Alien Nation: The Complete Series
20th Century Fox (1989)
TV Series  /  Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, TV Classics
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16 hr 29 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Gary Graham Detective Matt Sikes
Eric Pierpoint Det. George Francisco
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Sergeant Dobbs
Michele Scarabelli Susan Francisco
Terri Treas Cathy Frankel
Lauren Woodland Emily Francisco
Sean Six Buck Francisco
Jeff Marcus Albert Einstein
Ron Fassler Captain Brian Grazer
Stan Lathan
David Carson
Producer Art Seidel
Tom Chehak
Writer Rockne S. O'Bannon
Kenneth Johnson
Cinematography Roland Smith
Musician Steve Dorff
Larry Herbstritt

"That was the scene in California's Mojave Desert five years ago - our historic first view of the Newcomers' ship. Theirs was a slave ship, carrying a quarter million beings bred to adapt and labour in any environment. But they'd washed ashore on Earth, with no way to get back to where they came from. And in the last five years, the Newcomers have become the latest addition to the population of Los Angeles... "
Disc 01
 1 hr 0 mins    9/18/1989  1.  Alien Nation
A bigoted human policeman in the L.A. of the future and his alien partner learn to live with each other's differences while attempting to solve a drug conspiracy hidden in the subculture of Los Angeles' newest immigrant population: extraterrestrials.
Director:  Kenneth Johnson  Writer:  Kenneth Johnson 
Disc 02
 1 hr 0 mins    9/25/1989  2.  Fountain of Youth
Sikes' issues with aging are intensified when he learns that the Newcomer life-span is almost twice that of humans. The death of a police officer during surgery raises questions about the hospital.
Director:  John McPherson  Writer:  Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Steve Rankin, Jason Beghe, Joel Polis, Susan Gibney, Gretchen Graham, Robert V. Barron, Crystal Carson, Randy Harrington, Wendy Kapland, Barry Del Sherman, Liz Torres, Bonnie Urseth
 1 hr 0 mins    10/2/1989  3.  Little Lost Lamb
Sikes tries to help a 16 year-old Newcomer prostitute. George deals with the intrusion of Uncle Moodri and his traditional Tenctonese values.
Director:  Kevin Hooks  Writer:  Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Kimberly Kates, Shannon Wilcox, Will Bledsoe, Catherine Lansing, Robert Maniardi, Noon Orsatti, William Wellman, Heather McAdam
Disc 03
 1 hr 0 mins    10/9/1989  4.  Fifteen with Wanda
Sikes and Francisco must each try to deal with their own problem children all while keeping a witness safe from a mob hit man.
Director:  Rob Bowman  Writer:  Steven Long Mitchell  / Craig Van Sickle 
Guest starring:  Dave Bowe, Joan McMurtrey, Cheryl Pollak, Lori Petty, Sachi Parker, Wayne Pacre, Haskell V. Anderson III,  Jean Sincere, Michael Wilson, Thomas J. Hoageboeck, Mike Worth, Nikki Tyler, Noon Orsatti, Ron Howard George
 1 hr 0 mins    10/16/1989  5.  The Takeover
While the city suffers a riot, Francisco and Sikes alone must defend their precinct house from a gang of thieves.
Director:  Steve Dubin  Writer:  Tom Chehak 
Guest starring:  Gwynyth Walsh, Ji Tu Cumbuka, Charley Lang,  Tracey Walter, Michael Fairman, Will Egan, Camila Griggs
Disc 04
 1 hr 0 mins    10/23/1989  6.  The First Cigar
Francisco comes under the scrutiny of the IRS and wrestles with the ethics of asking for a loan from an influential Newcomer that he has helped.
Director:  John McPherson  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Carlos Lacamara, Diana Bellamy,  Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Carolyn Mignini, John Patrick Reber, Steve Susskind, Jennifer Banko, Mike DeLuna, Faith Minton, James Nixon, Noon Orsatti, Jeff Skier, Joon B. Kim, Salvator Xuereb, Doug McKeon
 1 hr 0 mins    10/30/1989  7.  The Night of the Screams
As Halloween approaches, a series of Newcomer murders seems to follow the pattern of a Tenctonese myth.
Director:  Gwen Arner  Writer:  Tom Chehak 
Guest starring:  David Opatoshu, Bradford English, James Polk,  Mitch Pileggi, Michael Miladan, Harry Caeser, Gwen E. Davis, Suzanne Levelle, Steven Majewicz, Jessica Pesscas, Gabe Witcher, Wayne Powers
Disc 05
 1 hr 0 mins    11/6/1989  8.  Contact
The murder of an astronomer leads Sykes and Francisco to the discovery of an extra-terrestrial probe passing through the solar system. But is it friend or foe? Sikes's relations with his Newcomer neighbor, Kathy, develops. George and Susan discus having another baby.
Director:  John McPherson  Writer:  Joe Menosky 
Guest starring:  Joel Polis, Annabelle Gurwitch, Jeffrey Josephson, Stuart Fratkin, Curt Lowens, John Apicella,  Michael Paul Chan, Donald Hotton, Alexis Arquette, Vincent Leahr
 1 hr 0 mins    11/13/1989  9.  Three to Tango
A series of murders of Binnaum, a rare kind of Tenctonese needed for catalyzing reproduction, raises fears that Purists are trying to stop the Tenctonese from breeding. Francisco asks Albert to be the Binnaum for his and Susan's next child.
Director:  Stan Lathan  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Alan Scarfe, Dana Anderson, Meagen Fay,  Ivan G'Vera, Charles Hayward, Patrick Johnson, Anva Liffey, Fiama Fricano, Laura Harring, James Polk, Charlie Skeen
Disc 06
 1 hr 0 mins    11/20/1989  10.  The Game
The Day of Descent, anniversary of the Tenctonese freedom from slavery, finds Francisco depressed. A lethal form of gambling from The Ship may be continuing on Earth.
Director:  David Carson  Writer:  Steven Long Mitchell  / Craig Van Sickle 
Guest starring:  Andreas KatsulasSam Anderson, Teddy Wilson, Billy Ray Sharkey,  Joel Swetow, Maggie Egan, Bill Allen, Craig Richard Nelson, Henry Stolow, Isabel Wolfe, Martin Valinsky
 1 hr 0 mins    11/27/1989  11.  Chains of Love
Sikes and Francisco seek an elusive Newcomer woman - all of whose dates wind up dead. George worries about Susan's fidelity.
Director:  Harry Longstreet  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  S.A. Griffin, Jeffrey R. Nordling, Diana Barton, Teddy Wilson, Darren Dalton, Thom Zimerele, Kurt Verbaarschot, John Hese, Caitlin O'Heaney, Bennett Liss,  Ted Raimi
Disc 07
 1 hr 0 mins    12/18/1989  12.  The Red Room
A break in at a behavioral lab and a series of execution-style murders dredges up buried memories for Francisco.
Director:  Chuck Bowman  Writer:  Steven Long Mitchell  / Craig Van Sickle 
Guest starring:  Katherine Justice, John P. Connelly, Tom Dugan, Patricia Heaton, Ray Reinhardt, Chuck Bennett
 1 hr 0 mins    1/15/1990  13.  Spirit of '95
As Susan and Buck campaign for Tenctonese suffrage, bombings and kidnappings are linked to the anti-Newcomer "Purist" organization.
Director:  Harry Longstreet  Writer:  Tom Chehak 
Guest starring:  Mark Thomas Miller, Mark Joy, Clarence Felder,  Harvey Jason, Henry Brown, Frances Bay,  Mark L. Taylor, Marla Fries,  Michael Milhoan, Ron S. Herbes, Arthur Seidel, Martin Valinsky
Disc 08
 1 hr 0 mins    1/29/1990  14.  Generation to Generation
Several parties claim ownership of a mysterious Tenctonese box that leaves a trail of death in its wake, including Francisco's eccentric Uncle Moodri.
Director:  John McPherson  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Scott Jaeck, Timothy Scott, Francis Guinan, Aubrey Morris, Peggy Doyle, Ernestine Mercer, Ryan Cutrona, Stephanie Baldwin, Damon Gourdine, Tony Muvor, Michael Faustino
 1 hr 0 mins    2/5/1990  15.  Eyewitness News
The line between reality and fantasy blurs when a crossed video phone line lets a boardroom of executives see a sex actress attacked. George becomes swept up in celebrity when a news crew does a week-long special on him.
Director:  Lyndon Chubbuck  Writer:  Charles S. Kaufman  / Larry B. Williams 
Guest starring:  Angela Bassett, Gene Butler,  Kelly Jean Peters, Rob King, John Mese, Evelina Fernandez, Ian Patrick Williams, David Hoskins, Terri Nunn, Kerrigan Mahan, Jennifer Roach, Joseph Graham, Hugh MacGuire, Deborah Goodrich
Disc 09
 1 hr 0 mins    2/12/1990  16.  Partners
George is suspended from the force when several kilos of drugs goes missing on his watch. An old mentor of Sikes' returns. The Francisco family prepares for the Ejection, when the baby will transferred from Susan to George.
Director:  Stan Lathan  Writer:  David Garber  / Bruce Kalish 
Guest starring:  Gilbert Lewis, Tom Byrd, Terry L. Beaver, Bill Kalmensc, Crofton Hardester, Wilson Raiser,  Branscombe Richmond, Arthur Seidel, Gary Morgan, Brad Orrison, Robert Romanus, Tony Rizzoli, Maria Rangel
 1 hr 0 mins    2/19/1990  17.  Real Men
Sikes and Francisco investigate possible steroid dealings at a gym. George must reconcile his and humanity's conceptions of manhood while he is pregnant.
Director:  John McPherson  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  William Shockley, A.D. Muyich, Robert Neary, Hank Garrett, Debbie Barker, M. E. Loree, Martin Garner, Jeff Skier, Neil Nash, Patty Toy, Oscar Dillon, Arthur Seidel, Joe Hoke
Disc 10
 1 hr 0 mins    2/26/1990  18.  Crossing the Line
Francisco worries that Sykes is hiding something when he cancels his vacation plans to help track down a killer.
Director:  Gwen Arner  Writer:  Steven Long Mitchell  / Craig Van Sickle 
Guest starring:  Heather McComb, Tobin Bell, Robert Alan Browne, Ivory Ocean, Robert Balderson, Eva Von Widman
 1 hr 0 mins    3/12/1990  19.  Rebirth
When Sikes comes back after being pronounced dead, he becomes obsessed with finding the Newcomer he believes healed him.
Director:  Tom Chehak  Writer:  Tom Chehak 
Guest starring:  Ellen Wheeler, Milt Kogan, Raffi DiBlasio, John Sudol, Ryan Cash, Rif Hutton, Terri Semper, Brian Thompson
Disc 11
 1 hr 0 mins    4/9/1990  20.  Gimme, Gimme
George investigates the murder of the chief scientist behind a company he is heavily invested in. Buck, inspired by one of his teachers, protests that the workers at the company are being exploited. Matt sells one of his lottery tickets to Albert, only to see him win.
Director:  David Carson  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Alan Fudge,  Beege Barkette, Kim Braden,  Armin Shimerman, David Selburg, Beverly Leech, Michael Zand, Bob Minor, Lance E. Nichols, Stephen Hart, Joseph Cali
 1 hr 0 mins    4/30/1990  21.  The Touch
Cathy finds a boy she knew from the ship, but suspects he has been abused.
Director:  Harry Longstreet  Writer:  Steve Mitchell  / Craig Van Sickle 
Guest starring:  Mike Preston, Barbara Bush, Dorothy Fielding, Doug Ballard, Martin LaPlatney, Margaret Howell, Yvette Freeman, Mitchell Allen, Vlado Benden, Dustin Berkovitz, Eli Guralnick, Marin May, Tom Pabst, Van Quatro, Jonathan Brandis
Disc 12
 1 hr 0 mins    5/7/1990  22.  Green Eyes
Tensions between partners erupt when Francisco passes the Detective 2 exam and is promoted over Sikes. Matt becomes uncomfortable with his attraction to Cathy. The mysterious death of a Newcomer judge points to a lethal bacterium being used as a weapon.
Director:  Tom Chehak  Writer:  Andrew Schneider  / Diane Frolov 
Guest starring:  Geoff Pierson, Kim Braden, Barbara Bush, John Calvin, Geoffrey Bryant, David Purdham, Haskell V. Anderson III, Edith Fields, Thomas Knickerbocker, Thom Zimerele, Joe Hoke, Michael Najjar, Lee Bryant, Andras Jones
23.  Behind the Scenes Featurette
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