Quark: Season 1
Columbia Pictures (1977)
TV Series  /  Comedy, Science Fiction
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3 hr 42 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Richard Benjamin Adam Quark 
Tim Thomerson Gene 
Patricia Barnstable Betty
Cyb Barnstable Betty
Bobby Porter Andy the Android 
Conrad Janis Otto Palindrome 
Alan Caillou The Head
Richard Kelton Ficus
Tricia Barnstable Betty
Hy Averback

This short-lived comedy focused on the crew of a intergalactic garbage truck.
 0 hr 30 mins    5/7/1977  1.  Quark
Tired of garbage duty, Commander Adam Quark finally gets a real assignment when he is ordered to destroy an enzyme cloud that threatens the galaxy.
Director:  Peter Hunt  Writer:  Buck Henry 
 0 hr 30 mins    2/24/1978  2.  May the Source be with You
Quark battles a menacing Gorgon with the help of an acient power known as the "The Source," which he quickly discovers is a little rusty.
Director:  Hy Averback  Writer:  Steve Zacharias 
 0 hr 30 mins    3/3/1978  3.  The Old and the Beautiful
Just before his amorous rendezous with a beautiful princess, Quark contracts amysterious virus and begins to age, becoming old and feeble within hours.
Director:  Hy Averback  Writer:  Bruce Kane 
 0 hr 30 mins    3/10/1978  4.  The Good, the Bad and the Ficus
While on a routine mission, Quark's ship gets pulled into a black hole, which splits the crew into "good" and "evel" counterparts, except for science officer Ficus.
Director:  Hy Averback  Writer:  Stuart Gillard 
 0 hr 30 mins    3/17/1978  5.  Goodbye, Polumbus
The ship is sent on a mission to the planet Polumbus. But once there, Quark and his crew fall prey to their fantasies, and no one wants to leave.
Director:  Hy Averback  Writer:  Bruce Kane 
 0 hr 30 mins    3/24/1978  6.  All the Emperor's Quasi-Norms (Part 1)
Quark is captured by the evil Emperor Zorgon and ordered to find "it." And while Gene/Jean lectures the enemy, the Emperor's daughter falls for Ficus.
Director:  Bruce Bilson  Writer:  Jonathan Kaufer 
 0 hr 30 mins    3/31/1978  7.  All the Emperor's Quasi-Norms (Part 2)
After he and his crew are rescued by the Forest People, Quark actually does find "it," a crystal that he thinks will make him invincible.
Director:  Bruce Bilson  Writer:  Jonathan Kaufer 
 0 hr 30 mins    4/7/1978  8.  Vanessa 38-24-36
As everyone on Perma One celebrates the holiday Number 11, Quark is given an experimental computer named "Vanessa," which tries to take over his ship.
Director:  Hy Averback  Writer:  Robert A. Keats 
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Minisodes I Dream Of Jeanne: "Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?" Fantasy Island: "Island of horrors"
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