Box set: The Time War 01
Release Date October 2017

The Echoes Of War - The Time War
 (October 2017)
Audio Drama, Drama, Science Fiction
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1 hr 0 mins USA / English
CD  Region 1
Paul McGann The Doctor
Olivia Vinall Sheena
Nimmy March Rupa Maquire
David Ganly Quarren Maguire
Sean Murray Captain Darvor
Hywel Morgan Koloth/Jefferson
Laurence Kennedy Purser Lunney/Aymor/Chancellor
Rakhee Thakrar Bliss
Karina Fernandez Captain Tamasan
Jacqueline Pearce Ollistra
Nick Brimble Commander Harlan
Nicholas Briggs Dal / Dalek Commander / Dalek Drone / Daleks
Writer Matt Fitton

Colliding with the full force of the Time War, the Doctor crash-lands on a jungle world with a ragtag band of refugees.

To stay alive, they must cross a landscape where time itself is corrupted. A forest which cycles through growth and decay, where sounds of battle are never far away, and where strange creatures lurk all around.

Luckily, the Doctor has friends: not only plucky scientist Bliss, but another, much more unlikely ally. Its name is ‘Dal’…
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Series The Time War
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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