Wish Me Luck: Series 1
Acorn Media (1987)
TV Series  /  Drama, History, TV Classics
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6 hr 16 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 0   NR (Not Rated)
Kate Buffery Liz Grainger
Suzanna Hamilton Matty Firman
Jane Asher Faith Ashley
Julian Glover Colonel James Cadogan
Jeremy Northam Colin Beale
Michael J. Jackson Kit Vanston
Warren Clarke Colonel Werner Krieger
Disc 01
England, 1942. Liz Grainger lives a privileged life in Dover with her 5-year-old Daughter; Matty Firman works in a London factory. Both are recruited as secret agents by charismatic Col. Cad Gadogan.
Liz and Matty Prepare for duty, and Liz says a painful goodbye to her daughter. Under cover of night, the new agents fly to France.
Resistance leader Kit Vanston is shocked that the new arrivals are women. As German forces close in onher location, wireless operator Matty sends her first transmission.
Matty narrowly escapes detection. Meanwhile, Liz learrns that her childhood friend, Claudine, has been forced to billet German Col. Krieger and his officers in her chateau.
Disc 02
Liz makes plans to return to London with vital information for Cad. Trapped between the Resistance and the Germans, Claudine faces a ghastly choice: became a double agent or be handed over to the Gestapo.
Liz's husband wants to know the truth about her wartime activities. When she comes clean, he's outraged. Back in France, Kit warns Matty to be more careful, and Claudine provides useful information to the Germans.
Matty has been captured and imprisoned, endangering the entire operation and the safety of its agents. Cad must send Liz to learn what is happening in France.
Matty's interrogation becomes increasingly brutal. Liz learns the awful truth about who betrayed her friend and mounts a dramatic rescue effort with Kit. Can they reach Matty in time?
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Series Wish Me Luck
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