I, Claudius
20th Century Fox (1976)
TV Series  /  Action, Drama, History
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10 hr 50 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1   NR (Not Rated)
Derek Jacobi Claudius
Siân Phillips Livia
Brian Blessed Augustus
George Baker Tiberius
John Hurt Caligula
Margaret Tyzack Antonia
Ian Ogilvy Drusus
Frances White Julia
John Paul Marcus Agrippa
Christopher Guard Marcellus
Kevin McNally Castor
Patricia Quinn Livilla
David Robb Germanicus
Fiona Walker Agrippina
John Castle Postumus
James Faulkner Herod Agrippa
Herbert Wise
Producer Martin Lisemore
Writer Robert Graves
Jack Pulman
Musician Harry Rabinowitz
Wilfred Josephs

Claudius (Derek Jacobi), the lame and stuttering yet very smart emperor of Rome, tells the story of his life, starting from when Augustus (Brian Blessed) was the emperor. Augustus’ wife, Livia (Sian Phillips), is always scheming because she wants her son Tiberius (George Baker) to be the next ruler. The insane ruler Caligula (John Hurt), Claudius’ nephew, the soldier Sejanus (Patrick Stewart), Claudius’ troublemaking sister, Livilla (Patricia Quinn), and Herod Agrippa (James Faulkner), Claudius’ friend, are among those involved in many intrigues, betrayals, murders, torture, flogging, suicides, and other events as the Roman Empire continues to grow and then deteriorate.
Disc 01
 0 hr 50 mins    9/20/1976  1.  A Touch Of Murder
A very paranoid old Claudius, emperor of Rome, nears the end of his life commences to write his family's history. The Sybil had forseen that his story will be found in 1900 years (now). The memoir begins before his birth, during the rule of Augustus. Augustus is married to the beautiful treacherous Livia. Livia tries to get rid of anyone blocking her plot to have her son (from an early marriage), Tiberius, inherit Augustus throne. Tiberius must marry Julia, Augustus daughter. Livia first step is to poison Marcellus, Julias husband. Rome is in caos and Augustus begs Agrippa to return. Unforntunately, for Livia, Agrippas price for returning is to wed Julia.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
 0 hr 50 mins    9/27/1976  2.  Family Affairs
Ten years has past. Finally, Agrippas favors is not needed any more, and Livia poisons him. Livia forces Tiberius to divorce his wife and marry Julia. Unfortunately the marriage is quite bad. Tiberius' favourite brother, Drusus, gets injured in battle and dies in care of Livia's doctor (probably poisoned by Livia). Drusus son Claudius has just been born when his father dies. Tiberius quarrels with his wife, goes on a rampage and gets banished from Rome. Only Julia's (and Agrippas) sons pleases Augustus.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
 0 hr 50 mins    10/4/1976  3.  Waiting In The Wings
Determine to see Tiberius, her exciled son, become emperor, Livia uses blackmail and murder to eliminate rivals and end his banishment. Livia, one by one, kills off Julia's son, starting with Gaius. Rome is forseen to fall and Claudius destined to protect it. Julia begins to suspect Livia's part in all the sudden deaths in the family. Livia reveals Julia's orgies and lovers to Augustus, who in rage banishes her. Livia uses blackmail to have Lucius best friend arrange a accident and get Lucius killed. Tiberius is finally allowed to return to Rome.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Disc 02
 0 hr 50 mins    10/11/1976  4.  What Shall We Do About Claudius?
Claudius studies a lot at the library and learns that both his father and grandfather was poisoned caused by their wish to reclaim the republic. By one of the historians at the library he gets good advice, to keep his studder and play the fool, advice that would keep him alive. Postumus reveals Livias plots to Claudius and encourages him to continue to play the fool. Claudius is now wiser than anyone suspects, and hides behind the face of a fool in order to keep alive. Postumus, Julia's son, has an affair with Livilla, daughter of Tiberius. Since Postumus is the last obstacle between Tiberius and the throne, Livia sets him up on a rape charge (Livilla) and he gets banished from Rome. Claudius gets married to a very tall bride and everybody gets a laugh.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
 0 hr 50 mins    10/18/1976  5.  Poison Is Queen
Claudius, now a father, tells his brother, Germanicus, of what Postumus told him, about Livia's evil plots. Augustus visits Postumus on his desert island. When Augustus hear of Livias crimes he changes his will, favoring Postumus in order to prevent Tiberius to get the throne. Augustus realizes that Claudius is much smarter than people think and fins a new loyal friend in him. Livia tries to food poisoning her husband but fails. Augustus now only eats figs from the tree, not touched by human hands, but Livia poisons the figs. After his death Livia exchanges the will for one that favores Tiberius. (Many many years later Claudius finds Augustus original will.) Livia orders the murder of the remaining rivals and Tiberius finally rules Rome. Sejanus (Patrick Stewart) kills Postumus on his desert island.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
 0 hr 50 mins    10/25/1976  6.  Some Justice
Germanicus, Claudius brother is poisoned and dies. Piso is accused of murder (of Germanicus) and treason. Tiberius with help by the commander of the gard, Sejanus, tries to protect Piso. Piso reveals he has letters showing Tiberius involvment, threatening the emperor. Sejanus takes care of the letters but Piso has another letter involving Tiberius and Livia. Piso gets killed by his wife, before the letter could be read in the senate. Caligula is born. He is alreday a menace and is often found naked in bed with his sister Drusilla. Caligula is even involved in his fathers death. Caligula also sets fire to the house.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Disc 03
 0 hr 50 mins    11/1/1976  7.  Queen Of Heaven
As Tiberius's chief advisor, Sejanus rules Rome with an iron hand, moving himself toward the throne. Meanwhile, an aged Livia asks to meet with Claudius.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Guest starring:  Michael Stock, Isabel Dean, Karin Foley,  Edward Jewesbury, Kevin Stoney, Neil Dickson,  Aubrey Richards, William Bond,  Peter Williams
 0 hr 50 mins    11/8/1976  8.  Reign Of Terror
Livilla's passion for Sejanus brings his Reign of Terror to a horrific climax.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Guest starring:  Kim Begley, John Beardmore, Katherine Hughes, John Franklyn-Robbins, Peter Benedict, Karin Foley,  Kate Lansbury, Michael Segal, Alfonso Di Lieto, Richard Hunter, Richard Lindfield,  Charles Kay, Pat Gorman, Richard Aylen, Kevin Stoney
 0 hr 50 mins    11/15/1976  9.  Zeus, By Jove!
Caligula takes over as Emperor. At first he is hailed as a savior. But eventually the monster is revealed.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Guest starring:  Jon Laurimore, Arthur Whybrow, Lockwood West, Anne Dyson, Alan Tucker, Douglas Melbourne
Disc 04
 0 hr 50 mins    11/22/1976  10.  Hail Who?
Caligula's behavior becomes more and more erratic. Claudius works hard to control him but a conspiracy is growing among the soldiers. How can they rid themselves of their mad Emperor? And who will replace him?
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Guest starring:  Sam Dastor, Robert Bateman, Sally Bazely,  Bernard Hill, Norman Rossington, James Fagan, Bruce Purchase, Lockwood West, Gina Manicom, Freda Dowie, William Bond, Norman Eshley, Jo Rowbottom, Julian Armstrong, Stan McGowan
 0 hr 50 mins    11/29/1976  11.  Fool's Luck
Claudius has been appointed Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. He quickly proves himself capable of handling the role. But danger lurks in his own household.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
 0 hr 50 mins    12/6/1976  12.  A God In Colchester
Messalina's behaviour becomes ever more outrageous and it seems that Claudius is the only one who is unaware of this.
Director:  Herbert Wise  Writer:  Jack Pullman 
Guest starring:  Moira Redmond, Jo Rowbottom,  Stuart Wilson, Nicholas Amer, Manning Wilson, George Innes, Charlotte Howard, Linal Haft, Souad Faress, Glenn Cunningham, Danny Schiller
Disc 05
13.  Old King Log
14.  The Epic That Never Was
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