Starz / Anchor Bay (1981)
Action, Adventure, Drama
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2 hr 25 mins USA / English
Blu-ray Disc  Region 1   R (Restricted)
Ed Harris Billy
Gary Lahti Alan
Tom Savini Morgan
Amy Ingersoll Linet
Patricia Tallman Julie
Christine Forrest Angie
Warner Shook Pippin
Brother Blue Merlin
Cynthia Adler Rocky
John Amplas Whiteface
Don Berry Bagman
Amanda Davies Sheila
Martin Ferrero Bontempi
Ken Foree Little John
Ken Hixon Steve
George A. Romero
Producer Richard P. Rubinstein
Writer George A. Romero
Cinematography Michael Gornick
Musician Donald Rubinstein

George Romero's unusual story of a modern-day Renaissance troupe whose participants follow a medieval code of honor.
Edition Details
Edition Blu-Ray Edition
Distributor Shout! Factory
Release Date 11/26/2013
Packaging HD Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.85:1)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks Mono [English]
Stereo [English]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 1

Conscience of the King with Ed Harris (1080p; 8:11). Considering his subsequent career, Harris seems to have remarkably fond memories of the film. He also talks about having performed in the musical Camelot prior to shooting this film. •Code of Honor with George Romero (1080p; 17:20) is a really interesting piece where Romero jokingly complains about having been pigeonholed as a "zombie" director, when he's really always wanted to branch out into other types of films. •Memories of Morgan with Tom Savini (1080p; 10:15). Savini has of course has gone on to his own special effects and directorial career, but he talks about having been selected by Romero when Savini was still a high student to screen test for a film that was never made. He actually had a background in fencing, so when Romero approached him with Knightriders, he was ready to go. •Behind the Scenes - The Stunts of Knightriders (1080i; 8:16) is an older piece sourced from pretty ragged looking video (replete with some minor tracking issues). •Trailer and TV Spots (1080p; 3:08) •Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew features George Romero, John Amplas, Tom Savini and Chris Stavrakis (Taso Stavrakis' brother). Romero typically provides great commentaries, and this is no exception. The group is very conversational, joking quite a bit about themselves ("How dare you bleed, I need you in the next shot!"), but they get into some of the nuts and bolts of the filming process, including a couple of very interesting anecdotes about various casting issues they encountered as well as information on some of the astounding stunt work. (Speaking of casting, horror fans should keep their eyes peeled for an amusing cameo.)