UFO Vol 1-4
MGM/UA (1970)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
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10 hr 20 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 2   12
Ed Bishop
George Sewell
Michael Billington
Wanda Ventham
Peter Gordeno
Grant Taylor
Gabrielle Drake
Harry Baird
Antonia Ellis
Delores Mantez
Cyril Frankel
Gerry Anderson
Producer Gerry Anderson
Reg Hill
Writer Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Cinematography Brendan J. Stafford
Musician Barry Gray

Around 1970, the British and American governments receive incontrovertible evidence that aliens exist and are abducting humans. In cooperation with the United Nations, they set up a secret worldwide organization, SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), which operates in the 1980s. With resources and equipment under the seas, in the air, on land, in orbit and on the Moon, SHADO's purpose is to stop the alien incursions and find out why the aliens want humans.
Disc 01
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    9/16/1970  1.  Identified
SHADO engages in its first battle with the enemy. Sky One cripples an alien ship which crash-lands in a lake. Straker's team capture its pilot, a strange blue-skinned humanoid - and the grim secret behind the aliens' are revealed
Director:  Gerry Anderson  / Джерри Андерсон  Writer:  Gerry Anderson  / Sylvia Anderson 
Guest starring:  Basil Dignam, Maxwell Shaw,  Shane Rimmer, Stan Bray, Paul Gillard, Michael Mundell, Gary Files, Matthew Robertson, Annette Kerr, Gito Santana, Edwina Carroll, Dennis Plenty, Louisa Rabaiotti, Jack Silk, Penny Spencer
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    5/15/1971  2.  Computer Affair
After a pilot is killed when Moonbase operatives fail to give him course change information, the personnel are recalled to Earth for an investigation. A UFO crashes in northern Canada and the personnel are assigned to the operation to find the UFO. Gay Ellis is to coordinate the movement of the mobiles trying to approach the UFO.
Director:  David Lane  Writer:  Terence Feely  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Gito Santana,  Harry Baird, Maxwell Shaw, Michael Mundell, Peter Burton, Nigel Lambert, Hugh Armstrong, Hein Viljoen, Dennis Plenty, Rosemary Donnelly,  Shane Rimmer, Hugo Panczak, Keith Alexander, Jon Kelley, Gary Myers
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    1/20/1971  3.  Flight Path
A SHADO Technician, who is being blackmailed for information by an unknown party, is caught by Freeman, but not before the information is passed. The Technician, Paul Roper, divulges what information he gave to the blackmailers, to SHADO. After much work on the cryptic data, they discover it is part of a plan by the aliens to attack the Moonbase in a way that would be undetectable. Now it's up to Roper to redeem himself, as he is sent on the suicide mission to stop the attack. If he fails, the base will surely be destroyed.
Director:  Ken Turner  Writer:  Alan Fennell  / Ian Scott Stewart 
Guest starring:  George Cole, Sonia Fox, Keith Grenville, Maxwell Shaw,  David Daker
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    9/23/1970  4.  Exposed
An XV-104 test plane wanders into a UFO target area and the pilot, Paul Foster, makes sightings of both the UFO and Sky One. Angry and frustrated that no one believes his story, Foster suspects a cover-up and decides to conduct his own investigation into the activities of ex-USAF Colonel Ed Straker.
Director:  David Lane  Writer:  Tony Barwick  / Тони Бэрвик 
Guest starring:  Basil Moss, Jean Marsh, Robin Bailey, Paula Li Shiu, Arthur Cox, Matt Zimmerman, Sue Gerrard
Disc 02
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    1/6/1971  5.  Survival
Foster, whose radio is knocked out and his oxygen line cut, is presumed lost (but they did a crummy job, not even trying to find his body) during a confrontation with a UFO on the moon's surface. Foster is found by an alien, and together, they cross the lunar landscape, developing a friendship when the alien must try to do make-shift repairs on Foster's suit to keep him alive. At the end, a Moonmobile crew finds Foster and misunderstands his intent when he points them to the alien nearby. Contributed by GeoffYukon
Director:  Alan Perry  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Gito Santana, Ray Armstrong, Suzan Farmer, Robert Swann, David Weston
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    10/7/1970  6.  Conflict
When an Alien Limpet UFO causes the destruction of Lunar Module 32, Straker demands a clean-up programme by the International Astrophysical Commission to remove hazardous space debris from Earth orbit. But Straker finds himself butting heads with I.A.C. chairman James Henderson, who wants a complete shut-down of SHADO operations...
Director:  David Lane  / Ken Truner  Writer:  Ruric Powell  / Тони Бэрвик 
Guest starring:  Drewe Henley, David Courtland, Michael Kilgarriff, Gerard Norman, Alan Tucker, Louisa Rabaiotti
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    2/10/1971  7.  The Dalotek Affair
Two of the SHADO people, dining at a fancy restaurant, begin to recall this event after one of them sees a diner who was part of Dalotek. A private company installed a facility on the moon which discovered an alien device that disrupted Communications between Moonbase and SHADO on Earth. Contributed by GeoffYukon
Director:  David Lane  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Alan Fennell  / Ruric Powell 
Guest starring:  Philip Latham, Richard Poore, Clinton Greyn, John Breslin, John Cobner, Basil Moss, Tracy Reed, Alan Tucker, David Weston, Dr. Frank E. Stranges
Disc 03
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    10/14/1970  8.  A Question of Priorities
""Important? What can be more important than your own son's life?"" Straker faces the toughest decision of his career when his son is critically injured in an accident. The drug that can save his life can only be ferried from New York in time aboard a SHADO Transporter - the same Transporter that is in the prime position to track an Alien defector on the West Coast of Ireland
Director:  David Lane  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Suzanne Neve, Mary Merrall, Barnaby Shaw,  Philip Madoc, Peter Halliday, Russell Napier, Richard Aylen, Andrea Allan, David Cargill, Penny Spencer
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    4/14/1971  9.  Ordeal
Foster is abducted by aliens from a health spa and is being taken out into space, presumably back to the alien homeworld. However, the UFO was damaged and returns to the moon, crashing there. While the Moonbase personnel try to free Foster of the alien environmental suit, Foster wakes up in the steam room at the health spa. The episode begs explanation for how Foster dreamed in such orderly detail, including Carlin missing a shot and Straker angry at the missed shot, and Dr. Jackson's off-line comments to Straker before they go onto a visual link to Moonbase to guide them through removal of Foster's alien helmet. Contributed by Geoff Yukon
Director:  Ken Turner  / David Tomblin  Writer:  David Tomblin  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Gary Myers, Georgina Moon, Quinn O'Hara, David Healy, Mark Hawkins, Basil Moss, Jon Kelley, Ayshea, Joseph Morris, Peter Burton, Keith Alexander, Jeremy Wilkin
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    3/8/1973  10.  The Responsibility Seat
Freeman takes over temporarily while Straker deals with a woman apparently determined to investigate what SHADO is all about.
Director:  Ken Turner  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Ralph Ball, Shakira Baksh, Mark Hawkins, Patrick Jordan, Janos Kurucz, Jane Merrow, Penny Spencer, Paul Tamarin
Disc 04
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    12/9/1970  11.  The Square Triangle
""Unfortunately for them, an Alien came through that door instead of her husband."" In the woods between Clare Cross and Lingbury, an injured Alien stumbles into a lonely cottage and is shot down by Liz Newton and her lover Cass Fowler. Liz and Cass are taken to SHADO HQ for questioning, but when Liz's husband arrives at the cottage, Paul Foster realises that the Alien's death was no accident!
Director:  David Lane  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Alan Pattillo  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Adrienne Corri, Patrick Mower,  Allan CuthbertsonAnthony ChinnGodfrey James, Hugo Panczak, Gary Myers, Keith Alexander, Ayshea, Norma Ronald
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    5/1/1971  12.  Court Martial
Foster is suspected of being a security leak, but during the trial, Straker and gang discover that Foster's apartment was bugged and shut down the disreputable business that is selling the spy gear.
Director:  Ken Turner  / Ron Appleton  Writer:  Dennis Spooner  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Louise Pajo, Georgina Cookson, Noel Davis, Michael Glover, Paul Greenhalgh, Jack Hedley, Tutte Lemkow, Neil McCallum, Pippa Steel, Norma Ronald, Keith Alexander, Jon Kelley, Gary Myers
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    12/16/1970  13.  Close Up
Straker gets approval from above to build a probe with a camera that will track a UFO back to its home planet. Inexplicably, the Earth technology is capable of following a UFO travelling 8 or 9 times the speed of light and follows it home. The episode ends with a SHADO guy trying to convince Straker that they were wasting their time, even though they picked up some great pictures of the planet.
Director:  David Lane  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Alan Pattillo  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  John Levene, James Beckett, Peter Burton, Clive Endersby, Neil Hallett, Robert Hollowy, Frank Mann, Robert Sherman, Alan Tucker
Edition Details
Edition Collector's Edition
Series UFO
Release Date 6/10/2002
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 4

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