Warner Bros. (2004)
Action, Adventure
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3 hr 9 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan
Maureen O'Sullivan Jane Parker
Johnny Sheffield Boy
Neil Hamilton Harry Holt
C. Aubrey Smith James Parker
Doris Lloyd Mrs. Cutten
Forrester Harvey Beamish
Ivory Williams Riano
Paul Cavanagh Martin Arlington
Nathan Curry Saidi
Paul Porcasi Mons. Gironde
Des Roberts Van Ness
William Stack Pierce
John Buckler Capt. Fry
Richard Thorpe
Jack Conway
Producer Sam Zimbalist
Bernard H. Hyman
Irving Thalberg
Writer Cyril Hume
James Kevin McGuinness
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cinematography Harold Rosson
Clyde De Vinna
Musician Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
George Richelavie
Disc 01
 1 hr 40 mins  1.  Tarzan the Ape Man
When Jane Parker unexpectedly arrives in Africa to visit her father, she also finds herself accompanying him and hunter Harry Holt on an expedition to a mysterious escarpment to find the legendary elephants graveyard and its treasure of ivory. Having reached the escarpment, they see a strange white man living in the trees like an ape. He promptly kidnaps Jane but means her no harm and he eventually sets her free, but not before her father and Holt kill one of the apes. When local tribesmen take Jane and her father prisoner, Tarzan comes to their rescue and causes a stampede through the native village. Jane is taken the mysterious ape man but she also feels it necessary to support her father, as she is all she has left in the world. In the end, she opts to make her life with Tarzan.
Guest starring:  Neil HamiltonC. Aubrey SmithDoris LloydForrester Harvey, Ivory Williams
 1 hr 29 mins    11/6/1936  2.  Tarzan Escapes
White hunter Captain Fry tries to take Tarzan back to civilization, caged for public display. He arrives in the jungle with Jane's cousins, Eric and Rita who want Jane's help in claiming a fortune left her.
Guest starring:  John Buckler, Benita Hume, William Henry, Herbert Mundin, E.E. Clive, Darby Jones
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 44 mins    4/22/1934  3.  Tarzan and His Mate
In the first sequel to Tarzan, the Ape Man, Harry Holt returns to Africa to head up a large ivory expedition. This time he brings his womanizing friend Marlin Arlington. Holt also harbors ideas about convincing Jane to return to London. When Holt and Arlington show Jane some of the modern clothes and perfumes they brought from civilization, she is impressed but not enough to return. Tarzan wrestles every wild animal imaginable to protect Jane but when he disallows the expedition from plundering ivory from the elephant burial grounds, it is he who takes a bullet from Arlington's gun. Jane eventually believes that Tarzan is dead but he is nursed back to health by the apes. As Jane and the returning expedition are attacked by violent natives, we wonder if Tarzan can rescue them yet again.
Guest starring:  Paul CavanaghForrester Harvey, Nathan Curry
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 22 mins    6/16/1939  4.  Tarzan Finds a Son!
A young couple die in a plane crash in the jungle. Their son is found by Tarzan and Jane who name him Boy and raise him as their own. Five years later a search party comes to find the young heir to millions of dollars. Jane agrees, against Tarzan's will, to lead them to civilization.
Guest starring:  Ian Hunter, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort,  Henry Wilcoxon, Laraine Day, Morton Lowry
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 21 mins    12/1/1941  5.  Tarzan's Secret Treasure
A scientific expedition happens to discover that gold exits on Tarzan's escarpment. The villainous Medford and Vandermeer kidnap Jane and Boy to extort from Tarzan the location of the gold. Everyone is captured by wicked natives. Tarzan and his elephants rush to the rescue.
Guest starring:  Reginald Owen, Barry Fitzgerald,  Tom Conway, Philip Dorn, Cordell Hickman
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 11 mins    May 1942  6.  Tarzan's New York Adventure
Circus owner Buck Rand kidnaps Boy to perform in his show. He forces a pilot to fly him, Boy and his animal trainer out of the jungle. Tarzan and Jane follow them to New York. At a trial over custody of Boy, Tarzan becomes violent and is jailed. With the help of the pilot's girlfriend Tarzan (who has since escaped, diving off the Brooklyn Bridge) finds the circus. He and the circus elephants complete the classic rescue.
Guest starring:  Virginia Grey,  Charles Bickford, Paul Kelly, Chill Wills, Cy Kendall,  Russell Hicks, Howard C. Hickman, Charles Lane, Miles Mander
Edition Details
Edition Tarzan the Ape Man / Escapes / and His Mate / Finds a Son / Secret Treasure / New York Adventure
Distributor Warner Home Video
Release Date 6/8/2004
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English; English (Closed Captioned); French; Spanish
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono [English]
Dolby Digital Mono [French]
Dolby Digital Stereo [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 4

Disc 01 Box set
Disc 04 Tarzan: Silver Screen King of the Jungle
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