The Airzone Solution
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
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1 hr 5 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Jon Pertwee Oliver Threthewey
Peter Davison Al Dunbar
Sylvester McCoy Anthony Stanwick
Heather Tracy Rachel Lonsdale
Bernadette Gepheart Robin Archer
Colin Baker Arnold Davies
Nicholas Briggs Sam Flint
Nicola Bryant Elenya Brown
Alan Cumming MacNamara
Michael Wisher Richard Allenby
Emma Hill Polly
Quentin Rayner Quentin
Gary Russel Detective
Bill Baggs
Writer Nicholas Briggs

It is the near future and, thanks to the Industrial age, an environmental catastrophe looms. The public is given gas masks as Toxic Air Alerts increase and it looks like the Earth is slowly dying. The British Government turn over the problem to the services of the big but secret Airzone Corporation. Reporter Al Dunbar investigates and after discovering the solution that Airzone Corp. is planning he dies. TV Weatherman, Arnold Davies, suffered some kind of attack when Al dies and slowly comes to understand that he and Al are somehow connected. Arnold calls in the aid of Oliver Trethewey, Al's mentor, environmental activist Anthony Stanwick and Arnold's own girlfriend to discover what the Airzone is. All five realise that when the Earth is dying from mankind's mistakes - nature will find a way to help itself.
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