Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 1
 (January 1996)
TV Series  /  Mystery
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5 hr 19 mins Great Britain / English
DVD  Region 0
Patricia Routledge Hetty Wainthropp
Dominic Monaghan Geoffrey Shawcross
Derek Benfield Robert Wainthropp
John Graham-Davies D.C.I. Adams
Suzanne Maddock Janet Frazer

In order to make ends meet, and to stop a local teenage runaway from becoming a juvenile delinquent, Hetty Wainthropp, a sprightly and intelligent 60-year-old pensioner looking for a new challenge, decides to become a private investigator much to the chagrin of her unemployed husband. Once she makes up her mind, she becomes an unstoppable force, and, led by Hetty, the three set forth to investigate crimes of less interest to the local police force in and around their little village in the beautiful Lancashire countryside.
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 10 mins    1/3/1996  1.  The Bearded Lady
A spunky sextegeneration and her teenage runaway assistant join forces to form their own detective agency and investigate the death of an elderly pensioner.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 49 mins    1/19/1996  2.  Eye Witness
A deaf and dumb young man out bird-watching watches a couple necking in a car but amusement turns to horror when he witnesses a murder.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 49 mins    1/17/1996  3.  Fingers
While vacationing in Tuscany, Hetty is hired by a local restaurateur whose son has been kidnapped, possibly by Mafioso who have been mailing him the boy's fingers.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 49 mins    1/24/1996  4.  Widdershins
When Robert's uncle and childhood hero commits suicide by hanging himself in his home, Hetty investigates and finds witchcraft may be involved.
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 49 mins    1/31/1996  5.  A High Profile
A desperate mother hires Hetty to locate her schizophrenic son who has disappeared and is off his medication.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    2/7/1996  6.  Safe as Houses
The foster mother of a runaway teenage mother and her infant son hires Hetty to locate the girl and find out if she's the serial arsonist who's been plaguing the area.
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Series Hetty Wainthropp Investigates
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Disc 01 A Converstaion with Patricia Routledge
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