield's well-being. Mrs. Pumphrey hears that James has a serious cough and advises him that Tricki Woo is most concerned.
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    10/14/1989  7.  The New World
James has to deal with Vernon Harker, a lazy farmer who neglects his stock and simply doesn't follow the vet's advice. Siegfried receives a surprise visitor in the surgery: Lady Hulton and her cat Bess, who has an eye infection. She usually visits Granville Bennett, but he is away on holidays and is surprised at Siegfried's interest in small animals. Siegfried in turn decides the time has come to focus more on small animal care. James calls on Sister Rose, who cares for stray dogs, and treats a lame pup.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    10/21/1989  8.  Mending Fences
Siegfried becomes annoyed with Jenny Garston and David Rayner who are constantly bickering, usually about horses. Both have mares in foal and are convinced they know more about horses than the other. It's all the more complicated because his nephew is married to her daughter and they will soon have a child. Siegfried and James have a quiet pint of ale (during off hours) with Reg, the owner of the Black Horse, just when PC Gould decides to see exactly what is happening. The vets have think on their feet to make things right.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    10/28/1989  9.  Big Fish, Little Fish
Siegfried once again gets James to play cricket in a charity match for the village against the county team. The tables are turned however when James is injured and Siegfried is pressed into service. Bob and Rachel Taylor are worried about their lame horse, Maggie. Siegfried operated on the animal, but she seems to going down hill. Siegfried is accompanied oh his rounds by young Colin Appleby, who has sick goldfish.
Disc 04
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    11/4/1989  10.  In Whom We Trust
Roddy Travers, a one-time resident of Darrowby, returns to the village. Roddy is an itinerant handyman and many, including Siegfried are happy to see him back. Unfortunately, a rash of petty thefts coincides with his return and he immediately falls under suspicion. James helps Sam Witchell whose sheep are being attacked and who suspects Roddy's dog, Murphy. Turns out there is a thief, but its more of the four-legged variety. As for the dead sheep, the true culprit is finally identified, and just in time.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    11/11/1989  11.  The Rough and the Smooth
Siegfried treats an over-active horse owned by the rather eccentric Darnley sisters, one of whom is convinced that Siegfried's powers over horses borders on witchcraft. James has several encounters with Mr Ripley who inconveniences the vets by keeping his gate padlocked. Mr. Ramsey leaves his Great Dane in the care of the vets.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    11/18/1989  12.  The Best Time
Old Mrs. Clarke refuses to have anything to with her young neighbour, Franco Pedretti, because he is Italian and her son was killed in Italy in WW II. Siegfried tries to bring the two together and it turns out the two have a lot in common. James works with Bert Longshaw who is having major problems with some imported cows. Finally, Tricki Woo requires surgery, but Mrs. Pumphrey opts for a non-invasive, medical treatment, with particularly interesting side effects!
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