The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Complete Fifth & Sixth Series
TV Series  /  Crime, Drama, Mystery
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8 hr 49 mins USA / English
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British crime investigation series based around aristocratic, Oxford-educated Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his working-class assistant Sergeant Barbara Havers.
Series 5 Disk 1
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 30 mins    7/20/2006  1.  Natural Causes
Since Linley's suspension for threatening a suspectm, Havers has been without a partner. She begins a new case alonside the no nonsense, pregnant DI Knight investigating the murder of a young girl. Lynley begins to help with their investigation, but with the discovery of another body and a kidnapping, will Lynley's involvement jeopardise his efforst to be reinstated?
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 25 mins    7/27/2006  2.  One Guilty Deed
When the chief witness that can bring down Michael Shand, an organised crime boss, is found dead on the south coast, it all points to Shand's henchmen. But the desolate caravan site that Lnley adn havers find themselves on is haunted by ghosts of the past, and ghosts - it appears - can come back and kill.
Series 5 Disk 2
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 30 mins    8/3/2006  3.  Chinese Walls
When Emily Proctor is found murdered in Hyde Park, Lynley and Havers are led to human rights lawyer Tony Wainsright. Wainwright's passionate temper and a concealed affair with the victim seem to place him as the main suspect, but when Emily's double life is exposed, Lynley and Havers enter a world of internet pron and a family with something to hide.
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 30 mins    1/8/2007  4.  In the Blink of a Eye
When former war photographer Peter Rooker is shot, a murder trail leads back to a familyslaughtered by the Sebian militia in Bosnia. When Lynley asks his wife Helen to assist him with unlocking the psychological history behind the killing, he sets in motion a tragic trail of events.
Series 6 Disk 1
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 30 mins    11/11/2007  5.  Limbo
When the body of an abducted English boy in Italy is discovered 15 years later, it seems, for the parents, that the past has finally been laid to rest. Lynley as a family friend had helped in the investigation. But when he begins an affair withthe family's now grown up daught, and she is subsequently found murdered, Lynley finds himself on the wrong side of friendship, and the law.

Lynley is convinced that Julia's death is somehow tied to her brother's abduction and death 15 years ago. But how many friendships and family relationships must first unravel to prove it?
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 30 mins    11/18/2007  6.  Know Thine Enemy
The body of a missing school girl, Sarah Middleton, is discovered in a take wrapped in rubble sacks and chains. She has been raped and the brusing on her hands suggests she may been held prisoner. Meanwhile another school girl, Kelly Stevens, is reported missing by her mother. An abused wife may hold the key, with her controlling husband a major suspect. But somewhere a line has been crossed between abuser and abused - a line that lynley and Havers will have to follow if they are to discover the truth and save the life of a kidnapped victim.
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