UFO Vol 5-8
MGM/UA (1970)
TV Series  /  Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
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10 hr 20 mins UK / English
DVD  Region 2   12
Ed Bishop
George Sewell
Michael Billington
Wanda Ventham
Peter Gordeno
Grant Taylor
Gabrielle Drake
Harry Baird
Antonia Ellis
Delores Mantez
Cyril Frankel
Gerry Anderson
Producer Gerry Anderson
Reg Hill
Writer Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Cinematography Brendan J. Stafford
Musician Barry Gray

Around 1970, the British and American governments receive incontrovertible evidence that aliens exist and are abducting humans. In cooperation with the United Nations, they set up a secret worldwide organization, SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), which operates in the 1980s. With resources and equipment under the seas, in the air, on land, in orbit and on the Moon, SHADO's purpose is to stop the alien incursions and find out why the aliens want humans.
Disc 05
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    7/10/1971  1.  Confetti Check A-O.K.
A flashback episode in which Straker recalls his marriage, followed by stormy days as he must work covertly to get SHADO up and running and recruit personnel. All this leaves his wife angry at his absence, suspicious at the things he might be doing (her father photographs Straker meeting a woman in a parking garage, a woman who will be working at SHADO). In the end, she gives birth to their son.
Director:  Jeremy Summers  / David Lane  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Suzanne Neve, Michael Nightingale, Jack May, Jeffrey Segal, Gordon Sterne,  Alan Tilvern, Julian Grant,  Shane Rimmer, Geoffrey Hinsliff, Donald Pelmear, Frank Tregear, Tom Oliver, Penny Jackson, Michael Forrest
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    10/21/1970  2.  E.S.P.
John Croxley's talent for extra sensory perception is heightened after his wife is killed when a UFO crashes into their house. With his mind under the influence of the Aliens, Croxley learns the secrets of SHADO and lures Straker and Freeman to the remains of his house - to kill them!
Director:  Ken Turner  / Ken Truner  Writer:  Alan Fennell  / Ruric Powell 
Guest starring:  John Stratton,  Douglas Wilmer, Deborah Stanford, Stanley McGeagh, Donald Tandy, Shakira Baksh
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    11/4/1970  3.  Kill Straker!
When a Lunar Module is attacked by a UFO, Straker makes a split-second decision that endangers the astronauts, but ultimately saves them. Later, he is surprised to find his authority being questioned by his most loyal officer, Colonel Paul Foster, who spearheads a campaign against him. Then an attempt is made on Straker's life...
Director:  Alan Perry  Writer:  Donald James  / Ruric Powell 
Guest starring:  David Sumner, Steve Cory, Louise Pajo
Disc 06
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    11/11/1970  4.  Sub-Smash
Suspecting a UFO to be responsible for the sinking of a freighter, Straker, Foster and Nina Barry investigate in Skydiver. Attacked by an undersea UFO, the submarine is downed on a ledge on the sea bed and the crew are trapped. While Straker fights against his claustrophobia, Nina faces a living nightmare...
Director:  David Lane  Writer:  Tony Barwick  / Alan Fennell 
Guest starring:  Paul Maxwell,  Anthony Chinn, John Golightly, Burnell Tucker, Alan Haywood, Suzanne Neve, Barnaby Shaw
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    7/17/1971  5.  The Sound of Silence
A UFO hides in a lake on a country estate of a well-known equestrian, and the equestrian himself vanishes. When SHADO tracks down the UFO and manages to destroy it in an exchange of pot-shots, the UFO breaks up and leaves a thing floating in the water. Treated as if it is a bomb, it is brought back to SHADO and examined, with unexpected results.
Director:  David Lane  / David Tomblin  Writer:  David Lane  / David Tomblin 
Guest starring:  Michael Jayston, Gito Santana, Susan Jameson, Burnell Tucker, Ayshea, Andrea Allan, Nigel Gregory, Craig Hunter, Basil Moss, Tom Oliver, Malcolm Reynolds, Richard Vernon
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    9/30/1970  6.  The Cat With Ten Lives
The body of an Alien, recovered after a UFO attack on Moonbase, reveals some startling new evidence which overturns all SHADO's previous theories about the Aliens. For Interceptor pilot Jim Regan, the news has tragic consequences as he becomes possessed by the mind of an Alien held in the body of a Siamese cat!
Director:  Ken Turner  / David Tomblin  Writer:  David Tomblin  / Ian Scott Stewart 
Guest starring:  Alexis Kanner, Geraldine Moffatt, Colin Gordon, Eleanor Summerfield, Lois Maxwell,  Steven Berkoff, Windsor Davies, Al Mancini, Andrea Allan
Disc 07
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    12/2/1970  7.  Destruction
A Naval vessel shoots down a UFO in the Atlantic, but the Admiralty rejects further investigation into the incident. Straker suspects a cover up and wants to know why, so Foster courts Admiral Sheringham's secretary, Sarah Bosanquet. What they discover could mean the end of all life on Earth...
Director:  Ken Turner  Writer:  Dennis Spooner  / Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Peter Blythe, Stephanie Beacham, Edwin Richfield,  Philip MadocSteven Berkoff, David Warbeck, Barry Stokes, Jimmy Winston, Michael Ferrand, Robert Lloyd
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    2/3/1971  8.  The Man Who Came Back
Reported missing, presumed dead, after a UFO incident which has left SID disabled, astronaut Craig Collins turns up alive and well. But as an operation to complete repair work on SID is planned, Colonel Lake and Colonel Grey discover that Collins is not the man he used to be...
Director:  David Lane  / Alan Perry  Writer:  Terence Feely  / Donald James 
Guest starring:  Derren Nesbitt, Gary Raymond,  Roland Culver, Lois Maxwell, Robert Grange, Anouska Hempel, Andrea Allan, David Savile, Nancy Nevinson, Fred Real, Mike Stevens, Rona Newton-John
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    12/30/1970  9.  The Psycho Bombs
A UFO imbues three young people with incredible powers. One blows up a radar station, a second steals fingerprints and tries to get aboard a Skydiver sub, blowing it up. The third, a woman, tries to blow up SHADO HQ but the UFO that is feeding her power has now been destroyed.
Director:  Jeremy Summers  / Ron Appleton  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Peter Blythe, Mike Pratt, Christopher Timothy, Tom Adams, Gavin Campbell,  David Collings, Peter Davies, Alexander Davion, Hans de Vries, Peter Dolphin, Deborah Grant, Nigel Gregory, Robin Hawdon, Oscar James, Aiden Murphy
Disc 08
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    7/24/1971  10.  Reflections in the Water
A mysterious dome is found under the sea, that at first looks like the Moon crashed into the ocean. Inside the dome, they find duplicates of SHADO HQ personnel, using non-alien technology - cassette tape recorders - to imitate SHADO instructions to Moonbase and Skydiver.
Director:  Cyril Frankel  / David Tomblin  Writer:  David Tomblin  / Terence Feely 
Guest starring:  James Cosmo, David Warbeck, Barry Stokes, Anouska Hempel,  Steven Berkoff, Conrad Phillips, Richard Caldicott, Gordon Sterne, Keith Bell, Gerald Cross, Mark Griffith
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    2/17/1971  11.  Timelash
While picking up Lt. Lake at the airport, Straker and Lake find that time has been frozen except for them. Sawdust hangs in mid-air, Lt. Ellis is frozen mid-word on a viewscreen, and one man is taunting them, apparently working for the aliens.
Director:  David Lane  /  Cyril Frankel  Writer:  David Lane  / Terence Feely 
Guest starring:  Patrick Allen, John J Carney, Kirsten Lindholm, John Lyons, Douglas Nottage, Ron Bember, Jean Vladon
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    1/13/1971  12.  Mindbender
After a UFO inexplicably destroys itself less than two miles from Moonbase, a mysterious crystal rock is recovered, and it causes the person in its vicinity to hallucinate. The man on Moonbase who found it thinks Mexican bandits have taken over Moonbase. It gets transferred to Straker's office, and he hallucinates that SHADO is simply a set for a TV series, he is an actor named Mr. Burns, Moonbase can be reached by stepping through two doors from the main control room at SHADO HQ, and ""Mr. Straker"" is not available. Straker breaks the hallucination by jumping in on the scene while the ""character"" Gen. Henderson is doing a close-up of the line they were doing when the hallucination began.
Director:  Ken Turner  / David Lane  Writer:  Tony Barwick 
Guest starring:  Stuart Damon, Charles Bud Tingwell, Al Mancini, Craig Hunter,  Steven Berkoff, Anouska Hempel,  Philip Madoc, Peter Halliday, Stanley McGeagh, Stephan Chase, Norton Clarke, Basil Dignam, Paul Greaves, John Lyons, James Marcus
    Seen it: Yes   1 hr 0 mins    3/15/1973  13.  The Long Sleep
A woman awakens from a 10-year coma and begins telling the tale about her encounter with aliens, along with her boyfriend, while they were high on drugs. They toyed with the aliens, and the man apparently falls to his death from a bridge or building. The aliens drag him off. She has an accident and falls into the coma. She can't remember quite everything, but the old boyfriend is back, resuscitated by the aliens, and he drugs her so she tells him where the missing part of a device is. He activates what turns out to be a thermo-chemical bomb that will wipe England off the map when the four chemicals meet in a central chamber.
Director:  Cyril Frankel  Writer:  David Tomblin 
Guest starring:  Christopher Robbie, John Garrie, Anouska Hempel, Christian Roberts, Tessa Wyatt, Ayshea
Edition Details
Edition Collector's Edition
Series UFO
Release Date 6/10/2002
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Fullscreen (4:3)
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Audio Tracks Dolby Digital Mono
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Discs/Tapes 4

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