Inspector Lewis: Series 2
WGBH (2006)
TV Series  /  Crime, Drama, Mystery
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10 hr 30 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Kevin Whately DI Robert Lewis
Laurence Fox Detective Sergeant James Hathaway
Clare Holman Dr. Laura Hobson
Rebecca Front Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent
Charlie Cox Danny Griffon
Sophie Winkleman Regan Peverill
Colin Starkey Bernard Beech
Jack Ellis Rex Griffon
Jemma Redgrave Trudi Griffon
Dennis Matsuki Mr. Tanigaki
Flora Spencer-Longhurst Jessica Pollock
Danny Webb Tom Pollock
Rosalyn Wright Air Stewardess
Bill Anderson
Dan Reed
Writer Alan Plater

A spin-off of the popular series Inspector Morse, a special two-hour drama picked up five years after the series ended. It is now continuing in its own series, with Lewis and Hathaway investigating in Morse's old stomping ground of Oxford.
Disc 01
 2 hr 0 mins    2/24/2008  1.  And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea
At first the murders of Reg Chapman, a handy man at the Bodleian Library and gambling addict, and Nell Buckley, a popular Art student, seem unrelated. However, it transpires that Chapmen stole parchment from the library upon which Nell and another student persuaded Philip, a brilliant, autistic young painter, to innocently forge letters by the poet Shelley for the international collectors' market. When both victims, for different reasons, threatened to expose the mastermind behind the scam, they were killed.
Director:  Dan Reed  Writer:  Alan Plater 
Guest starring:  Darren Clarke, Haydn Gwynne, Sam Alexander, Emily Beecham, Tom Riley
 2 hr 0 mins    3/2/2008  2.  Music To Die For
Lewis investigates the garroting of an aging Oxford don planning an Wagnerian festival and discovers a tenuous connection to his former boss, Inspector Morse.
Director:  Bill Anderson  Writer:  Colin Dexter  / Dusty Hughes 
Guest starring:  Tom Goodman-Hill, Niall Buggy,  Ben Batt, Bradley James, Joanna Christie, Cheryl Campbell
Disc 02
 2 hr 0 mins    3/9/2008  3.  Life Born of Fire
The suicide of Hathaway's old friend tests his relationship with lewis as he must come to terms with ambivalence about his own sexual past.
Director:  Richard Spence  Writer:  Colin Dexter  / Tom MacRae 
Guest starring:  Phillip Battley,  Matthew MarshIan McNeiceRachael Stirling, Chiké Okonkwo, Kate Miles
 2 hr 0 mins    3/16/2008  4.  The Great and the Good
Lewis and Hathaway become involved in the drugging and rape of a schoolgirl and discover that it is connected to several bizarre murders.
Director:  Stuart Orme  Writer:  Colin Dexter  / Paul Rutman 
Guest starring:  Laura Rees, Richard McCabe, Kwame Kwei-Armah, Jason Watkins
Disc 03
 2 hr 0 mins  5.  Allegory of Love
The fabulously successful Oxford-based fantasy novelist seems to Lewis to be the key to solving the bizarre murder of a beautiful woman with a mirror.
 2 hr 0 mins  6.  The Quality of Mercy
Lewis investigates the murder of student Richard Scott. He was killed just before premiering The Merchant of Venice. During the investigation Lewis gets personally involved.
Disc 04
 2 hr 0 mins  7.  The Point of Vanishing
A former religious fanatic who deliberately tried to kill an outspoken atheist in a car crash but only succeeded in crippling his daughter is murdered.
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Series Lewis
Release Date 10/13/2009
Packaging Keep Case
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