Appleseed Ex Machina
Warner Home Video (2007)
Action, Animation, Anime, Science Fiction
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1 hr 44 mins Japan / Japanese
DVD  Region 1   PG-13 (Parental Guidance)
Kara Greenberg Misc.
Ai Kobayashi Deunan Knute
Jûrôta Kosugi Brialeos Hecatombcales
Shelley Calene-Black Nike
Luci Christian Deunan Knute
Rica Fukami Yoshino
Illich Guardiola Terius
Takaya Hashi Dr. Kestner
Rei Igarashi Nike
Yasuyuki Kase Yoshitsune
Yûji Kishi Tereus
Kong Kuwata Aeacus
David Matranga Briareos
Miyuki Sawashiro Hitomi
Allison L. Sumrall Athena
Shinji Aramaki
Producer John Woo
Terence Chang
Writer Masamune Shirow
Kiyoto Takeuchi
Musician Haruomi Hosono

World War 3 halved the number of Earth inhabitants, leaving survivors only because nuclear weapons were not used. In the chaotic post-war year 2135, the city of Olympus is an oasis of peace since it is governed by Gaia, an artificial intelligence who also coordinates the Bioroids, a sort of artificial humanoids whose modified genes prevent strong emotions. The Bioroids, whose number equals that of humans in the city, administer Olympus and maintain the order. Deunan Knute, a young warrior woman and the cyborg soldier Briareos make a pair both in life and in their work in the E. S.W. A.T., the elite special force of the city who comes into play when things get tough. Together, they will face nasty cyborgs and a cyborg virus. Deunan will also have to cope with Tereus, a new member of the squad. Tereus, a fighter bioroid of new concept is based on Briareos DNA and thus, disturbingly, he has the appearance of Briareos before he was turned into a cyborg.
Edition Details
Edition Two-Disc Special Edition
Original Title Ekusu Makina
Series Appleseed
Distributor Warner Home Video
Release Date 3/11/2008
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.66:1)
Subtitles Chinese; English; English (Closed Captioned); French (Closed Captioned); Korean; Portuguese; Spanish; Spanish (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Dolby Digital Stereo [Cantonese]
Dolby Digital Stereo [French]
Dolby Digital Stereo [Japanese]
Dolby Digital Stereo [Portuguese]
Dolby Digital Stereo [Spanish]
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 2

Disc 01 Disc 1: Movie Plus Special Features - Team-Up: John Woo and Shinji Aramaki - Two Top Talents, and Action Movie Master and a Legend in the Anime World, Share the Appleseed Vision - Revolution: Animating Ex Machina - New Technology Breakthroughs Powering This Instant Anime Classic - Filmmaker Commentary Disc 2: Bonus Disc - The Appleseed Chronicles: The Definitive History of This Anime Phenomenon - East Meets West: Similarities and Variations in How Different Cultures Enjoy the Art Form
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