Blue Murder: Set 3
Acorn Media (2007)
TV Series  /  Crime, Mystery
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3 hr 24 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 1
Caroline Quentin DCI Janine Lewis
Ian Kelsey DI Richard Mayne
Paul Loughran DS Butchers
Nicholas Murchie DS Shap
Ceallach Spellman Tom Lewis
Davinia Anderson
Emily Atack
Luke Bailey
Rhea Bailey
Katy Cavanagh
Thomas Craig
Richard Fleeshman
Kate Ford
Eden Garrity
Lucy Gaskell
Robbie Gee
Claire Hackett
Jill Halfpenny
Duane Henry
Robert Horwell
Alex Pillai
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 9 mins    12/3/2007  1.  Not a Matter of Life and Death
DCI Lewis and her team are on the scene quickly when a 19 year-old lad is stabbed just outside their local. The young man, Dwayne Kent, was out celebrating his birthday with his brother and others. He was an up and coming footballer that the papers referred to as the Golden Boy. He was found by his brother Lee just a few minutes after Dwayne had a run-in with three other young men who chased after him. It doesn't appear however that they were responsible. Dwayne was clearly living well beyond his means and seemed to own his own flat, which is news to his parents. False assumptions and mixed identities are key to solving the crime.
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 8 mins    12/10/2007  2.  Desperate Measures
DCI Jeanine Lewis and her team investigate the murder of Dr. Donald Haliwell who was shot as he was leaving his surgery. There are several possible suspects. He had just been exonerated at a Coroner's Inquest over the drug overdose death of a young woman whose mother, Marcie Young, believes he reduced their daughter's methadone dosage too quickly. Then there's a young associate, Dr. McKee, who has just learned that he was to be released at the end of his contract. Lastly, the surgery in question had previously been the subject of a burglary by the Wilson gang and the police had intelligence that the gang was planning another major robbery. Staff at the surgery also think Dr. Halliwell may have been stealing drugs. The solution definitely lies in a connection with the surgery.
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 10 mins    12/17/2007  3.  Crisis Management
DCI Jeanine Turner and her team investigate the murder of a senior NCO at an army base. They're getting some cooperation from the military, but they're worried about bad publicity and aren't being entirely truthful about what they know about their personnel. From the beginning, she finds the case has all of the hallmarks of a family dispute but a second and then a third death points to illegal drug use, affairs and the challenges of having to face an impending relocation to a war zone. Jeanine has to deal with her own feelings for Major Tim Fairhead who she had only recently met and who feels the same about her. That relationship also elicits a sharp reaction from DI Richard Mayne.
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