Hetty Wainthropp Investigates: Series 4
Acorn Media (1998)
TV Series  /  Mystery
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5 hr 0 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1
Dominic Monaghan
Patricia Routledge
Derek Benfield

Move over, Miss Marple! Television's newest sleuth, Hetty Wainthropp, has arrived! Armed with little more than her pocketbook and her prodigious common sense, the Lancashire housewife-turned-gumshoe has proved that she can easily match wits with the best of themeven if she has to take the bus to get to the scene of the crime. With her teenage sidekick, Geoffrey, and her doting hubby, Robert, how can she go wrong? The series is based on characters from the David Cook novel, Missing Persons. It was turned into a two-hour movie/pilot by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network in 1990. It starred Patricia Routledge as Hetty and John Graham-Davies as DCI Adams. The pilot movie was aired, but ITV decided not to pick up a series. Six years later, the BBC bought the TV rights to Cook's novel, and 'Hetty Wainthropp Investigates' was born. Co-starring in the series are Derek Benfield, from 'Rumpole of the Bailey,' and Dominic Monaghan, whom you may recognize from the 'Lord o
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    7/24/1998  1.  Something to Treasure
Missing gems and precious metals drive a mining community to madness as Hetty searches for buried treasure stashed by a miner killed in a cave-in. Hot on the trail of the lost loot, Geoffrey, too, is caught in an underground accident
Director:  David Giles  Writer:  Philip Martin 
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    7/31/1998  2.  Family Values
Robert goes undercover to help Hetty solve a case of stolen property involving a suspicious drowning. Posing as a wheelchair-bound millionaire, with Geoffrey along for the ride as his chauffeur, he finds himself at the scene of the ""accident"" in the company of a questionable character.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    8/7/1998  3.  Digging for Dirt
A reclusive senior is holding up a real estate deal by refusing to leave her condemned apartment building. Hetty is offered a fabulous bribe when she discovers something suspicious about the structure.
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    8/14/1998  4.  Mind Over Muscle
Hetty sends Geoffrey undercover when it comes to light that the owner of a local gym and fitness centre may be supplying people with dangerous anabolic steroids.
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    8/21/1998  5.  Blood Relations
Hetty goes to visit a long lost cousin in a small fishing village near Whitby. She soon finds a client - an elderly lady who is being troubled by mysterious sounds of a dog barking. Meanwhile back home Robert plans an exposé on a local building firm - but are his facts correct - and Janet is having problems with an obnoxious neighbour who won't take no for an answer.
Director:  Robert Tronson 
    Seen it: Yes   0 hr 50 mins    9/4/1998  6.  For Love Nor Money
Robert's brother Frank comes to stay, and brings Hetty the case of a missing Victorian school marm.
Director:  Mike Vardy  Writer:  Jeremy Paul  / David Cook 
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