Murdoch Mysteries: Season 2
Acorn Media (2009)
TV Series  /  Crime, Mystery
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9 hr 58 mins Canada / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Yannick Bisson Murdoch
Helene Joy Dr. Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig Inspector Brakenreid
Jonny Harris Constable George Crabtree
Lachlan Murdoch Constable Higgins
Farhad Mann
Writer Maureen Jennings
Call Coons

A Victorian-era Toronto detective uses then-cutting edge forensic techniques to solve crimes, with the assistance of a female coroner who is also struggling for recognition in the face of tradition, based on the books by Maureen Jennings.
Disc 01
 1 hr 0 mins    2/10/2009  1.  Mild Mild West
Buffalo Bill Cody pulls into town with his roadshow. Murder happens during the show and it's up to Murdoch and the team to solve it.
Director:  Farhad Mann  Writer:  Maureen Jennings  / Call Coons 
Guest starring:  Alastair Mackenzie
 1 hr 0 mins    2/10/2009  2.  Snakes and Ladders
Murdoch faces a serial killer-could he be Jack the Ripper?
Director:  Paul Fox  Writer:  Maureen Jennings  / Derek Schreyer 
Guest starring:  Sarah Strange
 1 hr 0 mins    2/17/2009  3.  Dinosaur Fever
Detective Murdoch and Dr. Ogden attend the Dinosaur Ball and put their recently acquired dancing skills to good use. At the appropriate time their host, Barkely Blake, is set to reveal his latest find from the fields of Alberta. A religious fanatic interrupts the proceedings but when the dinosaur is shown, the gigantic skeleton has a body in its jaws. The dead man turns out to be Lukas DeWitt, a member of Blake's last expedition. Dr. Ogden believe that DeWitt was shot but using a new photographic device that takes special pictures with x-rays, they are unable to locate a bullet. As Murdoch investigates, there is no shortage of suspects, including one of Blake's rivals, Professor Rudolph Sutton. When they find bits of concrete in DeWitt's wounds, the x-ray machine reveals something else about the artifacts Blake found.
Director:  Paul Fox  Writer:  Maureen Jennings  / Jean Grieg 
 1 hr 0 mins    2/24/2009  4.  Houdini Whodunit
When a young Harry Houdini visits Toronto with his stage act, he soon finds himself under police scrutiny when the bank next door to the theater in which he is performing is robbed. A bank guard, Joe Decker, was killed during the robbery. Dr. Ogden and several police officers, including Murdoch and Insp. Brackenreid, were in the audience at the time. For Dr. Ogden the biggest surprise of the evening is that her younger sister Ruby, a reporter and writer, appears on stage as Houdini's assistant. When the autopsy reveals that the dead man's blood has turned black, it would seem that he was poisoned. Brackenreid is convinced that Houdini, who was locked in a safe for over 11 minutes during one of his escape routines, is the culprit but Murdoch is far from convinced. Working with Houdini, Murdoch is able to show how the robbery itself was based on illusion.
Director:  Farhad Mann  Writer:  Maureen Jennings  / Alexandra Zarowny 
Disc 02
 1 hr 0 mins    3/3/2008  5.  The Green Muse
Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of a prostitute, Cora Devereaux, in a posh bordello. The girl was garroted and had only been working there for about six months. She was popular with the establishment's clientèle and according to the house's madame, Ettie Weston, she had to that evening remove one particularly obsessed customer, Arthur Webster, a well-known artist. The autopsy reveals that the dead woman had been drinking absinthe and shows no defensive wounds but did have old scarring from possibly having been whipped. In addition to the artist, suspicion falls on a prominent judge who eventually admits he awoke in the dead woman's room and found her dead, but remembers nothing else. The solution to the murder is nearby, however.
Director:  Maureen Jennings  / Bobby Theodore 
Guest starring:  Don Mcrearty
 1 hr 0 mins    3/10/2009  6.  Shades of Grey
Detective Murdoch investigates when a young woman's nude body is found in a ditch. They learn that the young girl, Lily Dunn, was fired from her job the day she died but according to Dr. Ogden the young girl bled to death and probably hemorrhaged after having had an abortion. The evidence leads to a one-time admirer of Dr. Ogden's, Doctor Isaac Tash. With his own relationship with Dr. Ogden getting more serious - and physical - Murdoch is feeling both a little jealous and more than a little concerned about her professional conduct when he sees Julia leaving Tash's office. Murdoch pursues the case with his usual zeal, but when he learns the truth, he has to re-evaluate his position and perhaps his relationship with Julia.
Director:  Don McBrearty  Writer:  Maureen Jennings  / Laura Phillips 
 1 hr 0 mins    3/17/2009  7.  Big Murder on Campus
Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of university professor Samuel Bennett who was shot through the head while looking through his telescope at his university residence. He becomes aware that another member of the faculty, physics professor Albert Godfrey, frequently argued with Bennett. Throughout the investigation, Murdoch is shadowed by two inquisitive students. Constable Crabtree puts an ad in the paper in an effort to locate his biological mother. As a baby, he was left on the church steps and was raised by the Minister and his family. His newspaper ad produces two women who claim to be his mother. When he is shot during the investigation, Murdoch takes the opportunity to identify which of the two is his mother. Murdoch's relationship with Dr. Julia Ogden is at a low ebb. With her recent revelations, a chill has descended on their budding romance and they have returned to being very formal with one another.
Director:  Laura Lynd  Writer:  Carole Hay 
Disc 03
 1 hr 0 mins    3/24/2009  8.  I, Murdoch
When a young boy, Alwyn Jones, reports seeing a giant shiny knight in the woods, Inspector Murdoch takes an interest and walks the boy home. There, he meets Alwyn's very attractive - and widowed - mother Sarah. He doesn't have much time with her however since he's called away to investigate a murder. The victim is Professor Ezra Delamore, a mathematician who now works for a major industrialist. Dr. Ogden confirms that the man was poisoned and the fatal dose was administered in a unique way. When young Alwyn disappears, they find a dwarf floating in the river while looking for him, also poisoned. Also involved in the case is the very secretive government agent Terence Meyers. Murdoch and Dr. Joy's relationship has yet to unthaw but she seems to be coming around slowly. It all may be for naught as the detective has decided to make a social call on Mrs. Jones.
Director:  Laura Lynd  Writer:  Lori Spring 
 1 hr 0 mins    3/31/2009  9.  Convalescence
After chasing a suspect, Detective Murdoch has a serious fall and finds himself bedridden with several broken bones and a nasty gash on his arm. He's cared for by a concerned Dr. Julia Ogden who has him on his way to recovery but leaves when an equally concerned Enid Jones arrives. After Murdoch's landlady goes away suddenly to care for her sick sister, the bedridden Murdoch begins hearing strange noises in the house but can't quite locate them or who might be making the noise. When he becomes feverish and his condition deteriorates, Enid seeks out Julia's help. In the end, the night vision goggles he's been building prove to be quite useful. While Murdoch is recuperating, Constable Crabtree takes over as acting detective and continues to investigate the murder. He manages to locate the murder site easily but finds that the only witness may be a talking parrot.
Director:  Eleanor Lindo  Writer:  Paul Aitken 
 1 hr 0 mins    4/7/2009  10.
Murdoch investigates the apparent murder of a young woman whose death was clearly made to look like a suicide. From the young woman's calloused index finger, Murdoch knows that victim was a telegraph operator. He knows this as his new friend Enid is also a one-time telegrapher and she works closely with Murdoch, much to Dr. Ogden's dismay. They soon learn that the dead woman may have been carrying on, at least over the telegraph wires, with another telegrapher with the initials AK. They set up a trap for him but Enid takes offense when Murdoch uses her own information to set a trap. Another body narrows the field of possible suspects but it becomes apparent that the mystery man knows who Enid is. Inspector Brackenreid has been trying to keep away from liquor - his wife is now in the temperance league - and has been taking injections. It's been having a peculiar effect on him however and with good reason.
Director:  Eleanor Lindo  Writer:  Alexander Zarowny 
Disc 04
 1 hr 0 mins    4/14/2009  11.  Let Us Ask the Maiden
The death of a young Jewish man leads Murdoch to a story of forbidden love in Toronto's small Jewish ghetto, the Ward.
Director:  Harvey Crossland  Writer:  Jason Sherman 
 1 hr 0 mins    4/21/2009  12.  Werewolves
There's a beautiful full moon in the sky and Toronto may have a lycanthrope - a werewolf - on the prowl. The first victim is a prominent banker who, along with his two large dogs, is found mauled to death in the warehouse district. His death is soon followed by the death of several others and information points to the fact that the men all knew one another and had recently been on a hunting trip together. The police use the services of a native tracker, Jimmy McLeod. The young man aspires to be a police constable but race prevents that from ever happening. In his personal life, it is apparent to Enid, even if it isn't to Murdoch, that he still harbors feelings for Dr. Ogden. She tells him that the time has come for him to make a commitment to her and her son Alwyn or end their relationship.
Director:  Kelly Makin  Writer:  Paul Aitken 
 1 hr 0 mins    4/27/2009  13.  Anything You Can Do
Detective Murdoch finds himself in competition with another police officer when he investigates the death of Humphrey Breen who has apparently fallen, or was pushed, out of a third floor window. The rival is North West Mounted Police Sgt. Jasper Linney who has come to Toronto from British Columbia to interview Breen, a possible witness in a death he is investigating in his own jurisdiction. Murdoch and Linney are remarkably alike in their interests and also in the way in which they try to use modern investigative techniques in their investigations. The murders center around a possible mining claim in British Columbia and there is evidence of fraud. When Murdoch sees his father's name on a list of possible land speculators, he travels there with Sgt. Linney. He soon learns more about the Sergeant than he could have imagined. As for his personal life, Murdoch has to figure out how to re-connect with Dr. Ogden now that he has ended his relationship with Enid Jones.
Director:  Kelly Makin  Writer:  Laura Phillips 
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