Message From Space
Eastern Star (1978)
Comedy, Science Fiction
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1 hr 45 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 0   PG (Parental Guidance)
Sonny Chiba Hans
Vic Morrow General Garuda
Philip Casnoff Aaron
Etsuko EShihomi Esmeralida
Peggy Lee Brennan Meia
Tetsuro Tanba Noguchi
Hiroyuki Sanada Shiro
Mikio Narita Rochseia XLL
Makoto Sato Urocco
Seizo Fukumoto Guerilla
Jerry Ito Commander
Kinji Fukasaku
Writer Kinji Fukasaku
Shotaro Ishinomori
Hiro Matsuda
Masahiro Noda

In this Star Wars take-off, the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his mother (played a comic actor in drag) rather than the Emperor. King Kaiba sends out eight Liabe holy seeds, each to be received by a chosen one to defend the Gavanas. Each recipient, ranging from hardened General Garuda to Gavana Prince Hans to young Terrans Meia, Kido, and Aaron all have different reactions to being chosen.
Edition Details
Release Date 3/30/2010
Screen Ratio 2.00:1
Audio Tracks Stereo [English]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 1