Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
Bandai Entertainment (2005)
TV Series  /  Action, Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller
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11 hr 0 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   MA13
Osamu Saka
Atsuko Tanaka
Takashi Onozuka
Disc 01
1.  Reembody
2.  Night Cruise
3.  Cash Eye
4.  Natural Enemy
Disc 02
5.  Inductance
6.  Excavation
7.  Pu239
8.  Fake Food
Disc 03
9.  Ambivalence
10.  Trial
11.  Affection
12.  Selecon
Disc 04
13.  Make Up
14.  Poker Face
15.  PAT
16.  Another Chance
Disc 05
17.  Red Data
18.  Trans Parent
19.  Chain Reaction
20.  Fabricate Fog
Disc 06
21.  Embarassment
22.  Reversal
23.  Martial Law
Disc 07
24.  Nuclear Power
25.  This Side of Justice
26.  Endless Gig
Edition Details
Edition Complete Collection
Series Stand Alone Comples
Distributor Bandai
Release Date 9/15/2009
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Dolby Digital Stereo [Japanese]
SUB [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 7

Disc 01 Interview: Director Kenji Kamiyama
Interview: Art Director Yusuke Takeda & Conceptual Artist Kiroshi Kato
Disc 02 Interviews w/ Takayuki Goto & Tetsuya Nishio
Disc 03 Interview w/ Kenichi Takeshita and Toshiyuki Kono
Interview w/ Kenji Kamiyama
Disc 04 Interview: Director Kenji Kamiyama, Toru Ohkawa and Takashi Onozuka
Interview: Sakiko Tamagawa and Yutaka Nakano
Disc 05 Interview w/ Kenji Kamiyama, Atsuko Tanaka and Akio Ohtsuka
Interview w/ Kenji Kamiyama, Koichi Yamadera and Taro Yamaguchi
Disc 06 Interview w/ Kenji Kamiyama, Osamu Ska and Yohiko Sakakibara
Interview Archives
Disc 07 Interview w/ Kenji Kamiyama, Ken Nishida, and Rikiya Koyama
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